Best Harris County Dwi Lawyers : North Carolina Power Of Attorney

Best Harris County Dwi Lawyers

best harris county dwi lawyers

Harris County - GH&N Railway (Now GH&SA Railroad), Sheet 1

Harris County - GH&N Railway (Now GH&SA Railroad), Sheet 1

Harris County - GH&N Railway (Now GH&SA Railroad), Sheet 1 -- Map of portions of Harris County, Texas for the Galveston, Harrisburg and San Antonio Railroad, including portions of Houston Harbor, Port Houston, Magnolia Park, and Magers -- Harris and Wilson, surveyors – ink on treated linen paper -- rhm_hpl_28_830 -- To order archival quality reprints, contact

Harris County - GH&N Railway (Now GH&SA Railroad), Sheet 8A

Harris County - GH&N Railway (Now GH&SA Railroad), Sheet 8A

Harris County - GH&N Railway (Now GH&SA Railroad), Sheet 8A -- Map of portions of Harris County, Texas for the Galveston, Harrisburg and San Antonio Railroad, including the areas of Crescent and Morgan's Point -- Johnson Hunter, surveyor – ink on treated linen paper -- rhm_hpl_28_838 -- To order archival quality reprints, contact

best harris county dwi lawyers

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Tampa criminal defense attorneys. Tax relief attorney. Pa attorney directory.

Tampa Criminal Defense Attorneys

tampa criminal defense attorneys

Tampa Bay Center construction

Tampa Bay Center construction

The Tampa Times - July 15, 1975

tampa criminal defense attorneys

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Copyright law firm. Pinkert law firm

Copyright Law Firm

copyright law firm

Justice Not Blinded

Justice Not Blinded

B Street Series. Storey County Courthouse. Virginia City, Nevada
The Storey County Courthouse was built in the high Italianate style that embodies 19th-century ideals of decorative opulence as well as law and order. The first county courthouse was destroyed in the Great Fire of October 1875. Reconstruction began in 1876 and the present building, designed by the San Francisco architectural firm of Kenitzer and Raun and built by contractor Peter Burke, was completed in February 1877. The total cost of construction, including fixtures and the jail, was $117,000, a remarkable sum even for the Comstock boom years. A life-sized figure of Justice stands as sentry at the entrance, but she is not blindfolded, a rare occurrence in our national symbology. The facade of the building was decorated with elaborate ironwork, painted contrasting colors, and a pediment that included the date of construction, 1876, also the national centennial.


Hijra Sex In The Rickshah

Hijra Sex In The Rickshah

i am the veiled
hijra of mumbai
she wailed
a god who had
made her male
a womanly emotion
bodily jailed
her hopes her desires
all failed
dressed as a woman
in the rainy nights
customers she tailed
going down
on her knees
in the ricksha
fat sloppy drunkards
jokers jerks
she regaled
not her body
but her sweltering soul
the bastards impaled
a draconian anti human law
article 377
on her posterior they nailed
her doomed destiny
wherever she went
her shadow it trailed

copyright law firm

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Family Law Act Australia

family law act australia

Apology to Australia's Indigenous People's (Original in Parliament House, Canberra)

Apology to Australia's Indigenous People's (Original in Parliament House, Canberra)

After many years, the Indigenous People's of Australia finally got what they deserved by an apology, below is what that copy says (sorry for the shadow it was behind glass)

This apology was spoken by the current prime minister at the time Mr. Kevin Rudd on 13th February 2008.

