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Rose' dinnerware's popularity means you might as well keep and use it

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Wedgwood closed the Los Angeles plant, and moved the production of dinnerware to England in 1983. Franciscan Grey Renaissance dates back to 1948. It has a cream background, green border and bright purple, gold, pink and orange flowers with green leaves. Sundance by Franciscan came out in 1972 as did its sister pattern, Moon Dance.

dating franciscan desert rose

Below is a plate that was made in England. A double ring of orange and gold circles the inner side of the border. Franciscan's Heritage has a whilte background with spray of two-tone green flowers in the center.

dating franciscan desert rose

Franciscan Desert Rose - There are no other chips, cracks or crazing.

dating franciscan desert rose

Chinese silver jewelry and tableware
You can tell where the dishes are made by looking on the back. This was a pattern from Franciscan's Discovery line and was produced from 1960 to 1969. Franciscan Blanc is a Family China pattern produced from 1965 to 1968. Lee Bennett became vice president of the newly formed research and development division at the Glendale plant carrying out the company policy of product diversification to maintain its trade position. The background is white. Grant, prior to her marriage to Frederic, was the art director at. I have acquired a large lot of Desert Rose from an estate sale. Franciscan china was introduced in 1942. The background was tan with a scalloped border with a dark brown rim. One of the companies top selling pattern on the Madeira shape designed by Rupert J. We are compensated by some of the listed merchants. El Patio is the oldest pattern produced by Franciscan.

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