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Johnsons Floor Polish

johnsons floor polish

    floor polish
  • A temporary coating that enhances the appearance and protects the substrate to which it is applied. Also called Floor Finish, Floor Wax.

  • The Johnsons or De Johnsons is a 1992 Dutch horror film thriller directed by Rudolf van den Berg. It also known under the title De Blaauw Sens Johnand Xianjing. The film was nominated for a Fantasy Film Award at the film festival in Oporto. It was the last Dutch horror film in the twentieth century.

  • Johnsons (formerly, Klamath) is an unincorporated community in Humboldt County, California. It is located on the Klamath River northwest of Weitchpec, at an elevation of 180 feet (55 m).

Main Brooklyn Post Office

Main Brooklyn Post Office

Downtown Brooklyn

This handsome Romanesque Revival Post Office building is admirably located. It may be seen from the Parkes-Cadman Plaza which extends from the east end of Brooklyn Bridge to Borough Hall, The original portion of the building, facing Johnson Street, is only one-third the size of this imposing structure which now covers an entire block. Although the new part is an exceptionally well designed seven story addition and adheres faithfully to the design of the original, it is the old portion, dating from 1885, which is architecturally the giost interesting. This old structure is four stories high and has a steep, sloping roof with a high, square tower on the southwest corner.

The basement and first floors display both handsome rock-faced and polished cut granite. The remainder of the building is faced with smooth surfaced cut stone, although the principal windows are framed with attractive rock-faced granite, A steep, sloping slate roof, punctuated by heavily ornamented dormer windows, rises above a corbelled cornice. Each floor is marked by strong horizontal moldings. The Johnson Street facade is the most impressive, particularly its central motif, which consists of a strong central grouping of windows above the great arched entrance doorway. It terminates in a large ornamental gable. This central portion is flanked on either side by striking, semicircular towers which are seated on carved, stone corbels.

This Post Office displays a wealth of detail with its doors and windows handsomely enframed in stone. The small towers, flanking the entrance, are richly decorated with Romanesque detail, as is the large corner tower which is terminated, at its top, by a series of balconies and a high pyramidal roof.

The Post Office is an excellent example of the Romanesque Revival Style and, interestingly, it also combines some French and German Renaissance detail in its design. It takes its place with Borough Hall and some of the newer public buildings in embellishing Brooklyn's new Municipal Center.

- From the 1966 NYCLPC Landmark Designation Report

Entrance of the Bride

Entrance of the Bride

Johnson Ferry chose marble floors because of their practical acoustic properties, not as a luxury (and purchasing architectural marble here in Georgia is not as expensive as you might imagine if you live in an area with less extensive marble quarries). Here the polished stone reflects the image of the bride and her father as the “Trumpet Tune” of Purcell rolls forth from the organ.

I had wondered how a wedding would make use of a two-aisle church; in this case the bride entered down the left aisle, was married, and then the new couple exited down the right aisle.

johnsons floor polish

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