—I move:
That today we honour the Indigenous peoples of this land, the oldest continuing cultures in human history.
We reflect on their past mistreatment.
We reflect in particular on the mistreatment of those who were Stolen Generations—this blemished chapter in our nation’s history.
The time has now come for the nation to turn a new page in Australia’s history by righting the wrongs of the past and so moving forward with confidence to the future.
We apologise for the laws and policies of successive Parliaments and governments that have inflicted profound grief, suffering and loss on these our fellow Australians.
We apologise especially for the removal of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children from their families, their communities and their country.
For the pain, suffering and hurt of these Stolen Generations, their descendants and for their families left behind, we say sorry.
To the mothers and the fathers, the brothers and the sisters, for the breaking up of families and communities, we say sorry.
And for the indignity and degradation thus inflicted on a proud people and a proud culture, we say sorry.
We the Parliament of Australia respectfully request that this apology be received in the spirit in which it is offered as part of the healing of the nation.
For the future we take heart; resolving that this new page in the history of our great continent can now be written.
We today take this first step by acknowledging the past and laying claim to a future that embraces all Australians.
A future where this Parliament resolves that the injustices of the past must never, never happen again.
A future where we harness the determination of all Australians, Indigenous and non-Indigenous, to close the gap that lies between us in life expectancy, educational achievement and economic opportunity.
A future where we embrace the possibility of new solutions to enduring problems where old approaches have failed.
A future based on mutual respect, mutual resolve and mutual responsibility.
A future where all Australians, whatever their origins, are truly equal partners, with equal opportunities and with an equal stake in shaping the next chapter in the history of this great country, Australia

Gypsy Joker Protest Run

Gypsy Joker Protest Run

Gawler, South Australia.

Here is an example of how the police uphold the law, by breaking it, walking in front of moving vehicles to slow them down. Note that the only people inconvenienced were members of the public that took 15 minutes to move 200 meters. They did hold half a dozen interstate Gypsy Jokers for no particular reason and then let them go.

If anyone is interested in how Australian police uphold the law then visit Ozbikers website. The Victorian Chief of Police stated that crime is that entrenched within the force it cannot be stopped and we just have to live with it. And these pigs (they are a disgrace to the uniform they wear) are allowed to carry guns, and almost all are known. This also applies to all other states, Mr. Rann will not tell of the problems we have in South Australia.

Gypsy Jokers Poker Run, Protesting the Right to Associate that has been taken away by the state govt. The laws do not only infringe on the rights of these groups, but should raise concern when a man is given the power to enfore his likes or dislikes. Bikies, right or wrong have a right to associate. There are other laws that deal with consorting, associating with a know criminal, etc.

Mr. Rann, the state premier, appear to have personal reasons for his attack on Outlaw Bikies. Maybe he should not hide behind some false front that he can stop drugs and crime, even his own police force has its crime rate.

He has brought out some of the most draconian laws. One cannot smoke in their vehicle if there are children in, may seem ok but wait, he also has tried to push legislation to make it illegal to smoke in your own home.

This state has seen some of the sickest events in Australia's history, the last involving polies, police, magistrates, educators, known as the Family. They grabbed teen boys from the street and held them captive while perfoming all sorts of sick perverted acts on them while it was all being video taped and then disposed of the bodies. One lad had his rectum split in two by a bottle. Why hasn't Rann taken action against these groups. They are still alive today, and the case was dropped.

As the various club leaders said, they are not going to force bikies out, they will always be here.

I support the bikies 100%, especially after the treatment I received from the cops for taking photo's as I was coming close to the meeting place in my car.

family law act australia

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Find a lawyer north - How do you find a good lawyer - Experienced bankruptcy attorney tx

Find A Lawyer North

find a lawyer north

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Immortal Technique in the streets, back on the hustle
Cause three strikes will get you life for stuffin cracks in a duffel
Upstate behind steel gates, attacked in the scuffle
Razor blades stuck on the side of pencils, hacked to your muscle
But the emptiness is what bleeds you to death when it cuts you
And its the lawyers, not the inmates scheming to fuck you
Trying to fight the system from inside, eventually corrupts you
But thats what you get when you put a corporation above you
And it's the people that love you that seem to hurt you the most
Sometimes when they die, you find yourself cursing their ghost
But you make success, nobody delivers your fate
Sometimes you give and you take
Since prehistoric vertebrates crawled out of the lakes
And thats the truth about life
Or to do it to ghetto and your car, rims, and your ice
'cuz even though we survived through the strle that made us
We still look at ourselves through the eyes of the people that hate us
But I'ma make it regardless of these trumped up charges
And semi-automatic barrages, that empty the cartridge
Post-traumatically scarred kids that try to be brave
'cus niggaz backstab each other just to try to get paid
Turn cannibal like knights during the crusades
Afraid of responsibility, addicted to greed
Beating their girl purposefully losing a seed
As if we are bound to the destiny we used to receive

