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Best tripod video camera. Prosumer video camera reviews. Motion activated usb camera.

Best Tripod Video Camera

best tripod video camera

A Little Sketchy

A Little Sketchy

My first attempt at a stereoscopic timelapse. Had a few problems. The tripods were getting in the way of eachother. (I used 2 cameras and 2 tripods) Parts of the photos don't line up right. Best thing to do is just focus on the top of the candle. And, for some reason one of the cameras stopped taking photos after 23 shots. So this clip is only 23 frames. I looped and reversed them to make the video a little longer. This was just a test. I've just build a double mount tonight. (so I can mount 2 cameras on one tripod) Took some shots. Haven't taken a look at them yet.

If you take a photo looking through your view finder and not the lcd screen (using your left eye) and line something up using your cross hair. Then take the same shot using your right eye, (moving the camera to your right eye not moving your head) lining up the cross hair again. Put the photos side by side and there you go! But... that's not all. To see the 3D image you have to cross your eyes so you get 2 images. Since there is all ready 2 images (2 masks) you will see 4 masks. You then slowly uncross your eyes until the 2 masks in the middle overlap, then you can bring the image into focus and it will be 3D! You should see 3 photos, a normal one on the left and right, and a 3D one in the middle. If you can do a "magic eye" then you should be able to do this.

GALA concert Sep05 002 -crop

GALA concert Sep05 002 -crop

Recording the school Gala concert went really well. We set the correct date/time on all the digital video cameras, adjusted the white balance, completed all the sound tests checked for the best camera locations, got in position early with some good tripods, spare batteries and film cartridges in our pockets. This picture was taken of our setup from the back projection room. Onto the editing phase!

best tripod video camera

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