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Tose Proeski and Kristijan: My Little One (Free MP3 Download)

Tose Proeski and Kristijan: My Little One (Free MP3 Download) DJ Music Blog are presenting to you the song of the late Macedonian pop-rock music artist Tose Proeski and his nephew (grandson) Kristijan.
The name of the song is "My Little One" ("Moe Malecko" / "Malecko Moe").
It was performed for the first time at the concert in honor of Tose Proeski.

The concert "Te Sakame Site, Tose" ("We All Love You, Toshe") was held at 5.10.2008 at City Stadium in Skopje, Macedonia.
Many music artist from the region of ex - Yugoslavia and Balkan had their performances at this concert.
I will mention some: Goca Trzan, Ruslana, Kaliopi Bukle, Leontina, Toni Cetinski, Aki Rahimovski ('Parni Valjak'), Zeljko Samardzic, Nina Badric, Bojan Marovic, Sandi Cenov, Marija Sestic, Adrijan Gadza...
The event was broadcasted live by TV and radio stations from Macedonia (MTV and Sitel), Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, and more.

Free MP3 Download: My Little One by Tose Proeski and Kristijan

- Tose Proeski & Kristijan - My Little One (Live At Concert In Skopje - 5.10.2008)
(mp3 / 4:42min / 192kbps / 5,99MB - RAR file)

Toshe Proeski & Kristijan - My Little One (Live At Concert In Skopje) - VIDEO

Check out the video from the performance of 'My Little One' by Toshe Proeski & Kristijan, live at concert in Skopje (5th of October 2008)...

* Note:
- The aim of this post is... to keep close to us the spirit and music of the wonderful singer Toše Proeski, even he is not among us anymore.
- This is live version od the song "My Little One". When the last album (upcoming English-language album) of Tose Proevski come in the music shops near you, please support the work of Toshe and buy the original.
- Also, check out... Lyrics of 'My Little One' by Tose Proeski and Kristijan Risteski.

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