John Neely Bryan and Margaret Beeman Bryan, Dallas, Texas Historical Marker

John Neely Bryan and Margaret Beeman Bryan, Dallas, Texas Historical Marker

In 1839 Tennessee lawyer John Neely Bryan chose this high bluff and shallow ford on the Trinity River as site for a trading post. Finding Indians scarce when he returned in 1844, he platted a town, installed a ferry, and called the place Dallas. In the 1840s, the Republic of Texas opened its Central National Road from here to the U.S. border, and drew settlers to this area with liberal land grants. Margaret Beeman was a daughter of John Beeman, a prosperous man from Illinois, of North Carolina heritage. At 15, she met Bryan at the Cross Roads Camp Ground, Bowie County. Her father staked his claim about eight miles from Bryan's town. She and Bryan married in 1843, and became parents of six children. Margaret, her father, and other relatives strongly supported Bryan's work as "Father of Dallas." Bryan went to the California gold rush in 1849, but gained no fortune. After his return, he donated 98 city lots for a courthouse and county seat, then sold his ferry and remaining interest in the townsite. In poor health for many years, he died in Austin at 67. Margaret Beeman Bryan lived to age 94, and saw Dallas attain a population of over 150,000. 1978 Incise on base: A BICENTENNIAL PROJECT OF THE JUNIOR LEAGUE OF DALLAS, INC., 1976

find a lawyer north

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Law Firms In Buffalo

law firms in buffalo

Cochran, Blair and Potts Department Store

Cochran, Blair and Potts Department Store

Henry Mansfield Cock opened his first store in Centerville, Texas, 1869, and in 1874 established the firm of H.M. Cook & Company with his son-in-law, Thomas W. Cochran. The firm moved to Buffalo, Texas. In 1876, their mercantile business stocked dry goods, hardware, drugs,coffins, and included a lumberyard. The firm relocated to Belton in1883 and opened a store at this site in 1884. Cook's son, Thomas A., Joined the firm in1896 and the business became known as Cook, Cochran, & Company.
In 1904, three years after the death of H.M. Cook, Cochran's son, Harry T., and his son-in-law, Jesse S. Blair, purchased Thomas Cook's interest in the firm and the business became known as T.W. Cochran and Company. T.W. Cochran died in 1910 and his son-in-law. Arthur H. Potts, became a partner in the company. In 1917 the firm became known as Cochran, Blair, & Potts.
Though the firm's inventory was destroyed by fire in 1928 the business reopened in 1929 under the management of J.S. Blair, H.T. Cochran, A.H. Blair, and Roy Campbell Potts. The corporation was dissolved in 1938 the business became, a partnership owned by members of the Cochran, Blair, and Potts families. The firm, which became solely owned by descendants of Roy Campbell Potts in 1970. Was incorporated in 1977.



This was my kind of buffalo shot... just one, not on the road, and only me around. Not a dozen tourists stopped in the middle of the road photographing the herd with their cell phones.

law firms in buffalo

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Kentucky Dui Attorney

kentucky dui attorney

Kentucky Warbler

Kentucky Warbler

The Kentucky Warbler is listed as a common but declining species in the mountain and valley region of Virginia. I saw several in Mint Springs Park in Albemarle County in May, another at the James Madison University Arboretum and heard one along Skyline Drive last week. They are most likely to be found by following their song that is similar to that of the Carolina Wren.

This bird was singing along a road in a brushy area with mature trees. They usually stick close to the ground in fairly dense cover while feeding.

Highland County, bounded to the east and west by mountains, is a frequent destination for birders as it often has species difficult to find in other parts of the state. In the winter it is good for Golden Eagles and Rough-legged Hawks. In the summer, Bobolinks, Vesper Sparrows, Golden-winged and Mourning warblers are among the species birders seek.

June 13, 2011. Highland County, Virginia.

