Why Cleopatra Slots are So Popular?

srijeda , 31.10.2018.

Online casino slot machines or slots are one of the most popular modes of entertainment in a casino, both online and offline. Their popularity was also quickly noticed by games manufacturers who, year after year, try to make them as interesting and fun as possible. Therefore, there are many different types of slots, game modes, features, and themes. One of the most popular themes are fruit-themed slots and, of course, Cleopatra slots, inspired by Ancient Egypt.

If you browse the selection of slots in multiple different casinos, you will always come across a rather large number of slots in the category Ancient Egypt, Pharaoh, or Cleopatra.

But why are Cleopatra slots so popular? What is it about this theme that makes it so well-fitted to slot machines?

Ancient Egypt is a very popular theme for slot machine developers as IGT, Netent and Microgaming because this era in our history is shrouded in mystery and legends about piles of hidden treasures waiting to be discovered by brave adventurers. Egypt was always perceived as one of the most fascinating history periods due to these legends about their mystical gods and treasures which were allegedly buried with them in the pyramids. This was, in reality, the reasons thousands of researches and travellers made the journey to Egypt to try to find the hidden fortune. Now, in the modern, digital era, you can be one of those adventurers, by trying to win the hidden treasure yourself.

Ok, Egypt is pretty awesome, but what about Cleopatra? What’s so special about an ancient Egyptian queen that she in particular inspired whole generations of slot machines and casino games?

Cleopatra was famous for her beauty around the world, as well as her interesting life and love story. She got married to Julius Cesar when she was 21, while Caesar was 52 at the time. He was mesmerized by her beauty and she was idolized and known world-wide as Caesar’s beautiful queen. After the assassination of her husband, she was then remarried to Mark Anthony. There is still a lot of debate surrounding her character and actions; one claim she was a shameless, vulgar temptress who used her sexuality to extend her power over men, while others claim that she was an ancient feminist, a symbol of strong female power and the mighty influence of femininity.

Similarly to Egypt, Cleopatra’s biography, historical facts, stories, even her appearance were veiled in mystery and peeked curiosity of historians and scholars for centuries. She is an epitome of feminine beauty, ideal, power and fortune.

In Cleopatra slots, Cleopatra symbols always carry one of the biggest values and pay-outs and trigger exciting bonus features or free spins. That is why, even thousands of years later, Cleopatra remains an icon, an ideal to be achieved, and a great thing to see during a slot machine game round.

So, if you would like to be transported to an ancient time where treasures were galore, play Cleopatra slots online via CasinoHex and maybe you’ll be the one to find the pyramid treasure!

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