New fashion is sex in a public store

srijeda , 16.11.2022.

Whoever meets me is well aware that I have a naughty personality. I work as a finance director, and I do not wear panties. Ever. Scrolling through some groups, I saw that a lot of women ask if it is possible to have shopping mall sex videos. Of course, it is, all you have to do is have a dirty imagination and the will to take things to another level. Normally, I do not talk about this stuff, but now, I have decided to share all my wisdom with you, my dear ladies. Buckle up because I am about to tell you my version of hot shopping mall girl sex videos.

All the fun about mall sex videos starts at home, at least for me. First, I would take a long bath and shave my hair everywhere. I want it to be smooth and tasty for whomever I find in the shopping mall. Next, is the hard part, and that part would be a selection of clothes. Since I want something that can reveal everything I want, and that is easy to take off, I would choose a short dress. Like the shortest dress you could find, but this time I would go with the one that buttons up the front. With a touch of makeup and my four-inch heels, I am all set and ready to hit my destination for a shopping mall sex video.

My dear ladies, when you enter the mall, look for an escalator. Take the escalator to the top floor, and on the way up, part your legs, and move on to the upper escalator. In that way, you could give anyone who is behind you a perfect view of your shaved cunt. There are going to be some horny teenagers who spotted you when you entered the mall, so they will follow you wherever you go. When you get to your destination unbutton the upper and the bottom button and take the escalators down. Then do the same thing in hopes that someone from the next escalator could spot your pussy and booty. And of course, those teenagers are hot on your tail, and you can bet on that without even looking behind.

If you want to have sex in a public store, you should look for a place where you can show all your goods before you jump into action. After making the boys follow you, you should look for those glass bridges that almost every shopping mall has. When you go up, unbutton your dress completely, and take it off your shoulders. You will notice that you gained more audience, even some women. I always wonder why so many people are interested in a naked woman. Like they never see a cunt, ass, or tits before. But, never mind, let us get back to our shopping mall sex adventure. Let the horny boys snap a photo or two of you smooth cunt, and even put them on a real show. Spread your legs, put your ass in the air, and get those pretty little fingers working. Rub your clit for them to see it clearly, and then suddenly, stop the action, and walk away in the opposite direction.

You can go to the bathroom that is out of order, a floor that is under maintenance, or you can go to the parking lot. It does not matter, as long as your puppies are running to catch up on you, and no one could report you behind you. When you find your perfect destination, drop the dress that is barely hanging and lie on her. Spread your legs wide in the air and wait for them all to burst through the door. Before they come in, rub your clit, and make them even more surprised by the sight they see when they barge in. I bet they will be stunned when they see you hot and wet, and ready for public mall sex. But, I can also bet that they would not know what to do. Only one guy would be brave enough to approach you and get the things in his own hands.

First, he will approach you, and then he will stroke your head. The next thing you know he will shove his dick deep in your throat, and then he will be inside you. And, that my dear ladies, how you get a public mall creampie. Also, in the beginning, I forgot to mention that I am an exhibitionist, and this is something I have done in the past. Now I do not go and make the show for strangers but for my husband. Having sex in the shopping mall is a piece of cake if you know your surrounding, and if you scout the area before you decide to bang. Try it, and even if you get caught, you will not regret it.

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Women like more soft erotic sites

utorak , 15.11.2022.

When you watch soft porn sites for a long time, it can lead to serious health problems, especially for withing male population. The best passionate porn sites will not leave any female porn soft consequences if you watch them for two or three years. But, if you watch passionate sex sites for more than ten years, then there is a high possibility that you will suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Much research was conducted on how romantic soft porn movies can lead to erectile dysfunction, so feel free to use the internet and know about it more. But, the good thing in all of this is that more and more young men decided to ditch romantic porn sites for good and focus on leading a more healthy life. In other words, they replaced soft porn sites with real sex. But, what is worrying me is the fact that more and more teens are watching romantic sex sites on daily bases. New consumers of the best soft porn sites are joining them.

So we have more and more people who are watching romantic porn sites and even more who have problems with their schlong. And, what do you think, is the best site for soft porn and erectile dysfunction related or this is just a full-length soft porn myth? How free romantic soft porn impact people to have issues with erectile abilities?