Kentucky Capitol Frankfort Oct06 06-01

Kentucky Capitol Frankfort Oct06 06-01

A statue of Abraham Lincoln dominates the rotunda of the Kentucky Capitol in Frankfort.

kentucky dui attorney

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Power Of Attorney For Military Personnel

power of attorney for military personnel

Cold Response 2010 exercise includes 9,000 military personnel from 14 countries

Cold Response 2010 exercise includes 9,000 military personnel from 14 countries

NORWAY — Capt. Aanon Clausen (left), steps on a layer of the snowpack to determine its stability as Maj. Morten Bie, members of the Norwegian avalanche forecasting group, looks on at the Setermoen Training Range during Cold Response 2010 exercise here. More than 9,000 military personnel from 14 countries, including elements of U.S. Special Operations Command Europe, will participate in the exercise held in extreme winter conditions. (Special Operations Command Europe photo by Army Master Sgt. Donald Sparks)

Information about Suicide among U.S. Active and Retired Military Personnel

Information about Suicide among U.S. Active and Retired Military Personnel

U.S. active duty, reserve duty and retired military personnel have higher rates of suicide than the general population. The military recruiters don't tell kids this.

power of attorney for military personnel

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Lawyer in arizona : Immigration law seattle : Personal injury lawyer attorney.

Lawyer In Arizona

lawyer in arizona

Mural b

Mural b

I listen to the radio station that had Steve Blair hosting the afternoon talk show. I missed that day when he inserted foot into mouth. But I will say this, though he may come across as one can short of a six pack, he has a good heart and is NOT a racist.

I was shocked the day a substitute announced that he was fired from his show, the station planned to drop the show too, but Prof. Lovell has taken over.

This story is a prime example of the Left using Political Correctness as a weapon to shutup someone with non-liberal views. He has not done malfeasance with his elected position to deserve the taxpayers being screwed over $80,000 to run a recall election. The propaganda that will spew forth will further divide our town. Considering the SB1070 bill the Arizona legislature passed recently, this mural is like rubbing our face in it.

My main problem with this glorified graffiti is that it's a waste of ever dwindling taxpayer money. Prescott Alternative Transportation, a bicycle advocacy group, whose mission is to force bike lanes to be added to every new street/road (but bike paths are not wanted), gets grants from the Federal and State government (liberals consider it "free" money). That wall is a taxpayer funded school, and we all know how the liberal education establishment never ever has enough money to be happy, even with the Bond passed a few years ago (which I fought publicly), Students First building fund forced by a lawyer activist, Prop 300 passed several years ago for more teacher funding, plus the Prop 100 passed this year to add even more funding to schools. But there's $5,000 to paint this mural while the paint falls off the fascia.

Everyone knows the last mayor, Jack Wilson (Blair liked to call him Cactus Jack) has an ax to grind with Blair. Knowing he came from Chicago, it's only natural for him to take Steve's personal opinion, and blow it out of proportion by calling him a racist. He claims to be trying to negate the bad publicity by contacting news outlets across the country. Other people who hate Blair are taking advantage of this issue, some are members of the Universalist Unitarian Church, the Leftist wing of the church community. Funny how they want to force their liberal version of diversity upon everyone, but when a conservative opinion is voiced via the radio, OMG the long knives are drawn out! No, can't call into the show to voice their position, but let's recall him!

Some people think this wrecks the beautiful historic building. Miller Valley School was built in 1905(?), this particular building was built in the early 1960s. IMO red brick doesn't make a statement, also considering the ugly electrical boxes and huge HVAC units, I think that is a moot point.

The PUSD Superintendent, Kevin Kapp, is days away from planned retirement. Of course he had nothing to do with this. ~rolls eyes~

Oh yea, the race aspect of this. Of the 3 people depicted, one is white, not exactly representative of the ratio of the population. Someone asked, if diversity is important, where are the cowboys and Indians? What is the central figure doing, what is he climbing, and what's with the banner?

Final comment, I despise Political Correctness. It drives me nuts!!!!! Joseph Stalin, who developed it, would be proud. The only difference between then and today is we aren't sending Blair to Barrows Alaska, or killing him.

365 Day 56

365 Day 56

The old Wild West was such an interesting piece of history. Hundreds of little towns popped out of no where. They had their own rules. There was little to no federal government interference. The people who inhabited these towns were all entrepreneurs. They left the comforts of the eastern United States and choose to go west just for the rumor that they may strike gold. It was undiscovered. It was unknown. It was inhabited by Indians who I assume were not happy about the white man being here in the first place.

I’d love to go back in time and live a day in the life of a person who lived in Cerbat, Arizona where this picture was taken. I read that even though it was in the middle of no where and had no more than a few hundred residents, it had a doctor and a lawyer. What kind of business and/or money were a doctor and a lawyer making here? Why?

