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  • vertebrata

    Weee, super, super. U The Pervert's Guide to Cinema me oduševio. Pogotovo u prizoru kad zalijeva cvijeće sugerirajući na Blue Velvet pa komentira :

    My Relationship with tulips is inherently Lynchian. I think they are disgusting. Just imagine aren't these some kind of, whaddyacallit, vagina dentata, dental vagina, threatening to swallow you up. I think flowers are something inherently disgusting, what a horrible thing these flowers are! Basically it is an open invitation to all the insects and beasts to come and screw me. I think flowers should be forbidden to children. -_-


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  • inhibitor

    Imam negdje link stranice s tekstom Žižekovog dokumentarca, poslat ću ti ga za cca 2 dana.
    A propos drskog prsta - pogledaj poleđinu Truleži.


    25.05.2008. (07:53)    -   -   -   -  


    Transkript prvog dijela je ovdje.
    Ovdje je pak sjajan dokumentarac The Reality of the virtual.


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    E moj Slavoj! Niti je srednji prst ispružen, niti je Krist uhvaćen usred pokušaja da se oslobodi!
    Da digitus impudicus!

    Viki piše Mikelangeleku:

    That which the human mind can comprehend

    That which the human mind can comprehend
    of eternal truths we can teach ourselves,
    through long study, guided by rare insight,
    I believe your soul has comprehended,

    so it's not that I mean to add a prop
    or light to your massive near unique faith--
    so obvious to anyone who learns
    from your work that there is another world--

    in offering you this image of Christ
    offering his heart up to the spear as
    he hangs on the cross to stream holy life

    from His body to you, but because, Sir,
    a more learned book was never opened--
    this will give you your immortality.


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