I do not have the answer to these questions, nor does science. There is not enough research about this subject and its romantic feminist porn connection. Some people will say that porn for women blog leads to erectile dysfunction. Others will say that watching the best free soft porn content can lead to a better romantic porn website and more quality relationships. And, some people will say that we should not learn about sex through romantic soft porn videos. That is the same when you say that at least passionate soft porn gives us a little insight into how sex should be and feel, contrary to the best sites for soft porn education. And, there you have it. A discussion about free soft porn sites that do not have an end.

Also, many health professionals are arguing about the impact of the best softcore websites on man's soft porn videos for women's satisfaction. Some of them agree, and some of them disagree. For instance, couple romantic porn for-her-tube therapists say that romantic soft porn for women leads to low-quality of soft feminist porn relationships and many more passionate softcore sex problems. Others say that watching porn has nothing to do with erection because the soft porn blog is a matter of free soft porn movies habit, and we can get rid of our habits. And, when we take porn for women's romantic content out of the equation we are left only with the erection issue. So what are your thoughts about this complicated romantic porn for her tube?

Besides porn, many factors can lead to serious concerns with erection. One of them is soft porn web anxiety, and the most common. After free soft romantic porn anxiety comes soft porn for women's depression. All this soft porn for her mental condition is caused by fear. Fear of being inexperienced. Out of that fear, many young men tend to start watching porn at an early age. As I already said, some people think the best romantic porn for women is the best source of sexual education. So, in my opinion, watching the best romantic porn site combined with many soft passionate porn factors like anxiety, depression, lifestyle, and habits can lead to serious erectile dysfunction. Safe soft porn sites as the sole factor that causes this difficulty, are not likely to succeed in it. We only fuel soft porn for a woman without a way of free adult soft porn living.

That leads us to another issue, and that is the poor education in sex that our younger generations get. In romantic sex video site schools, they are only thought about the bad sides of romantic sex websites. Of course, you will not teach them or tell them that they need to fuck like soft adult video rabbits, but they should change the approach on the most romantic porn sites. Soft sex sites educators should not talk about sex like something that will burn you or God will punish you.

Softcore sites are normal, and besides, we all are doing soft porn for women romantic. And, it is already known that the majority of them will have passionate porn sites at an early age, so women romantic porn educators should talk more about romantic soft porn and how to protect them from best free soft porn sites diseases, and unwanted passionate sex videos. Also, it would be appreciated if those adult soft sex educators are not conservative best soft porn site teachers that are about to free soft porn videos for women to retire, but young soft porn websites people who are certified to talk about soft porn movies for women. Young people should be comfortable talking about porn for women blogging, and they sure will not be comfortable if they talk with someone who looks like their passionate porn for women grandmothers.

Also, young people have a lot of romantic porn for women questions, and to do their free soft porn site job, soft romantic porn educators must answer them all. Besides, more and more people who teach about the best free soft porn site are more focused on the physical soft porn website connection, than on emotional softcore porn for women consequences and intimacy passionate sex movies issues in the bellesa soft porn future. The main soft adult video problem is in Bellessa soft porn. If we did our soft romantic porn for women correctly, then there would not be these many young people among many of them who consume passionate porn sites.

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Reset your love life with backyard sex

nedjelja , 13.11.2022.

Once, I wrote that I would love to have sex in the backyard gangbang. And, soon after it, one person decided to contact me and ask me some questions. More precisely, why do I want to have back yard porn gangbang when I can just go into the sex club and have a proper fuck. And this pissed me off, so buckle up because I will tell you all about it.

First of all, the person who reached out to me did not read my entire article where I said that backyard porn gangbang was my fantasy, not something I would like to do. Getting fucked by three strangers in every home and my backyard is something I dream of, not something that I would do in real life. Read the entire thing before you decide to get all smart on me. Secondly, I do not know what is wrong these days with people, but I have a feeling that everything they read and hear they believe it. Whoever is filling their heads with nonsense is full of shit because life is no sunshine and rainbow. Thirdly, I write for a living, so I do not make a lot of money. I do, but not enough to spend it on an exclusive membership in some prestigious sex club where I could feel safe and everything would be according to my wishes.

I think a lot of you read some articles on the internet where they sell you the story of how everything is excellent, your safety comes first yada, yada, yada. In real life, that is not the case. A lot of people want to go to sex clubs and experience those charms once in their life. But, as I said not all of us have that privilege. In my backyard sex videos gangbang fantasy, all the guys are hot and nice and the only thing they are interested in is me and my pleasure.

