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Shed Floor Construction

shed floor construction

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shed floor construction - Tiger Brand

Tiger Brand Jack Post 4'5-7'9 15Ga Jack Post Js-93 Building Columns & Jack Posts

Tiger Brand Jack Post 4'5-7'9 15Ga Jack Post Js-93 Building Columns & Jack Posts

4' 5' To 7' 9', 15 Gauge Adjustable Jack Post, Max Ext Load 11,350 LBS, Min Ext Load 18,000 LBS, Additional Support For Crawl Spaces, Attic, Staircase Or Decks, Adjusts With 3/4' Wrench, O.D. Gauge & Tube Dim 2-1/4' x 15 Gauge x 45-1/2', Screw Size 1' x 7', -5 Thread Support, Collar Size 2-1/4' x 1/2', Support Pins 1/2' x 3', 13 Gauge Plate Size 4' x 5', Corrosion Resistant Inside & Out, Double Carriage Bolt & Nut (Zinc Coated) For Added Safety, Heavy Plates Suited For Wood And Steel, Deep Dish Self-Centering Plates.

80% (15)

Shed Construction

Shed Construction

End of Day Two
The floor is blue treated wood, not painted.

Shed before attaching floor

Shed before attaching floor

The extra bracing boards are visible here.

shed floor construction

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