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Cheap digital waterproof camera - Camera phones prepaid.

Cheap Digital Waterproof Camera

cheap digital waterproof camera

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05/16/09: Worst Digital Camera Ever

05/16/09: Worst Digital Camera Ever

In a moment of pure, impulsive stupidity I picked up a $25 underwater digital camera. Basically it's a cheap digital camera stuffed into a plastic underwater case.

The case is great. The camera is not.

It can't even take a focused photo outside of the waterproof case in direct light. Bask in its 640x480 glory. It doesn't even function as a camera at all!

Oh well. I'll return it tomorrow.

PS: The photo above is a self-portrait through the water that was filling up my bathroom sink.

What's In My Bag

What's In My Bag

This camera bag, its contents and I have had some eminently memorable adventures. People we've shot: President Bush, John Kerry, John Edwards, Jesse Jackson, Michael Moore, Terry Anderson, Terry McAuliffe, Roderick McDavis, Bob Walter

cheap digital waterproof camera

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