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  • xiola bleu

    A pretrazuju torbe i u New Yorku? Bas se spremam na 4 dana tamo pocetkom 9. mjeseca. Dobro da znam.


    24.07.2005. (13:55)    -   -   -   -  

  • Monsoon

    da ne prodjes kao jadni Brazilac...prestrasno...sprasili mu pet komada ni krivom ni duznom!?


    24.07.2005. (15:19)    -   -   -   -  

  • k.

    ili:The body of a 200 pound man thus holds 140 pounds of water. Because water is so crucial to everything the human body does, the man doesn't need to lose all 140 pounds of water weight before collapsing due to dehydration. A loss of as little as 10-15 pounds of water may be enough to kill him. In a similar sense, an oil-based economy such as ours doesn't have to deplete its entire reserve of oil before it begins to collapse. A shortfall between demand and supply as little as 10-15 percent is enough to wholly shatter an oil-dependent economy and reduce its citizenry to poverty. ..."the so called "alternatives" to oil are actually "derivatives" of oil. Without an abundant and reliable supply of oil, we have no way of scaling these alternatives to the degree necessary to power the modern world. " "....This financial collapse will, in turn, further devastate our ability to implement alternative systems of energy. Any crash program to develop new sources of energy will require a tremendous amount of capital, which is exactly what will not be available once the global monetary system has collapsed" - studiram veterinu - po potrebi cu u medjuvremenu specijalizirat konje, volove, magarce i mule, fucka se meni :)


    24.07.2005. (17:46)    -   -   -   -  

  • Monsoon

    haha, obzirom na vodne resurse kojima cemo u buducnosti raspolagat najbolje specijalizaciju odradi na devama, njima ne treba previse vode... :-)))


    24.07.2005. (17:52)    -   -   -   -  

  • Ross

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