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PogoPlank says "Think twice if u pirate my app!"

This is a very important warning for all pirates who people who are planning on ’stealing’ the PogoPlank application!
The PogoPlank developer has posted some ‘friendly’ warnings on his Twitter to people who admitted to pirating his PogoPlank applications saying ‘you may find yourself with an unpleasent surprise in the near future’.

The two warnings clearly imply that the PogoPlank Dev Team have installed some sort of security features that will cause bad things to happen to the Pirate’s iPhone or iPod Touch. Possibly even as far as bricking the device?

All I’m saying is watch out people. Don’t pirate the PogoPlank application!

More INFO:
It turns out WHAT PogoPlank is actually doing is that he has released a lot of fake cracked DEBS of his own application so that when users download and install the fake DEB he will be able to potentially trigger the device to brick.

So as I said, DO NOT PIRATE THIS APP! Just a friendly warning : )

This could also be the beginning of a revolution for developers. Perhaps now other developers will be inspired by this and will start doing the same for their applications so be careful no matter what you download. To stay stay simply DO NOT PIRATE. Buy the apps. They are not that expensive if you really think about it plus the developers have put their time and effort towards the app and deserve to be rewarded for it.

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