My wish is their command, and I can do whatever I want to them, and they have to say in it. But that is my backyard sex gangbang fantasy, something I relive in my head almost every night, and certainly something I would not do in real life. Perhaps I would, if I find suitable guys, the place for backyard porn gangbang, but that takes time, and time is something I do not have these days. So I keep it all in my head and make myself orgasm with it every night.

I am more of a person who would have backyard sex porn than go to a sex club to get laid. Sex clubs are not always excellent as they try to picture, there are a lot of missouts, and no one can control a crowd of a hundred people. I do not want to worry about my safety or anything else because I came to enjoy, not to be alerted every time I change a partner, and that is why I would always choose sex on the yard instead of a sex club. My friend once visited a sex club, and she ended up pregnant.

As you all know condoms are mandatory in sex clubs, if you do not have them, then they provide you with them. But, in her case, the guy who was fucking her pulled his condom off and spilled his cum inside her. And, of course, she was not aware of it because she was busy sucking two other cocks. But, her perverted behavior is not the point here. The point is that this should not be happening in sex clubs. If she had a problem with one guy, imagine what would happen if I went to the sex club and had sex with more than three men.

I was very upset when I got that message in my inbox, and I am still angry. My fantasy about backyard porn videos is something I created in my head. In my fantasy all the guys are hot, and I mean hot like Chris Hemsworth. In sex clubs, I do not think you will come across that hotness, and the same goes for women. In my backyard sex video fantasy, I do not have to worry about my safety, is some guy going to be rough with me, or is he going to shove his dick deep in my ass, and make my eyes bulge. But, that is what it is. It is a fantasy.

I wrote many times about my personal sexual experience, and sex in the backyard was one of them. Not ever I wrote about sex clubs, and I do not intend to because once I stated my opinion on them, I will not write about it again. Read the article completely, and then ask me a question. And if you do not have anything nice to say, except criticism, do not tell me what should I do and what is best for me. Shut your trap and get the hell off my blog.

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You Can Find Romantic MILF in Bellesa Videos

nedjelja , 18.09.2022.

Squirting is a bellesa videos myth as my bellesa softcore boyfriend says. It does exist but can it be called bellesa sex videos ejaculation? More precisely, can it be called female bellesa sex ejaculation? I do not know about you but in my bellesa porn video opinion, the squirting bellesa romantic process is the same as the ejaculation romantic porn bellesa process. Science maybe disagrees but they know some kind of bellesa plus porn ejaculation is there. So my dear soft porn bellesa friends, what do you think squirting is? I always wanted to bellesa plus videos squirt and it took me a couple of bellesa soft porn months to achieve it. A couple of softcore bellesa months of constantly trying and fucking, to have that bellesa romantic porn powerful softcore porn bellesa squirt. And when I finally succeed in it, I was in bellesa porn video heaven.

But how romantic bellesa women bellesa porn orgasm is still a bellesa sex video mystery in the 21st century. Look at it this bellesa romantic sex way, scientists know what women orgasm, but they do not know how. First, they are clueless about squirting, then we have our famous romantic sex bellesa G-spot and less famous bellesa romance A-spot. If you did not know you could reach more powerful soft porn bellesa orgasms while stimulating A-spot, then bellesa films romantic G-spot. But what do you think? Can a bellesa porn romantic woman squirt if she does not reach orgasm? I would tell you the bellesa house romantic answer if I knew it, but I am curious as you are. So I understand when many bellesa sex vids scientists hold a debate about squirting because a lot of od romantic bellesa porn things are unexplained.

There are many definitions of bellesa romantic porn squirt, and a lot of bellesa soft porn people define it differently. For me, squirting is releasing bellesa sex fluids from my beautiful bellesa house sex videos vagina. It feels like peeing, but much more bellesa romantic porn powerful and bellesa movies sensational. Of course, it can only happen if you are porn romantic bellesa horny, and sometimes only in specific bellesa sex vid positions. I had me while fucking bellesa sensual porn anally in reverse cowgirl bellesa plus free videos position. Beautiful, isn't it? Also, squirting has a lot of bellesa soft names, and bellesa loves making people call it whoever they want it.

