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Kim, do you want to? (Light Fairy tale for all the refugees from senselessness)

Here is a tiny song I wrote, you might want to read it note by note...

Funny how you decide to shorten a long song at least in half but then you easily extend it four times as long as it has been when you decided to cut it in half!? Hm... :O :D

Long live Rock and Roll!!
I had a Little Inspirational Rush!
Your Honor - I plead: Not guilty!

(Excuses are...oh...I had to add some, lose some and sum some...and...
Let us better start, shall we?)

(notice: 16 minutes and preferably more is needed for good read and understanding.)

Kim, do you want to?
(Light Fairy tale for all the refugees from senselessness)

Do you want to?
Kim who do you really want to be?
Do you want to be a Heroine?
Do you have an irresistible crave for counseling the World?
Is your heart really good or in between...?
Learn everything you can about...
Great rock and roll female singers...
Learn everything you can...

Where are you from, Kim, really?
Who are you?
I've heard you could easily be from France or...Scotland?
But then again it could be also Croatia,
running through your veins?
Kim oh Kim...
How come you are so strange and yet so familiar?
Or am I wrong...
Have I only dreamt you?

Will you embrace the ''gift''?
Will you encourage the people?
Are you ready to make a sacrifice?
Even if it would try...
To led you to the martyrdom?
For how long we all have to wait?
To see the real you?
After being, almost...
Barred for decades

See, I cannot sleep
I told you.
I whispered and I yelled
Early in the Sunday morning
(Like as if a
Little Light Angel put me here...)
To shake you to wake you up.
(I hope I didn't distress you that early morning) (*gentle voice)

Or just to find you
Read between the lines...
See what everyone chooses not to see.
Do you want to play the real game?
Are you a little "want-to-be" Savior?
Or are you here for the Money?

Did you start just for others to clap their hands for you?
Did you really!? :)
Or are you The Real Deal?

When will all the emotion pour out like dry-summer heavy rain?
Have you got the strength and the will?
To erase the pain?

Even if it cheats you!?
Even if all seemingly shall be in vain?

Many Good ones are gone into the Light
Or going towards...
Or so they say.
Maybe you still do not get it.
Or maybe you do.
Story is also about Them.
Is their tale good or bad?
Who chooses what's the right answer?

Martin asked: "Where's the Revolution..."
Universal picture
With tears
With joy
Universal like Space
Or only up to some degree

Do you have empathy?
Do you hear me when I
Do you hear me when
I call your name?
Are you near me when
I'm near you?
Or are you going away?

Fads come and go
Always be your true self
Do not listen to me!
Be only who you need to be

I want to wake up someone
Like you
I want to know you
All is passing me by...
Only one kind can fascinate me
Do you understand?
I need to be around such people
Because they make me
Feel so good
I can't wish for
I can't wish for
Too much if at all
It will crush me
If I am again wrong
I am just not that strong
And I also ponder around these...
Numerous things...

Do you know?
I am yet a tad to grow
And then I will (I hope so...)
Find someone for me
Just like you
Just like thee
At least...
I can dream
Can I?
(I pray so!)
(I always dreamt)
Are you sent? (*with lower voice)

One day, maybe...
If life permit
I will just...
Touch you
For a blazing split second
So tenderly and brief
Then you'll know
Who I am

No worry...
Don't worry...
Didn't I said?
(And you are still worried)
Like a kid afraid
And that touch alone
Could make me
So-oo happy
So, so, so...
I wouldn't dare
To touch you
At once
More than that
It would be
Too much Overwhelming

Never grow up
Never grow up!
Never get old
Always stay

Never be deluded...
I only started tickling you
To think profoundly
And later I will
If you misbehave
Threaten too
With nettles
Like I usually do-oo ( :-) )

So good...
Are you really so sweet?
So kind...
I hope you're not
Wearing a mask!

Did she made me
Look your way?
(I was eager to see such...)
But now I really wonder
You two are so similar
If only I could know
How to charm you
How to disarm someone
As little as you
Then I'd be on the horse
Ha ha ha :)
It is easy for you
And hard for me
Shame on me!
It's already late
I'm already cooked and fried
I should've learned better
In life
I never did!

Now, don't you laugh girl!
If you do the "wrong" step
I will throw you over my shoulder...
See that is why
I'm kissing her feet
Only up to her ankles
So softly
You may think...
"That's weird...
What is he suddenly
blabbing about!?"
Or maybe:
"Kinky strange
Is it kind of know...
Is he derange-d!?"

But I'll tell you the Truth
Oh I will...
None of it is true
And mark my words
Mark them!
It's with utmost respect
She is gone
Yes, She is gone!
Gone like the dead ones
Are gone

It is only Light now...
Can you feel it...?
Had I wish too much for
For her to be kind of reborn? (*with sadly voice)
"Why you had to go"
I asked....
"Why you couldn't stay awhile?"
I pleaded to her...
So she knows...

