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  • Scott H Florance

    I once took two Zoloft pills and I heard a wining noise in my ears for 8 month. It was seriouse damage to my head. The drug companies are suppresing the cure for depresion they have one theory on brian function they use in their pills, I think they have worn it out. They have figured out the chemical formula to cause darkness in the human aura and they mix it into the medicine when they make the pills. The drug companies can make symbols form and stick out in a persons aura energy field when someone takes the pills or a word like "fag" or "slut". Yikes!

    I think that the drug companies want to change a womens uterus also. I believe that light biengs from the ethric-spirit realm work hard at making sure a babies umbilical cord is set proper. The evil sorcerers in the Spanish Mexican government get real grumpy about this and have been trying to change the tubes in womens bodies with special poisen put into the pharmaceuticals. They want to change mens tummy and right eye. Some of the food at the stores may also have bad drugs in it.


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