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Free Bmx Bike Parts : Specialized Allez Comp Road Bike.

Free Bmx Bike Parts

free bmx bike parts

    bmx bike
  • A BMX bike or BMX is the name of a popular bicycle which is used for both casual use and sport and is designed mainly for dirt and motocross cycling. "BMX" is the usual abbreviation for bicycle motocross.

  • (part) separate: go one's own way; move apart; "The friends separated after the party"

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free bmx bike parts - Fizik Free:k

Fizik Free:k 8mm MTB Bicycle Saddle (Manganese Rails)

Fizik Free:k 8mm MTB Bicycle Saddle (Manganese Rails)

Fizik Free:k 8mm Manganese Rail MTB Saddle has a dropped hand shaped nose for precise “seat grab” and “indy air” moves. The slope of the saddle is great for controlling descent, slope ride and enforcing direction control for jumps and freestyle movements (table top, etc.). The deep flanks work well when standing up and trying to stabilize the bike between your legs. The everlasting co-injected shell is great for fearless crashes and for ‘printing’ your riding life. The manganese rail provides all the support the saddle needs to take a beating. Specs: Cover - Teflon rubber gold/white; Rail - 8 mm Manganese; Weight - 380 grams; Length - 285mm; Width - 131mm; Scuff Guards - no; ICS - yes.

81% (19)



Viscount framed single speed with fenders. Brooks Flyer saddle. Tange fork. Ma3 rims. Conversion to single was done by using spacers on the cassette hub, a Shimano DX bmx cog, and a lockring.

Visount bikes were a brand in the 70s that were made in England from very thin "aerospace" tubing. Their selling point was being decent and very light for a good price. Their claim to fame, however, was selling a model with a cast aluminum fork that tended to snap off, the death fork.

This one as built is a bit heavy, around 24 pounds since I've used very durable parts to make a maintenance free bike. It's still nice and fast though, and the ride is stately due to the long wheelbase, wider 28c tires and fork rake. Not twitchy one little bit. has more info on this brand.

My Dawes Milk Race singlespeed project - completed

My Dawes Milk Race singlespeed project - completed

Here it is in all its glory. I'm really, really pleased with it.

I got the original 1980s Dawes Milk Race from Freecycle, for free, I've added the following:

* 2x Maxxis Detonator folding tyres at?16.99 each
* Crankset from ebay ?6.50
* BMX chain ?9
* Pedals ?18
* Fizik bar tape ?10
* Seatpost ?8.50 (unusual size. LBS had one at the bottom of a storage box in a cupboard.
* Charge Bucket saddle ?13
* Brake cableset ?9
* Respray ?65
* Spare Weinnmann 500 front brake (for parts) ?2.50 from eBay
* Lithium grease, time and rags - nobody knows how much I've used on this thing.

Looking back it seems this has cost me a few quid, but this is a fun hobby and I'll definitely be on the lookout for another project now. Either a fixie for myself or maybe an old ladies town bike for my wife.

free bmx bike parts

free bmx bike parts

All-City New Sheriff 32h Fix/Free 130OLD Rear Hub Black

All-City's new high end track hub, built tough to withstand the hard riding dished out by today's riders
Hub shell made of 6061 T6 aluminum
High flange large window design builds a stiffer wheel while keeping weight down
13 through 15 gauge spoke compatibility
Chamfered hub flanges reduce spoke stress
Oversized 15mm diameter 6061 T6 aluminum axle
6902 sealed bearings readily available(BB6902, BB1692, BB1055, BB8902)
Tool Free adjustment, hub bearings are properly loaded when the wheel is installed
Uses either a 15mm box end or a 6mm hex for installation
Please note that radial lacing voids the manufacturer's warranty
Item Specifications
Intended UseCyclocross
Hub Drilling32spokes
Rear Axle Type10x1
Cassette Body TypeThreaded, Track
Hub/Brake CompatibilityRim Brake
Rear Wheel TypeTrack
Rear Hub Spacing130mm
Skewer IncludedNA, Bolt-On
Defined ColorBlack

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