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Something to remember....

I wish these nights....

I wish these night
is the night of our first kiss
I wish these night
is the night that I won't miss
I wish you were in my arms
and breath the air with me
I wish you were mine forever and that
our love was meant to be
I love you I know that
I'm sure I've showed that
I miss your smile, your kiss,
I miss your lips, your h
your everything....

petak, 27.06.2008.

Let's make Love by Faith Hill and Tim McGraw

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srijeda, 25.06.2008.

I dream of you...

I went to my dreams,
with tears in my eyes,
you told me you needed me,
instead i told you "goodbye"...
Slowly as my head drifts away,
in nameless drams with no address,
I dream of you... and you dissapear...
Oh, how it hurts inside,
like thousands of knives tearing me apart,
like snakes rattle all way down,
like a hurricane slowly blowing inside out.
I feel like I'm on fire...
"I love you baby" I started to say,
but wind came out of nowhere
and it's thunder hide my scream..
I woke up, with tears again in my eyes
and I know it is definately "Goodbye".....

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petak, 20.06.2008.

Wedding always makes me sad....

Weddings should always be happy time... Usually for the ones that are gonna get married, it is... Planning, spending, white dress, suites, bride etc.. I never got to that moment, not even near one, ok, maybe once, but it wasn't meant to be... So, today, near me passed wedding colons of cars, bride in white dress, everybody is honking in the cars, everybody are happy... except me... I don't know why weddings makes me sad, or even near tears... I am very happy with my life... Really... I have everything I need, i have a home, job, good salary, I have a kid, I am healthy and really don't wish for nothing more... Do I crave for love? If it is meant to be, it will happen, maybe in a bakery, maybe in some foreign country... if it happens I would feel lucky, if it doesn't i am not disapointed, I have a kid for which i have to take care for... So, I don't know why i feel so sad... Maybe I am just sentimental and romantic to the bone rolleyes

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srijeda, 11.06.2008.

Windless night wihout you......

I miss you baby... i really do...
in these hot and windless nights
I feel your arms around me,
your warm breath on my shoulders,
you are kissing me,
holding my hands too tight
you wont let go of
this feeling
of this touch
you wont let go of
our nights spend together,
hand in hand, lip by lip
Passion is overtaken by night
word lust does not exist..
just love that we feel
and this need, this need that is killing me...

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