So squirting comes from rubbing the bellesa sex G-stop, but it does not have to be always like that. Firstly, bellesa science has proven that squirting is a product of a minimum of three contractions, meaning that three of our lady organs have to contract to produce that bellesa porn videos squirt. And I know many bellesa house porn ladies do not want to release what they are holding because they think they will pee. Most soft sex bellesa people, even bellesa film men, think that squirting is romantic porn bellesa pee, but all of you are wrong. Our romantic porn bellesa squirt is similar to a man's bellesa house sex fluids and that is why they call it female bellesa house porn ejaculation. Also, how much you will porn bellesa squirt does not depend on how bellesa romantic porn horny you are, but varies from one bellesa porno person to another. So some of you might just squirt a few bellesa porn movies drops, and others would need a bellesa soft porn towel for it. And some bellesa plus women will squirt and soak their romance bellesa partner, sheets, furniture, and even bellesa soft sex walls. As I said everything depends on from bellesa passionate sex person to person. But do you know why most watches bellesa porn people find it hard to believe in squirting?

My porn bellesa romantic gynecologist told me that sensual porn bellesa people thought of squirting as fake back in the nineties, and when you have bellesa free videos people like my bellesa plus porn boyfriend who believe that squirting is a video bellesa full porn myth then you have a problem. And, of course, some of them do not even believe in bellesa full porn videos squirting. Also, I have read somewhere that bellesa house romantic sex people thought that squirting is the manipulation of a woman's romantic porn videos bellesa body and that it should be punishable by the porn bellesa law. So when you think of it, it is not odd that in many bellesa sex videos scientists took the house bellesa sex liberty and went to research squirting. Also, I strongly believe that the porn bellesa film porn video industry fucked us all up. I remember that once I read a statement from a porn bellesa soft porn actress who said that everything in bellesa videos porn was fake even bellesa porn squirting. And it was huge bellesa soft porn news considering that we all thought that porn is real.

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How To Have Threesome Romantic Sex

četvrtak , 15.09.2022.

At the moment, a threesome romantic porn is not what anybody is looking for. The reason for people to drop the subject of threesome romantic sex videos is the pandemic of coronavirus. Even though the pandemic is almost gone, threesome romantic sex represents the fear of a new outbreak. And, it is way easier to have sex with your partner than to add another person to the equation for a threesome romantic sex video.

Imagine how would you feel if someone ask you to show them a certificate of vaccination for the best romantic sex videos. It's enough that we have to have it when we travel, but to have threesome romantic sex clips, is just too much. Even though a threesome romantic sex site is something everybody has on their sex bucket list, fewer people decide to go with it during this after pandemic time. But, I remember clearly in those better times, threesome romantic sex websites were something that everybody talked about, and everybody wanted to experience.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to threesome romantic sex videos is the fact that they think it is only something men want. This is not true because women also are interested in trying a threesome romantic sex video. Perhaps men are more active when it comes to the best romantic sex video, but women fantasize about it more often. Romantic sensual videos are also a great way for a woman to explore her sexuality and experience new heights. Dull sex in the bedroom can kill a person mentally, and sometimes the most romantic sex videos are the things that are missing in the entire thing.

So to get to the point, always and always bring a pack of condoms if you are having a threesome. It does not matter if only one guy is involved. It would be preferable if the changes the condom when he finishes with you and then goes for the other lady. That way you have nothing to worry about, and I think this is something you should emphasize even before the threesome. The entire threesome process can be very stressful. Not only to you but even to others. So music helps in this kind of situation, and if you see someone who is stressed you should take a deep breath and talk it through with the person. If they see you are relaxed about it, they will see there is nothing to worry about and their stress level might drop. Also, another thing I hate when it happens is the planning. I mean you should plan, but things like the place and the time. You can not plan what happens after you meet. Threesomes should be spontaneous because if it not, then they lose all the charm. No one likes to be told what to do and how to do it.

You are not filming a porn movie, so you should be relaxed and go with the flow. If you are bossy, your threesome buddies might just decide to finish it early. Do not attempt to make it perfect, because the word-perfect and threesome do not come together.