Think about the insecurities of this place. I read a lot of these towns had a killing per day, if not more. If someone pissed you off, you just shot him, done deal. There were very little consequences, it just depended on who you knew. I can only imagine how they paid for things, or built things. Or when these towns started to become abandoned, who were the last few desert rats that still choose to live there. I know they didn’t all leave at once. How about the last few stragglers holding on to their once thriving town.

There were no highways, no cars, no planes, no GPS, no cell phones or phones at all, no communication, no internet, no nothing. These people lived in their little bubbles and the only people that passed through were on their way to California to strike it big. I would give ANYTHING to just see 1 real day in the life of these people. Just go hang out in that saloon for 1 night and talk to them all.

I’d probably end up dead.

Taken January 19th, 2009
Posted January 23rd, 2009

lawyer in arizona

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Social Security Attorneys

social security attorneys

Social Security Roundtable With Rep. Fudge

Social Security Roundtable With Rep. Fudge

Congresswoman Fudge notes that few programs in American history have had as tremendous and positive an impact as Social Security. Almost 2 million Ohioans rely on Social Security benefits. This number includes retirees, those on disability and children. For 6 out of 10 recipients, the benefits amount to more than half their income. Without it, 50 percent of seniors would be living in poverty. Yet Social Security and Medicare are under attack by critics who seek to dismantle these programs and privatize contributions from working Americans.

Social Security Baby

Social Security Baby

Roddy Ervin, born on August 14, 1935, the day that President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act, participates in a forum discussing the program on the occasion of it's and his 75th birthday.

social security attorneys

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Tax attorney kansas city. Greek lawyers

Tax Attorney Kansas City

tax attorney kansas city

Kansas City Here I Come

Kansas City Here I Come

There is an old blues song called "Kansas City" that we listened to on the drive up there. The lyrics go like this:
Kansas City, Kansas City here I come
Kansas City, Kansas City here I come
Got some pretty little women there, I'm gonna get me one

Standing on the corner, Twelfth Street and Vine
Standing on the corner, Twelfth Street and Vine
With my Kansas City baby now, buying Kansas City wine

So of course, while we were in Kansas City we wanted to try to find the intersection of Twelfth Street and Vine. Now we probably should have planned this out more, since we had no idea where that intersection was. Driving around downtown, we did manage to find Twelfth Street, and started our search. We had no luck, I didn't think that a blues song would feature this part of downtown, since it was the Financial District. But we drove on and on, and never did see a Vine Street. So we gave up, and tried to get onto the freeway that would take us west into Kansas and our hotel. It was here that we got lost. Well not really lost, since we knew where we were, just that we couldn't figure out how to get onto that freeway.

Eventually (after about 30 minutes) we stopped and asked a fireman for directions. He told us where to go (part of which included Twelfth Street), and we finally got going the right way. After driving a few blocks we realized, with increased annoyance, that the spot for the on-ramp was right next to where we started our confused wanderings. If we had just stayed on Twelfth Street for a few more blocks, we could have gotten onto the freeway. Now I see why Twelfth Street is the setting for a blues song...

Kansas City

Kansas City

View from the 31st floor of the Hyatt Regency Crown Center Hotel, Kansas City, MO, US

tax attorney kansas city

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Unemployment Lawyers

unemployment lawyers

Family History of the present owner of Clovelly, The Hon. John Rous

Zachary Hamlyn, who was born at Kennerland Farm in Higher Clovelly, made his fortune as a lawyer at Lincolns Inn and purchased the estate for ?9,438 in 1738. He died unmarried and left the estate to his nephew, James, on condition he changed his name from Hammett to Hamlyn. James married Arabella Williams, heiress of the Edwinsford Estate, Carmarthenshire in Wales. He was created a baronet for public services.

Their son James (2nd Baronet) married Diana (nee Whittaker) whose share of her father's fortune was used to improve the estate including the construction of the Hobby Drive. Work started during the Napoleonic wars assisted, it is said, by French prisoners of war. It and other coast path carriageways were completed in the period of high unemployment after 1815.

