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    Pack 1:
    -101+ Bar Jokes 2.2.0-most_uniQue
    -2009 World Factbook 1.10-most_uniQue
    -3D Camera 1.2.1-most_uniQue
    -8Bitone MICRO COMPOSER 1.1.1-most_uniQue
    -9000 Awesome Facts and Laws Pro 2.2-most_uniQue
    -9292ov Pro
    -a bugs defense 1.0.3-most_uniQue
    -Aces High Video Poker 1.3-most_uniQue
    -Aera 1.0-MadHouse[C4iD]
    -AirMote 1.1.1-most_uniQue
    -Alphabetic 1.0.6-most_uniQue
    -aWake!SimplyPro 2.0.1-most_uniQue
    -Awesome Facts Pro 2.6.1-most_uniQue
    -BankSaldo 1.3-Boinkie
    -BankSaldo 1.4-Animestyle
    -Beat Bots 1.3-most_uniQue
    -BeejiveIM 3.0.2.patched-C4PDA.com
    -Big 2 Classic 1.2-most_uniQue
    -Boom Brigade 1.00-Hexhammer
    -Boxed In 1.3-most_uniQue
    -Bus Nederland 1.0-bohemian03
    -c2m light - Come to my Location 1.04-most_uniQue
    -CalcPad Smart Calculator 1.4.4-CrAckJAck
    -Castle Warriors 1.0.cracked-LPNRNAPDA
    -Clap Clock C 1.1.5-most_uniQue
    -Coin King 1.13-m0respecial
    -Conversion Calculator RPN 1.0-Tieubom

    Filesize: 103 MB

    Pack 2:
    -Custom Hypnosis - Exam & Study Edition 1.0.1-zyxNONYMOUS
    -Dead Panic 1.0.patched-corepda
    -Deer Hunter 3D 1.3.cracked-LPNRNAPDA
    -Doodles 1.6.1-most_uniQue
    -Dot Matrix Clock 1.8.0-SonALoVe
    -Drag Racer - Perfect Run 1.0-VNMagic
    -Dublin Real Time Rail 1.1-luudaigiang
    -eBay Mobile 1.4.0-most_uniQue
    -EirText Pro 3.1.1-most_uniQue
    -eMees Avatar Creator 1.4-conan2901
    -Essence 2.0.1-player187
    -Freaked! 1.3-toolchain
    -Get a Date 1.0-Tieubom
    -Ghost View 1.0-Tieubom
    -How Smart Are You 4.0-most_uniQue
    -Hundred PushUps 2.2.1-most_uniQue
    -iBartender 2.1-most_uniQue
    -iBattery Pro 1.3-most_uniQue
    -iBling 1.0-Tieubom
    -iErase - Zero Free Space 1.2-most_uniQue
    -iiQuota 8.70-poedgirl[C4iD]
    -ImageViewer 1.0-most_uniQue
    -ImNotDrunk 1.2-m0respecial
    -iVocabulary 1.3.2-most_uniQue
    -LondonCam 4.0.0-most_uniQue

    Filesize: 100 MB

    Pack 3:
    -Hit Or Die 1.4.3.patched-COREPDA
    -Low Carb Diet Assistant 1.0-most_uniQue
    -Mahjong Match 2 2.0-most_uniQue
    -Match-It Trains 1.2-most_uniQue
    -Max Injury 1.0.2-MadHouse[C4iD]
    -mBox Mail 2.1.1-most_uniQue
    -Mocha VNC 2.3
    -Moron I.Q. Test 1.1-Tieubom
    -myKILLZONE 1.5-most_uniQue
    -Ninja Shadow 1.7.0.patched-COREPDA
    -Pirate Pairs 1.0.1-most_uniQue
    -Poker Stacks 1.05-m0respecial
    -Remote Tap 3.5-nuxrox
    -Robocalypse - Mobile Mayhem 1.0.0.patched-corepda

    Filesize: 104 MB

    Pack 4:
    -Gang Street Wars 1.0-Civic
    -Sexy Lingerie 1.0-VNMagic
    -Star Catch 1.2-m0respecial
    -Tanach for all 1.3.1-m0respecial
    -The Bird & The Snail 2.0.1-most_uniQue
    -The World Factbook '09 1.88-most_uniQue

    Filesize: 104 MB

    Pack 5:
    -The World Factbook - 57 ranking tables included 1.1-most_uniQue
    -TripView Sydney 1.7-most_uniQue
    -WarShip 1.45-Calku
    -Waze 1.2.0-most_uniQue
    -Web Funnies 1.0-Tieubom
    -Whizzit 123 1.1-most_uniQue
    -World Factbook 1.2-most_uniQue
    -World Wiki + Factbook 1.2-most_uniQue
    -X-RAY SPECS SCANNER 2.0-haxor133t
    -Zip-Area Code Finder 1.0-Tieubom
    -ZugInfo Donation 2.1-most_uniQue

    Filesize: 93 MB

    Underworlds 1.20.patched-corepda (124MB):
    http://rapidshare.com/files/283511765/Underworlds_1.20.patched-corepda.par t1.rar
    http://rapidshare.com/files/283507960/Underworlds_1.20.patched-corepd a.part2.rar

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