If you are planning to have sex in a hotel or motel, it is obvious you will have to spend the night together. You should decide if you are okay with it. And, if you decide to have sex in your apartment, and you are okay for people to spend the night at your place, then make sure you have a bed that is spacious for everyone. Sleeping on the couch is not comfortable, and the floor is something that is out of the question. And, after a threesome people should have all the comfort that need, and the bed is one of the first things that will make your sour muscles relax. Do not forget about good quality sleep. Since a threesome requires a lot of energy, you should eat, sleep and rest after it. Another thing you should do, I mean it is not in the manual of threesomes, but this is a nice gesture. Offer your partners for the night something to drink and something to eat.

After you do that, put away your politeness aside, and bring out your wild side. Since a threesome is not an ordinary experience, you are allowed to do anything you want. If you have some secret fantasies, or you want to try new sex positions, now is a perfect time for you to try them. It is a now or never thing. So do not hesitate and surprise them both with your wilderness and kinkiness. Make the call you every time they have a threesome. And, if you decide to have a threesome with a couple, be careful. If you spot you will end up as a therapist for their relationship problems and not in a threesome, run for your life.

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Is interracial cheating a new fashion?

subota , 27.08.2022.

I have a million-dollar question for you. Why do women tend to have wife BBC anal affairs? Why do people, in general, have wife anal BBC sex affairs? I bet there are a lot of reasons for the BBC anal wife affair, and everyone has a reason for it on their own. Sometimes alcohol is the reason for BBC wife anal affair. And, in other times, the loneliness ignites something in us, and we uncontrollably dive into the forbidden anal wife BBC affair.

There are many more reasons for anal BBC wife affairs, and one of them is when you start one, and you have no clue how it started at first. You have no control over your actions, and you start wife BBC anal tube affair even before you realize what the hell is happening. This is the type of wife BBC anal porn affair that happened to my sister. I know how this happens firsthand, but I know many other women who were in the same situation. My sister got into BBC anal affair with her co-worker, and I have made a revolutionary discovery. In most cases of white wife BBC anal affair, the main reason for it is husbands. And, I do not think this in a bad way.

One woman said to me that life with her husband has become boring. Nothing was happening between them, and they were like college students. She has multiple affairs, and it all started three years ago. The first wife wants BBC anal affair was not planned at all. She was supposed to meet with the guy who lives in another state for a drink. He was visiting her town for business, and they had a lot to drink. The next day, they woke up together in a hotel room, and they made love sober the entire day. She was not home for two straight days, and her husband did not message her once. At first, she felt awful and wanted to come clean to her husband, but luckily she decided against it. That was three years ago, and she is still in touch with the man she started the BBC anal wives affair with, but occasionally she had a fling or two aside. Her husband does not care, and she decided not to get a divorce. It cost a lot of money, and it takes a lot of time. Her husband and she were more like best friends than, husband and wife so there is no problem with them.

My godmother also had a BBC anal wife porn affair. Her husband was a workaholic, and their marriage was the only one suffering. She was extremely lonely, and one day it just happened. She started an affair with a man who was five years older than her. Her husband never suspected anything because he was never home, and when he does come home, my godmother makes sure she does not give him a reason to suspect her. But, her affair did not last long. Something terrible happened to her lover, and she was heartbroken. And the day she found out about the event, she was ready to file for divorce. Eventually, her husband found out about the affair. My godmother was good at hiding her true feelings, so he found out when he answered her phone. It was the mother of her lover. She started to see a therapist to try and cope with everything. Eventually, her husband joined her, and they sorted things out. I do not think that they believe each other, but they take care of each other.

My sister was married for a decade, and I never suspected that there was anything wrong with it. Until I found her at my doorstep one night. My sister and her husband were high school sweethearts, and they dated for two years before they married. He was always kind and sweet. But, it turns out that after they got married he had shown his real face. He was very jealous and possessive. My sister could not go to work wearing make-up. He was also a control freak because soon she stopped visiting her family. Not only us but her friends too. She always had an excuse for how college and work drained the energy out of her, so she does not have time. When she visited us, she always brought her husband with her. And, we were always nice, so I never suspected anything. After eight years of marriage, she started an affair with her colleagues, and she loved every second of it. They were not dating or anything similar. It was just sex, to blow some steam. And after ten years of marriage, my sister finally filed for divorce. Now she is available, and she is not planning to have anything serious anytime soon.

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Do you know what I like to do after an exhausting day at work? I adore having a glass of red wine, some cheese, and a rough romantic fuck.

