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Kineski kalendar začeća

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Sveti apostol i prepodobni ; 28. Sveti prorok i pravedna ; ; ; 19.

crkveni kalendar

Sveštenomučenik , Sveti mučenici i 25. Sveta velikomučenica ; Blažena ; ; 25.

crkveni kalendar

Kineski kalendar začeća - Svetih ; ; ; 12. Prepodobni ; ; 2.

crkveni kalendar

Macedonian Orthodox Calendar contains all Saints and feasts commemorated in the upcoming years. It also shows the fasting information for each day and feast. By clicking on certain Saint a new screen opens containing the live of the Saint,after you finish reading you can easily go back by double tapping. The user can easily browse between days, by swiping left or right; to change next or previous day accordingly, or using the double tap anywhere on the screen to get the current day. There is a Scripture reading for each day and a monthly preview of the calendar. It offers two different options of searching for feasts - one of which is searching the name from the given drop-down menu, and the other is by choosing directly the date from the calendar. No internet connection is required for everyday use. Home screen widget is available, which shows the Saint and feast of the current day, and the way of fasting. For those users that don't want to put the app on phone memory to be able to use the widget, because android doesn't allow sd card app to place widgets, we offer the widget as separate application. Mainly developed for JellyBean and upper, but supports back to Gingerbread.

Septembar Oktobar Novembar Decembar Januar Februar Mart April Maj Jun Jul Avgust 1. Posebno se izdvajaju čiji datumi fiksirani za centralni praznik a variraju jer zavise od datuma koji je. Pokrov ; ; ; ; 15. Sveštenomučenik ; ; 27. Prepodobni ; ; ; 13. Sveštenomučenik Pretprazništvo Vozdviženja ; ; Sv.

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