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utorak, 25.12.2007.

For Harry

When I promised I will come to Austria again I could never have thought it will happen like this. I could imagine a lot of things but I could never believe my next visit will come because you will be gone. But it happened and that's so unfair. There are two reasons why I'm writing you this so publicly, on my blog. First is the sadness that I feel which is too big for me to handle and maybe this huge world of internet will help me carry it. Second reason is that I know you are still reading it, only this time you don't need croatian dictionary to help you understand what I'm saying. And this time I won't bore you with stories about Formula 1 (Wurz retired. Too bad, isn't it?), silly sport you never liked but tried very hard :-). Your dad told me "A man gets his family but chooses his friends" and I am happy you chose us. I'm happy we had our moments and I'm proud of the time we spent together. But it breaks my heart that we will continue without you. When I wrote my first "For Harry" message back in May, you said "After your definition you are an incredibly imperfect girl". Did I thank you for that? I don't remember. So I thank you now. Danke. Danke für alles.
da da da
ciao you

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ponedjeljak, 10.12.2007.

29. post. Zašto mi se ovo čini kao loša ideja?

...The Renault team have confirmed Fernando Alonso and Nelsinho Piquet as their racing drivers for the 2008 season. Alonso, who announced his move on his website on Monday, returns to the French squad after one season at the McLaren team, which he left two years before the end of his contract after a turbulent season. Alonso will have Piquet, a test driver for the team in 2007, as teammate next year, after Renault confirmed an all-new line-up for 2008.
"Fernando and Nelsinho will form one of the most exciting driver line up of 2008," said Renault's managing director Flavio Briatore. We are delighted to be welcoming Fernando back home to the team where he enjoyed his greatest success. His abilities as a driver and a team leader are well known, and we look forward to forging another strong partnership. What's more, he knows the team well and how we operate; he will feel comfortable straight away in this environment."
Alonso, 26, won two titles with Renault in 2005 and 2006 and the Spaniard is now hoping for another successful chapter.
"I am delighted to be returning to Renault," said Alonso. "This is the team where I grew up as a driver in Formula One. Now it is time for us to begin a new chapter together. I am very excited about working with this great team once more, and confident that together we can move back to the front of the field. Renault had a difficult year in 2007, but I know that the team has real strength in depth. I am confident they can produce a fast and competitive car and be back at the top in 2008."...
Možda zato što mislim da se u životu ne treba vraćati na staro? Ili nisam sigurna koliko će Renault biti dobar iduće sezone? I kako će boje njihovog kombinezona (nove ili ovogodišnje) stajati na Fernandu? A nisam previše oduševljena ni povratkom u zagrljaj masnog Flavija. Nije mi drago ni što su stari Fisico i mali Heikki odbačeni u zadnji trenutak. Nije mi drago što Alonso trguje ekipama već 40 dana. Ni što će 2009. vjerojatno nositi crvenu boju. No, premda je dan siv, a novosti tmurne, ipak mi je rođendan pa vas sve pozdravljam, šaljem veliki osmijeh i poljubac :-)

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