The office rush is a real pain in the ass. All the paperwork, yelling, and working on the field drains the life out of me, and rough romantic sex videos have proven to be efficient in bringing me back on track.

Currently, I am working as a manager, and it is hard to navigate between work and sex life. I have very little time for myself, let alone for romantic rough sex videos. So when I manage to organize my time after work, I like to enjoy it as I imagined it. My weekends are reserved for my family and friends. So after work time is all I have left.

When I was working as an assistant, everything was easier. I had time for the gym, relaxation, hiking, spa treatments, and sex. Sometimes I would relax by reading a good book or watching my favorite show on Netflix. Now I barely manage to crawl to the shower and take a long, well-deserved bath. Since my stress and level of anxiety increased with the promotion, I find romantic rough sex videos as something that soothes my wild emotions. I treat my frustration with sex, and I love it!

I love to keep my things organized, and I have an obsession with doing everything on time. So you can imagine what type of boss I am. Things have to be done in time, everything must be done by the end of the workday, and nothing can't be left for tomorrow, and I hate tardiness and excuses. Yes, I am bossy, but it is not that bad. I am what people would describe as an alpha female, or in other words dominant. But, in bed, I am smaller than a poppy's seed. I need that dose of submissiveness, so I can balance my emotions. If not, I think I would become a tyrant and start to kick people's asses for nothing.

I enjoy rough sex, and if you didn't know, it is a fragment of bondage and discipline, domination and submission, and sadism and masochism. I always thought I was lacking discipline, so I was surprised how much I liked it when I tried it in my freshmen year in college. A little butt slapping, hair pulling, and gagging always do the charm with me. I like to be a good girl, but only in bed, of course. Since I don't have time for dating and getting to know you thing, I use Tinder to find my hooks ups. I don't like long conversations, so I keep them short. My only interest is to find out if my tonight's sex partner is dominant or submissive. Once I made a mistake and forgot to ask. The night ended up terribly. He wished for me to slap his ass, so I had to kick him out. The only person who was supposed to get slapped was me and no one else! So I had a long bath and fun with my fingers that night.

Let us face the facts. I enjoy rough and vanilla sex. But, I engage in lovely sex, and gentle fucking when I am in a relationship with someone or when I have certain emotional feelings towards that person. But, when I have sex with a person whose only purpose is to please my need, then I like it fast and rough. I prefer quality to quantity, so it doesn't matter how many times I reach my orgasm. I rather have one, than fuck like ten times to reach it. And my orgasms are much more intense since I started with rough sex. I get extremely aroused with dirty talk and pain, but only limited. I don't like to pain my body with bruises, and I am not looking for someone to do it. If I wanted someone to kick my ass, I would hire him. Or, I would start with boxing.

But, I have heard a lot of stories revolving around rough sex. Sometimes men wouldn't stop when the girl tell them to. When rough sex becomes unbearable to stand, normally, you want to stop it. If you are feeling pleasure from that pain then you are doing everything in the right way. And, if not, then you should stop it however you can and know. For instance, once I burst a guy's tooth because he didn't want to stop scratching my back. I ended up in the emergency room, and I had to put an ointment on my wounds for seven days, and I got a vaccine for rabies.
I know rough sex sound tempting, but watch out with whom you are fucking. And, watch out for those boys who look normal. They are the worst choice for rough sex.

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Does Generation Z Cares About Passionate Romantic Sex?

subota , 20.08.2022.

When was the last time you had sex passionate? Do you crave romantic sex videos? When was the last time you felt that surge of intimacy, and passion floating through your body? If that is the case, then you are one lucky human being. I hope you feel passionate porn every day, and that you and your partner have intercourse every day. Everyone deserves to feel loved, cherished, and wanted. But, I do have a question though. Are you in for more turbo-speed sex, or do you like to take things slowly?

Since the day I lost my V card, I knew I loved hardcore sex. All that hair-pulling, moaning, scratching, and spanking hit me good to my core. Passionate sex videos were not on my mind, and I did not want to hear about any kind of lovemaking. I had a boyfriend for three years when I was in college, and I have never wanted romance video sites. I only craved the good old-fashioned rough sex. That is until I met my current boyfriend, Greg. We were together for four years, and we always had mind-blowing hardcore sex. I was insinuating all the time, that he wanted to try something new. Something like romantic ethical porn. And, of course, I did not want to spend my time on that bullshit, nor did I have time. I wanted it quick and fast. One orgasm a day keeps all the stress away, that is how my aunt always used to tell me. But, he was a stubborn man, and he never backed out from what he wanted. So he did something extremely known. He threatened to break up if I did not agree to try ethical romantic porn.