The 3rd Baronet, also a James Hamlyn, married Mary, daughter of the 1st Earl Fortescue, another distinguished neighbouring West Country family. They had three daughters. The eldest, Susan Hester, married Henry Fane of Fulbeck, Lincolnshire. The family assumed the surname Hamlyn Fane. Their son, Neville Hamlyn Fane, died in 1884, aged 26. Constance Hamlyn Fane inherited land at Ringwood, the Avon Tyrrell estate and Christine Hamlyn Fane was given the Clovelly Estate.

In 1889 she married Frederick Gosling. She requested him firstly to change his name from Gosling to Hamlyn because of the long association of the name Hamlyn with Clovelly and secondly to devote his not inconsiderable fortune to the restoration of all properties on the estate. As you walk down the village street you will see many with references to C and FH and a date in the 1930's. This marks the renovation of the building to meet modern day expectations. The foundations and outer walls are much older. Christine and Frederick had no children and the estate was left in 1936 to Christine's niece, Betty Asquith.

Betty Asquith was the daughter of Constance Manners (nee Hamlyn Fane) and Lord Manners. Amongst his claims to fame was that he had won a bet that he could in 6 months buy and train and ride a Grand National winner. This he achieved on Seaman and to this day remains the only peer to have won the Grand National. Betty's husband, Arthur (son of Prime Minister Asquith) was a distinguished and brave volunteer soldier in the First World War. He reached the rank of Brigadier General and was awarded the DSO and 2 Bars. He returned to a business career after the War, but died prematurely in 1939.

Betty and Arthur had four daughters of whom Mary, the eldest, married Keith Rous from the Henham Estate in Suffolk in 1943. She inherited the estate on Betty's death in 1962. Her son, John Rous, took over the running of the estate in 1983.

Mommy's little monster dropped out of school,
Mommy's little monster broke all the rules.
He loves to go out drinking with the boys,
He loves to go out and make some noise.
He doesn't wanna be a doctor or a lawyer get fat and rich.
He's 20 years old he quit his job,
Unemployment pays his rent!
His brothers sisters have tasted sweet success,
His parents condemn him, say "his life's a mess!"
He's mommy's little monster, he's not afraid to admit it.
He's mommy's little monster, don't wake him in a fit!!!
Mommy's little monster shoots methadrine,
Mommy's little monster had sex at 15
She left home for the streets,
She couldn't deal with all that heat.
She had fun with the boys in the band,
In her eyes it will never end.
Her dad asked what happened to her face,
It could have happened in any place!!!
Her eyes are a deeper blue, she likes her hair that color too.
She can even wear a dress, that doesn't mean she'll ever confess.
She's mommy's little monster
She's mommy's little monster
She's mommy's little monster DON'T TAKE HER LIFE AWAY!!!

unemployment lawyers

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Rocket lawyer reviews. Nyc divorce lawyer.

Rocket Lawyer Reviews

rocket lawyer reviews

Rocket Commando | Rear

Rocket Commando | Rear

Black Lodge Customs: Rocket Commando via BrickArms.

I made a slight modification to the Winged Rocket Pack to accommodate the BrickArms Lewis Gun with bayonet.

Not too sure if anyone else had done it, but I thought it was worth sharing.

Bottle Rockets (276/365)

Bottle Rockets (276/365)

October 3rd, 2011

I have a campus job at school, I take pictures for the Engineering department. Today the Engineering 101 students launched their rockets made from 2 liter bottles. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed watching.

