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Alpine Inn And Suites : Le Six Paris Hotel

Alpine Inn And Suites

alpine inn and suites

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Alpine Starcruiser

Alpine Starcruiser

Alpine of Llandudno has a penchant for the Duple 425, having bought two new in 1990 and subsequently acquired several more second-hand. MBX 447, formerly G761 HJC, was one of the new pair and has been given the full 'Starcruiser' restyling package designed by JWS and carried out by Blackpool Coach Services, in which town it was coincidentally photographed.

Alpine 425's 1

Alpine 425's 1

Alpine's fine pair of Duple 425's were caught on camera at Swallow Falls in May 1991 when only just over a year old, hence their level of orginality

alpine inn and suites

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