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Bike paths : Trek 330 road bike

Bike Paths

bike paths

    bike paths
  • (Bike Path) A path segregated from motorized traffic for the use of bikes, sometimes shared with pedestrians.

  • A path or road for bicycles and not motor vehicles

  • (Bike path) Segregated cycle facilities are roads, tracks, paths or marked lanes designated for use by cyclists from which motorised traffic is generally excluded.

  • (Bike Path) A bikeway physically separated from motorized traffic by an open space or barrier, either within the highway right-of-way or within an independent right-of-way.

Lakeside bike path

Lakeside bike path

This is a picture of the path around the lakes at GSU. This is the bike path next to lake wells and it is frequently traveled by GSU students and faculty. It has a nice view around it especially on a sunny day. It barely affects the turtles , fish and reptiles in the lakes. The geese and ducks usually sit on the path as well.

Bike Path

Bike Path

Bike path near Prospect ponds and the water treatment facility in Fort Collins.

If you are going to fav the photo leave a comment or I might just have to block you...sorry.

I'd love to hear your feed back on this photo, what you like and maybe something to make the shot better. I'll try and return the favor too. Thanks.

bike paths

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Best folding bicycles : Mohawk bike helmets : Mountain bike specialists durango.

Best Folding Bicycles

best folding bicycles

    folding bicycles
  • A folding bicycle is a bicycle designed to fold into a compact form, facilitating transport and storage.

  • Bicycles with a hinged frame which allows them to be made more compact for transport or storage. Most but not all folding bicycles have small wheels, also for the sake of compactness.

Folding bikes on MRT and buses trial begins

Folding bikes on MRT and buses trial begins

They even have a spot for you to test if your bicycle fits the 114 by 64 by 36cm dimensions allowed. Saw this at Kovan station on the NEL. I'm happy there is official approval of foldies on public transport even though I ride all the way to my destinations these days.

The revised allowable size is welcome (the old dimensions were not realistic for most foldies). The official recognition of this kind of mixed mode transport is also good. Maybe more people may give up their cars and commute this way because of the availability of this option (I did).

No more waiting for the dang feeder buses.

But the hours that foldies are allowed under the current trial means people who go to work and go home at regular office hours will not be able to take advantage of the changes.

The bikes are only allowed on trains during off-peak hours, from 9.30am to 4.30pm on weekdays, and after 7.30pm, and all day on weekends and public holidays. For buses, a maximum of two foldies are allowed and only on weekends and public holidays. Quite the bummer.

You can't even take your foldies on the MRT at 6am. Only after 9.30am.

Oh, by the way, the best spot for parking your bike in the NEL trains is at the last and last carriages. There is a space between the end of the carriage and the last seat.

Best. Plastic bag bike. Evar.

Best. Plastic bag bike. Evar.

If you've ever seen the movie The Harder They Come—and I'm not recommending it—you know how there's that guy who has the totally outrageous huge dreadlocks that are, like, in their own zip code? (Sorry, I can't find a still online.) This bike is the That Guy of bikedom.

Mercer Street, outside the Crunch-or-whatever-it-is gym.

best folding bicycles

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Biking For Exercise - 2009 Pocket Bike

Biking For Exercise

biking for exercise

  • Exert (part of the body) to promote or improve muscular strength

  • Engage in physical activity to sustain or improve health and fitness; take exercise

  • the activity of exerting your muscles in various ways to keep fit; "the doctor recommended regular exercise"; "he did some exercising"; "the physical exertion required by his work kept him fit"

  • practice: carry out or practice; as of jobs and professions; "practice law"

  • exert: put to use; "exert one's power or influence"

  • Use or apply (a faculty, right, or process)

  • (bike) bicycle: ride a bicycle

  • (bike) bicycle: a wheeled vehicle that has two wheels and is moved by foot pedals

  • Ride a bicycle or motorcycle

  • (bike) motorcycle: a motor vehicle with two wheels and a strong frame

Tandem bikes for School of Visually Impaired

Tandem bikes for School of Visually Impaired

BEN Namibia provided tandem bicycles to the Moreson School for the visually impaired. The bicycles are ridden by volunteers from Moses Garoeb Youth Club, with visually impaired learners riding on the back as 'stokers'. Learners get exercise and mobility which increases their confidence. Bicycles for this project were donated by Bikes for the World. Santa Rosa Sunrise Rotary Club of California, USA sponsored the cost of shipping, refurbishment, helmets and ongoing maintenance.

