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Find A Lawyer North

find a lawyer north

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Immortal Technique in the streets, back on the hustle
Cause three strikes will get you life for stuffin cracks in a duffel
Upstate behind steel gates, attacked in the scuffle
Razor blades stuck on the side of pencils, hacked to your muscle
But the emptiness is what bleeds you to death when it cuts you
And its the lawyers, not the inmates scheming to fuck you
Trying to fight the system from inside, eventually corrupts you
But thats what you get when you put a corporation above you
And it's the people that love you that seem to hurt you the most
Sometimes when they die, you find yourself cursing their ghost
But you make success, nobody delivers your fate
Sometimes you give and you take
Since prehistoric vertebrates crawled out of the lakes
And thats the truth about life
Or to do it to ghetto and your car, rims, and your ice
'cuz even though we survived through the strle that made us
We still look at ourselves through the eyes of the people that hate us
But I'ma make it regardless of these trumped up charges
And semi-automatic barrages, that empty the cartridge
Post-traumatically scarred kids that try to be brave
'cus niggaz backstab each other just to try to get paid
Turn cannibal like knights during the crusades
Afraid of responsibility, addicted to greed
Beating their girl purposefully losing a seed
As if we are bound to the destiny we used to receive

John Neely Bryan and Margaret Beeman Bryan, Dallas, Texas Historical Marker

John Neely Bryan and Margaret Beeman Bryan, Dallas, Texas Historical Marker

In 1839 Tennessee lawyer John Neely Bryan chose this high bluff and shallow ford on the Trinity River as site for a trading post. Finding Indians scarce when he returned in 1844, he platted a town, installed a ferry, and called the place Dallas. In the 1840s, the Republic of Texas opened its Central National Road from here to the U.S. border, and drew settlers to this area with liberal land grants. Margaret Beeman was a daughter of John Beeman, a prosperous man from Illinois, of North Carolina heritage. At 15, she met Bryan at the Cross Roads Camp Ground, Bowie County. Her father staked his claim about eight miles from Bryan's town. She and Bryan married in 1843, and became parents of six children. Margaret, her father, and other relatives strongly supported Bryan's work as "Father of Dallas." Bryan went to the California gold rush in 1849, but gained no fortune. After his return, he donated 98 city lots for a courthouse and county seat, then sold his ferry and remaining interest in the townsite. In poor health for many years, he died in Austin at 67. Margaret Beeman Bryan lived to age 94, and saw Dallas attain a population of over 150,000. 1978 Incise on base: A BICENTENNIAL PROJECT OF THE JUNIOR LEAGUE OF DALLAS, INC., 1976

find a lawyer north

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