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Pocket Bike Shop

pocket bike shop

    pocket bike
  • A minibike, sometimes called a mini moto or pocketbike, is a miniature motorcycle. Most traditional minibikes use a two stroke engine to turn the rear wheel via a chain.

  • patronize: do one's shopping at; do business with; be a customer or client of

  • do one's shopping; "She goes shopping every Friday"

  • A building or part of a building where goods or services are sold; a store

  • a mercantile establishment for the retail sale of goods or services; "he bought it at a shop on Cape Cod"

  • A place where things are manufactured or repaired; a workshop

  • An act of going shopping

"Catch Up!" back

Created July 2008

"Catch Up!" Leisure Motors

When it first opened its doors in 1955, "Catch Up!" was as an eccentric novelty diner competing in San Francisco's booming fast food market. Business was oustanding for several decades until the late 90s, when the general public's increased awareness of healthy living combined with an unfortunate incident invloving a rat and some French fry oil forced Catch Up to shut down in 1998. The building was purchased in 1999 by the eccentric billionaire Cromwell "Pockets" McMurray, who ultimately decided to maintain the building's quirky charm by keeping its facade and simply redirecting its business focus. Thus, the landmark Catch Up went from selling French-fried rats to motorcycles and mopeds.



STOLEN: This blue Bike Friday Pocket Lllama. Stolen from the bike rack in front of the Safeway at Potrero Ave. and 16th St. in San Francisco on the night of December 7, 2006, at approximately 11:00 PM. The bike differs a bit from this photo: no rack, the water bottle cage is on the seat stem, it has a newer handlebar stem that's completely vertical and entirely blue, and it has a wooden bell instead of the one pictured here.

(Of course the thieves are likely to alter what they can of the bike. Numerous bicycle "chop shops" operate with impunity in this city.)

Keep an eye out for it and let the SFPD and me know if you see it.

(Photo by Lynette Chiang)

pocket bike shop

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