I have to admit, he did hit the spot there. I think he was aware of how much I loved him, but he also knew how stubborn I could be. So he decided to blackmail me, and he knew he would get away with it. But, that is not how things went. I said no. And, I slammed the door right in his face. But not before I told him to go and screw himself and that I will find someone who would fuck me like I wanted to. I did not like when someone set stupid boundaries, and I did not want to get blackmailed into doing something I did not want to. Perhaps I was selfish, but he could use a different approach and tell me he wanted to make love with me. But blackmailing me into something, or more likely, striking me where it hurts the most was so disgusting. I really could not believe that the man I was planning to spend my entire life with was capable of this.

So weeks passed, and I did not hear one single word from him. I sent my friend to go and collect my things from his apartment. I did not want to see him nor talk to him. And I felt a pang in my chest because I missed him. I have spent almost five years with this man, and I could not comprehend that the reason for our departure was the fact that he wanted to make love to me. But, I remind myself every day of what tools he used to get me into it. And, then I, of course, the thing about all other possibilities that could happen instead of the blackmail. But, I decided to go over my ego and call him after I finish my job. I missed him so much. And I missed having sex with him.

But, an unexpected thing happened. He called me. And, I answer it. It was lunchtime, so we agreed to meet near my office and talk about things. I waited for him for half an hour and my lunch break was almost over. I was so pissed because I thought he wanted to talk with me about our relationship and not my waist my time and make me look like a fool. So I paid for my lunch and went back to my office. After an hour, he decided to call me. To make this short, he got hold of traffic and could not make it. And, I hang upon him. I do not know why the fuck did I even answered the phone. He could have called me and told me not to wait for him.

A lot of things happened, and in two weeks we finally buried hatchets and had a talk. After we talked I decided to give that love-making a chance, but if I did not like it, we would never do it again. And, let me tell you this. Slow lovemaking was the best decision in my life. I had multiple orgasms. If I had known that this was so good, I would have done it years ago. Fuck you, aunty!

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četvrtak , 18.08.2022.

Do you watch teen anal BBC? No? You are not watching teen BBC anal? Who are you trying to full? Do you think I lived thirty years under the rock? Were you living under the rock all this time and believed someone would believe you when you say you do not watch BBC teen anal? And, note thins, there is internet connection almost everywhere so, even if you did live under the cock, there is a fat chance you found your way to the teens love BBC.

Last week I asked my friend Luis does he watch BBC anal teen, and he, of course, told me he is not into that. Yeah, like I believed him. He is full of shit just like everybody else. There is no single person on this planet who has not seen teens love BBC. And, I am referring to the people who have access to the internet. So basically, ninety percent of the world's population. Teens love anal is there on the internet, and they do not cost a penny. Teen loves BBC is available in every part of the day or the night, and the best thing? No one can know you are or are you not watching teen love anal?

When I think of the old times, I get nostalgic, and my soul hurts. Do you remember the good old teen love anal VHS tapes that were worth millions of dollars thirty years ago? And, do you remember the favorite town's video store, and the anal teen BBC section, that you dreamed of finally raiding? Do you remember how you paid someone to get you a teen love BBC anal VHS tape when you were a teen? Well, I do, and I love the old times. I have never come face to face with the cashier because I never bought or borrowed anything from that store. Entrance to the video store was prohibited for me because I was caught stealing the teen BBC anal porn. I did so because of the bet, but my parents did not believe me. But, since they thought I was really into BBC anal teens, there was no other option than to start watching it. And, I liked it.

And now, porn is everywhere. You do not even have to look for it, it comes directly to you. Back at the time, porn was something shameful and forbidden. And, since our parents were not allowing it, that gave us even the greater urge to see what was porn really about. And, now, as I said, porn is everywhere. You only have to type a few words and voilŕ, you can start masturbating. Now you share links to porn sites, and when I was a teenager, we borrowed the pares from one another. Sometimes, one of my friends would hold the tape longer and make us wait for eternity. Back in the day, videotapes were expensive, and many people thought of them as luxury. And now, I can not say that is cheap because it is free of charge, but for me, porn today is not a thing. I feel repulsive and not a slight attraction. The only thing I love about modern porn is that allows you to access it anonymously. When I was a teen, I used to spend time watching through the glass of our town video store. Every single man who took a tape from the porn section was red as a tomato. We lived in a small city, so they probably thought people would hear what they were doing. And they did. Some were judging, and some were leaching onto them because they wanted to watch it as well. So basically, this modern porn offers you watching porn without any stress involved. And this is the only thing I love so far.

