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Gorilla camera tripod - Samsung camera 12.2 megapixel price.

Gorilla Camera Tripod

gorilla camera tripod

    camera tripod
  • a tripod used to support a camera

  • A heavily built, aggressive-looking man

  • A dominant contender within a particular sphere of operation or activity

  • largest anthropoid ape; terrestrial and vegetarian; of forests of central west Africa

  • A powerfully built great ape with a large head and short neck, found in the forests of central Africa. It is the largest living primate

  • Gorilla is a British advertising campaign launched by Cadbury Schweppes in 2007 to promote Cadbury Dairy Milk-brand chocolate. The 90-second television and cinema advertisement, which formed the centrepiece of the ?6.

  • Gorillas are the largest of the living primates. They are ground-dwelling and predominantly herbivorous. They inhabit the forests of central Africa. Gorillas are divided into two species and (still under debate as of 2008) either four or five subspecies.

gorilla camera tripod - GP1-01P(Grey): Gorillapod

GP1-01P(Grey): Gorillapod Tripod by JOBY for Compact Digital Camera

GP1-01P(Grey): Gorillapod Tripod by JOBY for Compact Digital Camera

Joby Photo Gorillapod Original (Grey) is the lightest and most versatile camera tripod available today. Flexible, wrappable legs allow you to secure your compact digital camera or mini video camera up to 11.5 oz. (325 grams) to virtually any surface; The slim-line quick-release clip stays connected to your camera and snaps into the Gorillapod for instant setup; A lock ring provides extra security to ensure your camera is safely attached; Over two dozen leg joints bend and rotate 360 degrees; Rubberized ring and foot grips provide enhanced stability on difficult terrain.

78% (7)

365 - 168 - photography week - day 3 - mini tripods

365 - 168 - photography week - day 3 - mini tripods

Photography Week Day 3.

I seem to have acquired a collection of mini tripods over the years, and came up with this idea whilst playing around with them.

Oh and if anyone wants an opinion on which ones best. It's far and away the gorilla pod!!! it's so light that you'll always carry it with you, you can attach it to almost anything and its great fun pulling it out your bag and seeing the amusement on peoples faces when they think your holding a sex toy!!!

D200, Sigma 30mm, sb-600 1/4 CLS with umbrella, tripod, Casio Exilim, G-clamp tripod, xmas pressie mini tripod, jessops mini tripod, gorilla pod, ultra pod.

290/365 Gorilla Pod

290/365 Gorilla Pod

Got home very late last night but I still woke up at 9 :-(. I had a bit of an unproductive day so I went to the Maths dept to get more work done. But I still didn't do much really. O well, I'll try harder tomorrow.

I have had my gorilla pod for quite a while, much longer than I have had my SLR, I wish I had the bigger version but they are very expensive.

gorilla camera tripod

gorilla camera tripod

Joby Gorillatorch Flare Adjustable and Flexible Tripod Flashlight

Work smart with Joby's Gorillatorch Flare. The adjustable tripod flashlight is hands-free, making it easy to work with both hands in the darkest of places. Tackle even your toughest of chores—the flexible, bendable legs and powerful magnetic feet make it easy to attach the flashlight at any angle, in any location, and illuminate your work space.
Switch between red and white and control the level of brightness with the push of a button
Control the color of light and level of brightness with a simple push.

Average battery life
ColorModeBattery Life
WhiteMaximum20 hours
Optimum50 hours
Economy80 hours
Strobe80 hours
RedMaximum60 hours
Strobe240 hours
Gorillatorch Flare uses 3 included AA batteries.
Gorillatorch Flare uses 3 included AA batteries.Gorillatorch Flare goes wherever you need light.
Gorillatorch Flare goes wherever you need light. Click here for a larger image
The Gorillatorch Flare delivers a powerful, smooth, and even beam fueled by its ultra-bright 100-lumen CREE LED, making it a wonderful work or reading light. Equipped with both white and red LED lights and blinking strobe modes, the Gorillatorch Flare is also prepared for any emergency. A simple push button lets you cycle through the six lighting modes, three different brightness levels for white light plus a strobe mode, in addition to both continuous and strobe red light modes, allowing you to select the best type of light for the task at hand. At its brightest setting, the Gorillatorch Flare offers 20 hours of continuous use, while you'll get up to 80 hours of battery life on economy or strobing modes. The Gorillatorch Flare uses 3 included AA batteries. Designed with real-life situations in mind, like changing batteries in the dark, all the batteries slide in the same direction.
Endless Uses
Using over two dozen leg joints that bend and rotate 360°, you can securely attach your Gorillatorch Flare to just about anything—use its bendable legs to attach it to the bedpost for lights-out reading, wrap it onto a tree branch to illuminate your campsite, or even straighten the legs and use it as a handheld flashlight to walk the dog. Your imagination is the only limit when it comes to using your Gorillatorch Flare.
Using its powerful neodymium magnetic feet, the Gorillatorch Flare can attach itself to metal surfaces such as car hoods when checking the engine, late night tire changes, or a fuse box door during power outages.
With the addition of red light, the Gorillatorch Flare now helps for both roadside emergencies as well as for night vision on a stargazing hike.
Built with tough, durable ABS plastic body and polycarbonate lens, the Gorillatorch Flare is ready to illuminate your adventures. In case things get wet, it's built water resistant (certified IPX5), meaning that it withstands water sprayed at it from every angle. With the Gorillatorch Flare, you'll have light no matter how hard it rains. Ready for rough work environments, the Gorillatorch Flare is impact resistant and has been tested to sustain drops of up to 2 meters (6 feet).
When the job is done, the Gorillatorch Flare's ultra-adaptable form factor enables you to stow it anywhere, from your trunk to your backpack. Using the magnetic feet, even the refrigerator door can make a good habitat for this little guy. It measures 7.87 x 2.95 x 2.56 inches and weighs 4.1 ounces (6.6 ounces with batteries installed). The Gorillatorch Flare is backed by a limited 1-year warranty.
Gorillatorch Flare wrapped around a branchGorillatorch Flare features a smooth, powerful beamGorillatorch Flare on the back of a car

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