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Skopski Festival 2013 - MP3 Free Download (Makedonija)

Skopski Festival 2013 - Free MP3 Downloads As we promised in our last 2013 Skopski Festival post, here are the free MP3 songs from this Macedonian music event.
We share the winning songs ("Ce Te Cekam Jas" (1st, by Lambe Alabakovski), "Tesko Bez Tebe" (2nd, by Tamara Todevska) and "Ako Me Boli" (3rd, by Dimitar Andonovski), but also some of the others.

Skopski Festival 2013 - Download Free MP3 Songs

Free MP3 songs from Skopje Fest 2013.
Click on the links to download the music files...

- Lambe Alabakovski - Ce Te Chekam Jas
- Tamara Todevska - Teshko Bez Tebe
- Dimitar Andonovski - Ako Me Boli

NOTE: All songs were shared online for free. Thanks to the organizer of the event (MRT/MTV), and the music artists for the MP3 files.

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