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06.07.2007., petak

Blitzkrieg(UK) - The Mists of Avalon (1998.)

Line up:
Vocals : Brian Ross
Guitars : Glenn S. Howes
Guitars : Martin Richardson
Bass : Mark Hancock
Drums: Mark Hancock

If your looking for value and another Blitzkrieg classic album this is definitely a must have for all fans. I think that this album deserves a little more gratitude than it has received over the years.
Long live Blitzkrieg and long live the NWOBHM!

The Legend is, on some releases divided in five parts(like in my way),and for me it's better have 5 songs than one:
I - Crimson Dawn (3:12)
II - Nations Divided (4:47)
III - Camelot (4:47)
IV - Stryngs (0:51)
V - Arthur the Once and Future King (6:01)

Track list:

1. The Legend 20:38
2. Tranquil State 03:34
3. I Am The Doctor (Who Are You?) 03:43
4. Deceiver 03:21
5. Princess For The World 05:43
6. The Mighty 01:56
7. Smell Of Roses 04:24
8. Love's Too Late 04:06
9. Anasazi 03:26
10. Yesterdays (Hope For The Future) 04:28
11. Another Interview? 03:22
12. Vicious Rumors 06:10
13. I Was Having A Great Time And Stayed Longer Than I Should, So When I Got To The Railway Station, The Last Train Had Gone!
Total playing time 01:03:58


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History of NWOBHM
What is NWoBHM?
The early movement was associated with the likes of Angel Witch, Iron Maiden, Tygers of Pan Tang, Def Leppard, Motörhead, Triarchy, Blitzkrieg, Quartz, Sweet Savage, Girlschool, Saxon, Diamond Head, Venom, and Samson, among others. The image of bands such as Saxon (long hair, denim jackets, leather and chains) would later become synonymous with heavy metal as a whole during the 1980s.

Despite the variable success of bands such as Iron Maiden, Saxon, and Def Leppard the true heart of the movement revolved around the seemingly endless supply of British bands playing similar styles at the time. NWOBHM is mostly associated with punk rock aesthetically through the DIY and minimalist ethics of most of the bands, many of whom literally did not last beyond a demo recorded in a bedroom. Looking at most comprehensive lists of bands of the time reveals hundreds of obscure or short lived acts such as Expozer, Jaguar, Mendes Prey, Mithrandir, Twisted Ace, Hellanbach, Zenith, Distrainers, who later changed their name to Alien and Dragster. While the average heavy metal fan would possibly gloss over these no-namers while looking for more recognizable acts, record collectors revere such bands.

The sheer number of low rent demos and 7 inch records of the era (the number is indeed in the thousands), as well as the limited amount of information and media coverage of the genre, has led to most of the releases becoming individual record collecting holy grails.

Records originally pressed for likely less than Ł1 have sold more recently to collectors for hundreds of dollars. In some cases as low as 1 copy of a record is known to exist. Hollow Ground's Warlord 7 inch is probably the most prominent example. Acetates in those days were normally studio master copies kept as backup, so a very limited few of the recording exist. The band is also literally unknown by any standards, as each member is listed on the center label by their first name, and only one newspaper mention of the band playing live has ever been uncovered.

Considering that many further bands possibly did not even last long enough to record their material, it must be taken into account that during the golden years of the genre (1978-1981) upwards of a thousand NWOBHM bands may have existed.