The two of you are so, so peculiarly similar
Aren't you?
But I can't wish for
You see
It will hurt me so ferociously
If I am wrong
But still I do
(Because you make me so
Overwhelmingly happy...)

I wait for someone
To whom I need not to say
A word
Or explain
She will sense it
Even from a far distance
So sweet
Nothing to fight against
She will decide
And maybe
Only big... "maybe"
She'll do by miracle
By miracle...
She'll do Miracle
(And if one couldn't see
Then she simply wouldn't see...)

Can we all have what we want, Kim?
Can we all get what we are dreaming of?
Even if we do, for how long?
Spell some magic!
Dear girl
If you can
Repair this injustice
In the world

The strangest of all...
Loving her is - loving you (* "-" or "like")
Loving you is - loving her (* "-" or "like")
It is the same!
Sweet and sensitive
Old school
Old lifetime school
Like...Mountains are old
You are like Spring well
You are she
She is you
You are She is You

And it was an coincidence
I hadn't had a faintest clue
When I approached you
I swear
Or was it with other
yet unknown reason
Or was it because
of something what was
just due

I really hope so...
You are free of her pain

Uncorrupted, respectful, polite
Sweetly innocent
Loving is...
So effortless
(I heard what you said!
I instantly understood what you sincerely said!
Interlude, that night, there!)

And yet you are somehow afraid
And I say to You..
Hurting you is - hurting her (* "-" or "like")
Hurting her is - hurting you (* "-" or "like")

Much more we must learn
There is so much to reveal

I need to love someone
So why not you and her?

Whatever you do I'll still mostly have to be the same.
Either that or to die
And if I die by any chance
Now you know where and why I'll come by! :)

(I can sense your tough hands
play about on my chest
Where my heart is...
What are you doing?
Or am I deluded?
Is that someone else?)

You are she
She is you
You are She is You

Kim your palms are on my heart
What are you trying to achieve?

Oh well...
(I may be wrong...)

And maybe you also
Didn't get it thoroughly
I don't want to end like her
So, so, so many ended like her
Be it the exact reason - this or that
And many more will
Can't you see?
Even now, the other day...
Poor man Keith hanged himself in his lonely house (*if not true: "hanged" then "killed")
Alone, abandoned, in sorrow and despair.
And he was running more than healthy
Only few days before
But without his lost pair
It is so sad...

(I am so sorry to ask, but...
Are you caring Kim?
Or are you selfish and vain?
And what can I say - about me?

There are no guarantees
We can't see the future!
(It frightens me to death)
It is the greatest pain of all
"Lack of Love
That is why...
That is why
I kiss her bare feet
For a redemption...
For a deepest sorrow...
To ease the pain...
For the love of life!...
(And so many things more...)
That is why I whisper and send...
"I Love You" (*gently voice)
(To her Soul)
That is why...

I know...
I know...
I said too much
But near to nothing
Green eyes and Green
Do you know what I mean?)

What do you think
Can we ever get
Ever, ever get
Anything more valuable
Anything more expensive
Anything greater
Than Sincere Blinding Love?
You could know...

I knew a girl long ago
Then I discovered
She was married
But still she was addressed
With her maiden name, sometimes
I thought inappropriate to watch her picture
Daily on my computer screen background
And she was so pink sweet
On a green meadow offering her hand...
(Was she calling?
What was she trying to say?)

Years later I discovered hidden truths.
Later in life her husband dumped her
Or she left because...
Things between them didn't get along...
Or she was so ill that she had to go!?
She was so severely wounded and lost...
Oh...why am I telling you...
I don't know...
That was her...
(It ripped my soul to pieces) (*with sad trembling voice)

Only many years later I pondered on that same picture
From my computer screen
(Was she calling?
What was she trying me to say?)

And Kim
Kim oh Kim
Did you heard what she said?
Why she said those words?
From the past...
It emerged only recently
Ringing so heavenly now
Comforting and angelic sweet...
And then I saw you
And now I see you!
How could I explain...
What else can I say?

Kim partially had a bad luck - she failed to score
I had a good stroke of Light luck - I found Kim!
Kim is afraid
Me too...
Now we are both waiting...

Can we just for a start hug from afar and be quiet?
And see what will happen...

Have you forgotten already
About me?
Kim, where have you now gone?
Who are you?
Who are you!?
Kim, do you want to?
(I hope you understand...) (*with lower voice)
(Ahhh...Are you still sleeping? :O )

(Written between 18.2.2019 - 10.3.2019)
(C) Kovači sudbine, The smiths of destiny - all rights reserved
(Some minor adjustments are still possible...)

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