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četvrtak, 30.10.2008.

DJ Magazine: World's No.1 DJ for 2008 is Armin Van Buuren

DJ Magazine: World's No.1 DJ for 2008 is Armin Van Buuren

For the second year in a row, Armin van Buuren has been voted most popular global DJ in the 'DJ Magazine's Top 100 DJ Poll'.

Last night, at the official ‘DJ Mag Top 100 DJ’s Party 2008’ at London’s 'Ministry of Sound', the full results of the dance poll were revealed.

DJ Mag Top 100 DJs 2008

List of Top 10 DJs for 2008 by 'DJ Magazine'...

01. Armin van Buuren
02. Tiesto
03. Paul van Dyk
04. Above & Beyond
05. David Guetta
06. Ferry Corsten
07. Sasha
08. Markus Schulz
09. John Digweed
10. Infected Mushroom

The rest of the list you can see at DJ Mag's web site.

Armin’s Reaction

What Armin said about the award:
"For me this is an incredible honour, because it’s an award from the votes of so many dance music lovers that went online to vote.
I’d like to take the opportunity to thank everyone for their support. I could have never done this without the help of so many people. My management, DLP, Armada & Cloud 9 Music.
Thank you to DJ Mag for an incredible year, thanks to all clubbers, fans, promoters, club owners, magazines, websites, radiostations, record labels, etcetera. And of course: YOU! Thank YOU!"

Few words about Armin Van Buuren

Armin has been listed in the DJ Mag Top 100 since 2001, when he entered the poll at the 27th position.
In 2002 he climbed up to the 5th position, and in 2003, 2004 and 2005 he was listed at the third spot.
In 2006 he moved up to the second place, until eventually in 2007 he topped the poll with a number one position.
This year, he did it again.

* Links:
- Armin Van Buuren's website
- DJ Mag's website
- Interesting discussion @ Beatportal about 'DJ Mag Top 100: 2008 Results'

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srijeda, 29.10.2008.

DJMag's Top 100 World DJs 2008

DJMag's Top 100 World DJs 2008

Tonight (29 October 2008) will be announced the World's No. 1 DJ at the 'DJ Magazine's Top 100 DJs' glittering award ceremony in London.

As in the past years, by taking part in "DJ Magazine's Top 100 DJs Poll" you had a chance to vote the DJs who've impressed you the most over the last year.
The poll is 100% public vote, and you can vote for any DJ you like.

I've voted for my favorite DJs somewhere in the middle of September.
My choice: Eclipse-X, Andreas Josifovski, DJ Tiho, and MC DJ Veki.

'Top 100 DJs 2008' was powered by .
All voters have received a free track from Trackitdown and a two week free trial digital copy of DJ Mag.

Take a sleep now, and tomorrow here at 'DJ Blog' I'll post the poll results of 'DJMag's Top 100 World DJs for 2008'.

* Useful link: DJ Magazine's web site

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Pepperjam Store Builder

For some time I am thinking to add a store here at 'DeeJay Blog'.
Various offers are there at the online market, but somehow I didn't found what I need for my web site.
But, few days ago I found out about the interesting Pepperjam Store Builder™.

Pepperjam Store Builder allows you to quickly and easily manipulate Pepperjam Network product feeds in real-time to build product storefronts on your web site.
You can use Pepperjam Store Builder to easily link to specific products, create dedicated product feed web sites, supplement your existing content or blog, add additional value to your coupon or incentive site, or for just about anything else your imagination will allow.

With Pepperjam Store Builder you have access to millions of products from hundreds of Pepperjam Network advertisers.
You can automatically create storefronts by selecting any combination of merchants, categories, or keywords. The more merchants and / or categories you select - the more products that will be available to your web site visitors.
However, you may also choose to use the Pepperjam Store Builder search filter to refine your search to a specific kind or type of product.
For instance, you may select as your merchant, but only want to display “pumpkin” costumes.
To do that - simply use the search filter and type in “pumpkin” to refine the feed to show only the products you want.

Creating a feed is so easy that you can build a storefront for virtually anything in less than 30 seconds.
Also, you can watch the live demo as your building it.
All you have to do is create your storefront, copy a small amount of code into your Web site, and... you have a fully functional product feed storefront.

To get the pcture about Pepperjam Store Builder - take a look at the screenshot below:
- Pepperjam Store Builder - screenshot

For more info on how to build product storefronts on your website, check out - .