rocket lawyer reviews

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Texas Family Law Foundation

texas family law foundation

2009 0715 kisd trip to orange - 18

2009 0715 kisd trip to orange - 18

Henry Jacob Lutcher (1836-1912) was a sawmiller and business partner of the Lutcher and Moore Lumber Company. His business ventures would help establish Orange, Texas as the timber-processing capital of the South in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.
His parents were outstanding leaders in the industrial and financial centers of the South and Southwest. His grandfather, Henry Jacob Lutcher, founded the Lutcher and Moore Lumber Company empire in East Texas. Stark had one sister who died in youth. He attended public school in Orange and graduated from the University of Texas in 1910, with a bachelor of arts degree. During his successful business career Stark was active in banking, insurance, manufacturing, real estate, and the petroleum industry. He and his family were best known for activities in the lumber industry. Their lumber holdings extended from East Texas across South Louisiana, through the Lutcher and Moore Lumber Company; the Dibert, Stark, and Brown Cypress Lumber Company; and the Lutcher and Moore Cypress Lumber Company. Stark was awarded an honorary doctor of laws degree by Baylor University in 1933, and by Southwestern University, Memphis, Tennessee, in 1938. In 1919 Governor W. P. Hobby appointed Lutcher Stark to the University of Texas Board of Regents, and he served on that board for twenty-four years, twelve years as chairman. Stark's name was added to the Longhorn Hall of Honor at the university in 1958. In 1963 he was awarded a distinguished service award by Texas Woman's University. Lutcher Stark married Nita Hill of Austin, on April 6, 1911. She died on October 11, 1939. During their marriage two sons, Homer B. H. Stark and William H. Stark II, were adopted. On April 6, 1941, Lutcher Stark and Ruby Childers were married. Ruby died July 12, 1942. Stark and Nelda Childers were married December 16, 1943. They actively continued the collection of western art, crystal, porcelain, and rare botanical books and prints, all of which are now displayed in the Stark Museum of Art. In 1961 Lutcher and Nelda Stark organized The Nelda C. and H. J. Lutcher Stark Foundation, a non-profit, charitable corporation with Stark as first chairman. He continued in that capacity until his death, when Nelda Stark succeeded her husband. The Stark Foundation now owns and operates the Stark Museum of Art, the Frances Ann Lutcher Theater, Stark Park, and the restored W. H. Stark House. The foundation continues to make acquisitions for the Stark Museum of Art when appropriate works of art are available. Other activities include funding a substantial scholarship program available to students throughout Texas and contributions to other charitable and educational activities in Texas. Lutcher Stark died on September 2, 1965, and was buried in the family mausoleum in Evergreen Cemetery in Orange, Texas.

Through These Doors...

Through These Doors...

The Axiom Houston Texas 2007 (kinda a CBGB's South). Through these doors walked some of the most significant bands of the late 80's and early 90's. Wouldn't it be cool to go back for a day. (This is a list I swiped from the Axiom Reunion website and does not include most local bands).

The Accused

The Adolescents

Adrenalin O.D.

Afghan Whigs

Agnostic Front

Agony Column

Alien Sex Fiend


G.G. Allin

Babes In Toyland

Bad Mutha Goose

Bad Religion

Beat Happening

Big Drill Car

Billy Goat


Blake Babies

Bouffant Jellyfish

The Buck Pets

Buffalo Tom

Camper Van Beethoven

Cannibal Corpse


Cat Butt

Chainsaw Kittens

Chemical People

Alex Chilton

Christian Death


Coffin Break


The Cows

Crash Worship

Crime & The City Solution


The Crumbsuckers


Dag Nasty


Dark Angel

Das Damen

Dayglo Abortions

Dead Horse

The Dead Milkmen




Die Kreuzen

Dinosaur Jr.

Dogs D’Amour

Down by Law



Ed Hall


The Exploited

Fearless Iranians from Hell



The Flaming Lips

The Fluid


Game Theory

Gaye Bikers on Acid


Giant Sand

Glass Eye

God Bullies

Goo Goo Dolls

Government Issue



Half Japanese


The Hickoids

Honeymoon Killers

H.R. (ex Bad Brains)

Incubus (metal)

The Jayhawks

The Jesus Lizard




Killing Joke



The Lazy Cowgirls

Live Skull

Loco Gringos


Lubricated Goat

Roger Manning

MC 900 Ft. Jesus


The Melvins

The Mentors

Roger Miller (ex Mission of Burma)

Miracle Room

Missing Foundation


Monks of Doom

Morbid Angel

Mother Love Bone

Mr. T Experience


Nice Strong Arm




Nuclear Assault


The Offspring


Poster Children


Psychic TV


The Rollins Band

Sacred Reich



Screaming Trees

Screeching Weasel


7 Seconds

Sham 69


Shudder to Think

Sister Double Happiness

Sleep Chamber


Social Distortion

Soilent Green

Squat Thrust




Thin White Rope

Thinking Fellers Union Local #282

Three Day Stubble

Tragic Mulatto

True Believers


U.K. Subs

Uncle Tupelo

Urge Overkill

The Vandals

Verbal Assault

Victim’s Family



Volcano Suns

The Walkabouts


White Zombie

Yo La Tengo

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