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  • Bill Perry

    Zeljko Peratovic's blog has published secret Yugoslav intelligence documents which show that Vojislav Seselj was in fact a Yugoslav intelligence (SDB--Sluzba Drzavne Bezbednosti) agent in the 1970's and 1980's before the breakup of Yugoslavia.

    This tidbit is an example of an interesting fact which ICTY observers often overlook/misunderstand. Most people perceive those indicted by the ICTY to be "right-wing nationalists" who are guilty of war crimes. But in fact, if you look at the background of each indictee of the ICTY, the overwhelming majority of them (regardless of ethnic background) are former card-carrying members of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia, many of them members of the Yugoslav National Army.

    Mike Baresic


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  • 45lines

    @Bill Perry, Mikeov link ti je puk'o. Evo ispravnog : http://listserv.buffalo.edu/cgi-bin/wa?A2=ind0705&L=justwatch-l&D=1&O=D&P= 58550


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