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Search Area Codes in United States

Since Vratnica, the place where I live, have many emigrants in the United States, I have lot of friends at this part of the American continent.
From time to time, I contact with them via phone.
But, sometimes, some of them (with unknown numbers) ring to me once or twice, and then drop the call.
Maybe, they are doing that just for fun, but however,... I like to know who they are, where they live...

That way, I came across a web site that give you opportunity to search area codes in the United States. is reference site that gives information about all U.S. area codes and the phone numbers that fall within them.
It have a complete list of all 281 area codes delegated in United States.
Also, users have the chance to run reverse phone lookups and get detailed information about any phone number.

So, if you are looking forward to search a United States area codes, this website is the right place for you.
Searching for a area code information is now an easy task.
To get started, simply search for the state that has the area code you have been looking for.
Then, click on a specific area code to get further information on that particular area.
The area code searches are simple, and they only take a few minutes and a few clicks of a mouse.

For more info on area codes in the United States, visit - .

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petak, 24.10.2008.

Online and Offline Life of Sase Antic

Online and Offline Life of Sase Antic

Hello, visitors!
I have few things (twelve things :) ) that I like to write about at my blog.
But, instead of writing several posts, I'll be brief and write about all that stuff in just one post.

As you can see above, I named this post: 'Online and Offline Life of Sase Antic'. ;)
This is because of my life in front of the PC, and away from it. :)
So, here we go...

Sase's New Profile Photo @ 'DeeJay Blog'

Yesterday I changed my photo in the sidebar.
The old photo was there for more than four years, so I decided to refresh your picture of me. :)
In the next days, I plan to open a small photo gallery at the blog. There I'll put my profile photos, but also few other.

Photos of Alex De La Force @ Facebook

Like many of you, I also have profile at Facebook.
Recently, I've added some photos of me and my friends, so if you like to see them - just follow this path.
But, first you have to be my Facebook friend to jump into my photo gallery. ;)
One of the photos I've added @ Facebook, is...

Wild strawberry near 'Dzandarska Buka' at Ljuboten Mountain

Photo: Wild strawberry near 'Dzandarska Buka' at Ljuboten Mountain

I Saw Her

I SAW HER few days ago at one music event.
She's sweeter than ever. ;)

'Midnight' Club in Tetovo

Last weekend was opened new night club in Tetovo.
It's name is 'Midnight', and it's located near the Sports Center and the main Bus Station.
I hope that the managers of the club will be more oriented to electronic sound, and not to turbo folk and dzingrlaka music.

V.V.R.G. With English Language Web Site

I took some free time and designed the web site for 'Vratnica Virtual Reality Group' in English language.
V.V.R.G. is organization devoted in education and aiming the youth in Vratnica area to the genuine social, cultural and intellectual values and principles.
In past we (I am a member of VVRG) had similar web site, but it disappeared somewhere in the Internet jungle. ;)
Find more about V.V.R.G. @ .

My PC is Like a Rocket Now

A week ago, my desktop computer was fixed. Not some heavy thing to do, but polishing of it.
All credits for this work goes to Eclipse-X. Thanks a lot man!

Twitter and TwitterFox

I'm a lot into Twitter lately.
Since I've added TwitterFox as an addon in Mozilla Firefox, you can see several updates by day from me. :)
My Twitter profile: Alex Force.

PC Classes in Vratnica Primary School

In last month and a half, classes in computer science were organized in primary school 'Simce Nastovski' in Vratnica.
Visitors of this classes are citizens from Vratnica area that want to be informed about the information technology, computers, and more.
Lecturer at this training course is Eclipse-X.

I am familiar with all of the topics presented at this meetings, but however, I was few times part of them.
And what can I said... it was really interesting to be there. :)

Vinko and Sase at computer classes in Vratnica (shooted thru neon camera lenses)
Vinko and Sase at computer classes in Vratnica
(shooted thru neon camera lenses)

Vratnizza - That Notorious Online Place

Vratnizza (Vratnica Pizza Club) is online corner where I present to the world all that interesting, cool and funny things related to Vratnica and its neighborhood.
Lately, I'm not so active there, so for sure I must to write few new posts.
More than 20 good posts ideas are present, but I need to find some time to connect my fingers with the keyboard. ;)
Visit 'Vratnizza' in the next days to read some cool stuff. ;)

Few Thousands Photos in Last Few Months

Thanks to my Sony digital camera, I took few thousand photos in last few months.
I am so excited that I'll present you many of them in the upcoming days.
Nature, landscapes, people, action,... are just a part of my photo collection.
But, first of all, I need new domain, web site design, and then the galleries will be online. ;)

Collecting Apples, Pears, Quinces and Strawberries

My family have spacious backyard.
So, there is plenty of space for lot of fruit trees/plants.
Since it's middle of the autumn, last few days I've been busy by collecting apples, pears, quinces, strawberries...
And not just collecting them, but also enjoying their beautiful flavor. :)

Several quinces that I've collected in my backyard
Several quinces that I've collected in my backyard

Internet is Cool

I've spoke about this before, but... let's do it again.
Internet is really a cool thing. You have the whole world at your screen, at the touch of your hand.

