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Cement floor sander - Wood grain vinyl flooring.

Cement Floor Sander

cement floor sander

    floor sander
  • Drum type belt sander used for sanding wood floors.

  • Floor sanding is the process of removing the top surfaces of a wooden floor by sanding with abrasive materials.

  • Settle or establish firmly

  • a building material that is a powder made of a mixture of calcined limestone and clay; used with water and sand or gravel to make concrete and mortar

  • (of a material) Bind (particles) together in sedimentary rock

  • make fast as if with cement; "We cemented our friendship"

  • Attach with cement

  • concrete pavement is sometimes referred to as cement; "they stood on the grey cement beside the pool"

cement floor sander - Fein MSXE-636-2VSXL

Fein MSXE-636-2VSXL MultiMaster Variable Speed Tool with Accessory Package

Fein MSXE-636-2VSXL MultiMaster Variable Speed Tool with Accessory Package

The MultiMaster is avariable speed oscillating tool that uses a broad assortment of accessory blades to handle hundreds of previously manual tasks. The secret is in the oscillation. The MultiMaster doesn't rotate or orbit like other power tools. It oscillates. Oscillation permits you to do extremely fine and delicate work or be more aggressive depending on the accessory blade and material. Each MultiMaster VS XL Kit Includes: MSxe 636-2 MultiMaster Variable Speed Tool, Sanding Pad, 15-pack assorted sandpaper, Rigid scraper blade, E-cut blade, Carbide Rasp, Carbide Grout Blade, HSS Blade, Felt Pad, Profile Kit, Screws and washers for sanding pad and blades, Metal carrying case.

We all have tools that do "one thing, but really well." And there are the tools that do many tasks pretty well. But this one’s in a class by itself: It does a huge variety of jobs, and it does them extremely well.
Fein’s Multimaster is an innovative variable-speed oscillating do-everything tool by Fein of Germany, which started making power tools in 1895. Instead of orbiting or rotating, the tool head vibrates at a range of 12,000 to 21,000 rpm, along a minimal arc of 3.2 angular degrees. And with an endless variety of attachments, it can accomplish nearly anything. Woodworkers will reach for it to make precise plunge cuts, cut mortises and fine-tune tenons, flush-cut dowels and plugs, rasp, shape and shave. The Multimaster makes life easier for furniture restorers, too, by making fast work of old finish removal, sanding in hard-to-reach spots, cleanly cutting broken or damaged elements and even creating popular distressed finishes.
Construction professionals will love it for its unparalleled ability to flush-cut existing doorframes and trim for new floor installation -- without removing the existing woodwork. The Multimaster also easily cuts drywall, cement board, aluminum and plastic gutters and downspouts, conduit, copper pipe, even vinyl siding, and the list doesn't end there.
This tool is a favorite among hobbyists and home do-it-yourselfers because its applications are practically without limit: It can polish metals, strip paint and wallpaper, remove old window glazing and caulk, remove rust from tools and furniture, scrape dried adhesives, cut branches, help create model railroads, dollhouses, airplanes and cars, even clean up graffiti.
We think it would do a fabulous job on cars, boats and planes as well, for everything from cleaning and detailing to mechanical repairs and refurbishing.
This set comes with a sanding pad, 15-pack assorted sandpaper, rigid scraper blade, E-cut blade, carbide rasp, carbide grout blade, profile kit, screws and washers for sanding pad and blades, and a metal carrying case.
The sanding pad is easy to attach, and we love hook-and-loop sandpaper for fastchanges and long sandpaper life. The triangular head fits neatly into tight spaces like between slats and into louvers, yet it also makes quick work of larger open surfaces. What surprised us most is that there’s no pressure needed on the tool – the speed of the head does the work for you.
Attach the rigid scraper blade and old paint practically walks off the surface, and your exertion is minimal. It’s perfect for removing old putty from windows and does everything you can do with a putty knife, only a lot faster and with a lot less effort: scraping up old adhesive, pulling up linoleum, removing layers and layers of decades-old paint.
The E-cut saw blade cuts with amazing speed and precision, even in angles and corners and places you simply can’t get another saw into. And because the tool head oscillates instead of revolving, there’s no kickback – ever.
There are literally hundreds of uses for this little tool, and the attachments are plentiful. Whether you’re a professional, a home do-it-yourselfer, boater, hobbyist or all of the above, you’ll be reaching for this Multimaster over and over.--Kris Jensen-Van Heste

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Photo Friday: Before & After

Photo Friday: Before & After

We wanted to rip up the carpet in our family room. We soon learned that it was glued to the cement below. With nasty, nasty adhesive. After what seemed to be endless sanding (with an industrial floor sander, no less), scraping, and mildly toxic chemicals, we ended up with a nice, easy-to-clean floor.

Floor Sander

Floor Sander

Criss Cross... sand against the grain and then with the grain keeps the floor flat.

cement floor sander

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