I know teens are curious, I was once young too. But how can something so accessible and something that is in your arm's reach be interesting to you? We used to wait for a new edition of porn to come out, and now twenty thousand porn videos get uploaded daily. There is so much stuff on these porn sites, that the amount is repulsive. I do not have time to go through everything I like, and the filter search sucks. Thank God, I stopped watching porn when its evolution of it took place. If I continued to watch it, I think I would be now in rehab. But, the funny thing is, we all started to watch porn even before we had sex. I had a friend who got so scared of sex because of porn, that he ended up losing his virginity two years ago. When he was twenty-eight. Do you think today's porn is worth watching? I am asking for a friend.

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Hot brunette in romantic relationship with a sexy guy

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I have a friend, and I love her so much, but she has a big problem. So she is a forty-year-old mother that still loves to have casual sexy guy romantic sex. I have known her since we were in high school, and I have never noticed this type of behavior. Until she got married.

My friend Debbie, grow up with her grandparents because her parents split up, and she had nowhere else to go. They were loving and caring towards her, but I guess something was missing. And that was the main cause why she had romantic sex with a hot guy in these years. When we were sixteen she met a guy named Axel, and they started dating. When we finished high school, they got married. But, they were still young, and they had no idea how marriage even functions. They were more like friends than, husband and wife. So they did a lot of things together, and they continued living like they were still teens. One night we were all going out. Of course, she told me about this after. At one moment I lost Debbie out of my sight, and Axel told me she went to buy some smoke.

And, she did come back but an hour later, with no smoke, and she looked like she was fucked properly. Later, she told me, she was flirting with the bartender. When she went to the back he followed her, and they had romantic sex with a sexy guy. They used the pantry for their romantic porn hot guy exhibitions, and she told me that it was hard and raw just like she likes it.

After that romantic ethical porn escapade, she continued to have more. Whenever she went out she had to find someone for ethical romantic porn, and it was a matter of time before her husband would catch her in the act. One day, I was preparing to go to my classes when my phone rang. Debbie was calling me, and she was crying. She told me Alex has caught her in guy romantic sex with their neighbor, and she needed a place to stay, Of course, I went to help her pack and moved all her stuff to my place. But, what surprised me was the fact that she flirted with my neighbor while we were using the elevator, and later on, she suddenly disappeared and came home early in the morning. I was on the verge to throw her out in the cold because she was being irresponsible. In the end, she told me she was having sexy guy romantic porn with my neighbor. And at that moment, I thought that I needed to find another place to stay.

Not a week-long, she found a new boyfriend. She met him in the bar where they had sex, and since then, they started dating. I love her, she was a good friend, but I have no idea why she does most of the things. She did not even fill out divorce papers, and she was already dating another guy? She must have been crazy. And, did I mention that Alex caught her many times having sex with random people, once was a mailman, and he always gave her chance after chance?

So she eventually got married to the guy she started dating after she split with Axel and his name was Andy. He was rich, and he was handsome. Andy has to travel a lot because of his work, and Debbie worked in the beauty parlor several days a week. Last week, she called me and told me she opened a fake Tinder account, so she could mingle with younger boys at her salon. I knew she was cheating on Andy, but this was just purely shocking. She told the guys to book an appointment and that she will do them. Can you imagine that they pay her extra for a happy finish? I do not understand how long this is going to last. I thought this was only a phase and not three-decade-long puberty. The worst thing is that she does this at someone else parlor, and if someone catches her, she is going to jail, and Andy could not help her with this. I think the main problem lies within her and the thing that her parents left her when she was very young. She needs love and affection, and she thinks she is going to get it through this. But, she does not see that she is ruining her family, something she created and all her effort in. I just hope this does not hit her like a boomerang in the head because it would pain my heart to see her suffering. I suggested she visit a therapist, but she does not want to hear it. What should I do?

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