In last two weeks I've made music and blogger friends from USA, Italy, India and Japan.
I've been booked for several DJ performances, but also contacted from some online magazines interested in my 'DeeJay Blog'.
Isn't that beautiful!?

So, ladies and gentlemen, that would be all for now.
Read more about my DeeJay world in the next articles.
Greetings... and have a nice weekend!

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subota, 18.10.2008.

Code Nutrition: Your DNA Holds The Key To Optimal Health

Code Nutrition: Your DNA Holds The Key To Optimal Health

Recently, reading a magazine related to health and nutrition, I found an article about nutrigenomics and the emergence of the nutrigenomics industry in the world.
This term became interesting to me, so I start to search a little bit around.

That way I've found that...
Nutrigenomics is the study of molecular relationships between nutrition and the response of genes, with the aim of extrapolating how such subtle changes can affect human health.
Also, nutrigenomics has been associated with the idea of personalized nutrition based on genotype.

Continuing my searching, I came across the web site of Code Nutrition.

Code Nutrition and Their Products

Code Nutrition utilizes advanced DNA testing techniques and lifestyle analysis information to create customized nutritional solutions for their clients.
They are committed to exceptional standards of purity, quality, and integrity, and to providing their clients personally-tailored nutritional supplements.

They said:
"There is only one you. You are unique.
Your body requires a unique nutritional formula... and Code Nutrition is the answer."

Code Nutrition's one-of-a-kind program analyzes your unique DNA and your lifestyle choices to design a vitamin and mineral supplement just for you.

Products of Code Nutrition:

- MyCode DNA Test™: Simple, at-home DNA test and online Lifestyle Survey
- Personal RDA Report™: Printed results of the your DNA analysis and Lifestyle Survey
- Coded Essentials™: Personalized blend of vitamins and minerals customized just for you based on analysis of your DNA test and Lifestyle Survey

For more information about Code Nutrition and their products, please visit the website - .

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Lyrics of 'My Little One' by Tose Proeski and Kristijan Risteski

'My Little (One)' is the last published song of the late pop-rock singer Tose Proeski and his nephew Kristijan Risteski.

At the blog named 'Tose Proeski - Music and Life' were presented three lyrics versions of the song 'My Little'.
There are lyrics (text/tekst) in English, but also in Macedonian and Croatian/Serbian language.
'DeeJay Blog' posts the links to all three lyrics versions.

Lyrics versions in three (or four) languages...
- 'My Little (One)' - Lyrics (English lyrics)
- 'Malecko Moe' ('Moe Malecko'/'Moj Malecok') - Tekst na Makedonski jazik (Macedonian lyrics)
- 'Mali Moj' ('Moj Mali') - Text na Hrvatskom/Srpskom jeziku (Croatian/Serbian lyrics)

* Note:
- If you like to download for free the song "My Little" check out my other post:
Tose Proeski and Kristijan - 'My Little One' (Free MP3 Download)

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subota, 11.10.2008.

Tose Proeski and Kristijan: My Little One (Free MP3 Download)

Tose Proeski and Kristijan: My Little One

Tose Proeski and Kristijan: My Little One (Free MP3 Download) DJ Music Blog are presenting to you the song of the late Macedonian pop-rock music artist Tose Proeski and his nephew (grandson) Kristijan.
The name of the song is "My Little One" ("Moe Malecko" / "Malecko Moe").
It was performed for the first time at the concert in honor of Tose Proeski.

The concert "Te Sakame Site, Tose" ("We All Love You, Toshe") was held at 5.10.2008 at City Stadium in Skopje, Macedonia.
Many music artist from the region of ex - Yugoslavia and Balkan had their performances at this concert.
I will mention some: Goca Trzan, Ruslana, Kaliopi Bukle, Leontina, Toni Cetinski, Aki Rahimovski ('Parni Valjak'), Zeljko Samardzic, Nina Badric, Bojan Marovic, Sandi Cenov, Marija Sestic, Adrijan Gadza...
The event was broadcasted live by TV and radio stations from Macedonia (MTV and Sitel), Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, and more.

Free MP3 Download: My Little One by Tose Proeski and Kristijan

- Tose Proeski & Kristijan - My Little One (Live At Concert In Skopje - 5.10.2008)
(mp3 / 4:42min / 192kbps / 5,99MB - RAR file)

Toshe Proeski & Kristijan - My Little One (Live At Concert In Skopje) - VIDEO

Check out the video from the performance of 'My Little One' by Toshe Proeski & Kristijan, live at concert in Skopje (5th of October 2008)...

* Note:
- The aim of this post is... to keep close to us the spirit and music of the wonderful singer Toše Proeski, even he is not among us anymore.
- This is live version od the song "My Little One". When the last album (upcoming English-language album) of Tose Proevski come in the music shops near you, please support the work of Toshe and buy the original.
- Also, check out... Lyrics of 'My Little One' by Tose Proeski and Kristijan Risteski.

Oznake: Tose Proeski, Tose Proeski and Kristijan, My Little One, Tose Proevski, Toshe Proeski, Toshe Proevski, Free MP3 Download

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četvrtak, 09.10.2008.

Fine Stationery, Invitations and Gifts from

Fine Stationery, Invitations and Gifts from

Next weekend I am co-organizer of one sports event.
Also, I'll have my own DJ performance there.

An idea come to me, that it would be interesting to send personalized invitations for this event to some of my friends.
Searching the Internet for fine invitations I came at CadeauOnline web site.

CadeauOnline offers beautiful, high quality personalized stationary, invitations, and unique gifts for all kinds of events and occasions. There are plenty of stuff for kids and adults.
You can browse Cadeau's easy-to-use online shop by category and customize your stationery or invitations, or purchase a gift for your loved one.
Also, you can check the products by brand name.

At Cadeau Online you can find wide selection of high quality personalized stationery.
They have many fine invitations for any party or event that can be printed and shipped to you.
From children's stationery to sophisticated adult invitations and cards, Cadeau online is your source for high quality designer paper products and more.
Also, browse the gifts for birthdays, holidays...
With the variety of designs for adults and kids, Cadeau's gifts are perfect to show someone that you care.

I've found what I was looking for at Cradeau.
If you like to get more info about their offers, please visit - .

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nedjelja, 05.10.2008.

Moving My Body With Marshall Jefferson @ Colosseum Club In Skopje

Yesterday evening, I had a chance to move my body ;) at the groovy beats produced by the godfather of house music, Mr. Marshall Jefferson.
The event was held at the 'Colosseum Club' in Skopje, Macedonia.

Few hundreds of party people were dancing more than three hours at house, acid house, and partly at disco sounds, mixed by this legend of electronic music.
I think that the Club Colosseum made a great choice by booking M.J. for its opening party.

DJ set of Marshall Jefferson @ Colosseum Club in Skopje, Macedonia

Marshall has finished the DJ set with his big track 'Move Your Body (The House Music Anthem)', then JayDee's 'Plastic Dreams', Aretha Franklin's 'Deeper Love', and the remix of 'Relight My Fire'.
Big party!

Mr. Jefferson is a frequent guest in Macedonia, but I don't oppose if he keep coming to my country.
The legend is always welcome.

* Bonus stuff:
- M.J.'s website: Marshall Jefferson @ MySpace
- Short audio clip from the party (to feel what was the situation at the dancefloor ;) ):
Marshall Jefferson - Plastic Dreams (DJ Set In Skopje) - [ mp3 / 2,38MB / 1:44min / 192kbps ]
- Poster / flyer of the opening party @ Colosseum Club with Marshall Jefferson:

Poster / flyer of the opening party @ Club Colosseum with Marshall Jefferson

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subota, 04.10.2008. - Free File Hosting Service

Recently I came across the web site .
It is a free file hosting, fast, clean, with no ads.
Also, to use this service, no registration is required. It have unlimited speeds, downloads and uploads. is very easy to use.
It's composed of many servers to provide the fastest download speeds possible.
This free file hosting service can be used to share any types of files with friends, but also to post links to these files on blogs and forums.
File sharing is easy. Just select your file and press 'upload'. Then you'll receive a 'download-link' that you can share it.

To check this interesting free file hosting service, please visit their website - .

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