Cardboard laptop rack for exercise bike

Cardboard laptop rack for exercise bike

Materials box from Pizza Hut pasta, glue, packing tape. Basically I stuck the box on the bike to use to make template, but the box fit so well I just cut it with scissors and many of the folds just worked out.

After using it for a couple hours I thought of some modifications... You can see the Christmas Tree I made from a box, wrapping paper, mardi gras beads, and yogurt cup tops. I used the stapples from the box as hooks. See more projects at

biking for exercise

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Convert Bike To Fixed Gear : Pocket Bike Info.

Convert Bike To Fixed Gear

convert bike to fixed gear

    fixed gear
  • A fixed-gear bicycle (or fixed-wheel bicycle, commonly known in the USA as a fixie) is a bicycle that has no freewheel, meaning it cannot coast — the pedals are always in motion when the bicycle is moving.

  • A direct drive system, used on track bikes, in which the chain ring and rear cog are linked, so that the pedals turn constantly while the bicycle is moving, and coasting isn't possible.

  • a cog attached to a hub without a freewheel; it always turns with the wheel---no coasting

  • Change or be able to change from one form to another

  • change the nature, purpose, or function of something; "convert lead into gold"; "convert hotels into jails"; "convert slaves to laborers"

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  • a person who has been converted to another religious or political belief

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  • Change one's religious faith or other beliefs

  • A bicycle or motorcycle

  • bicycle: ride a bicycle

  • bicycle: a wheeled vehicle that has two wheels and is moved by foot pedals

  • motorcycle: a motor vehicle with two wheels and a strong frame

Carlos and his fixed Triax

Carlos and his fixed Triax

Triax is a brand of Dynacraft bicycle sold at Target stores for about $150 in the United States. Carlos here converted it to fixed. I love the Jesus picture in place of the headbadge on this bike.

I never noticed before, but the Triax road bike has a stamped derailleur hanger that's actually suited for fixed or singlespeed conversion because it's nearly horizontal and forward facing.

Because the components on a Triax are so junky, converting to fixed is probably a good idea. Upgrading the wheels and tires and replacing the drop bars with those bullhorns makes the bike a little cooler, though it's probably overkill. Those bars are possibly worth more than the frame. The wheels certainly are.

Carlos doesn't speak English; I was surprised to see a recent immigrant Latino riding a fixed gear bike. In the Bay Area, many "fakengers" are comfortable white people with steady income (like me).

He obviously has some pride in the bike and he told me he built it up himself. I imagine the frame was probably acquired used with non-working components.

Seen on Caltrain during my evening commute.

Two Geared Fixed Gear

Two Geared Fixed Gear

I recently converted my touring bike into a fixed geared bike. Since my touring bike was the *only* bike I have that had gears, I didn't want to lose out on all the places where a really low gear comes in handy - mainly riding around in the mountains and when haulin' stuff with the trailer. I really like this compromise between simplicity (w/low maintenance) and flexibility

The cog in back is in fact two stuck together. It's pair with double chainrings up front - changing gear ratios doesn't affect chain line in this way and also allows you to run the same amount of chain for both, very different ratios. The axle will basically be in the same place in the dropout.

The difference in ratio would be quite difficult to attain - especially with horizontal dropouts, with just a flip/flop hub. I also have the option to run *another* ratio on the other side, or even a twin singlespeed thing.

The setup currently affords me a 2:1 ratio (low) and a 2.7-ish:1 ratio for general riding about.

Cogs in back are a 17/21 rings up front will be a 46/22

convert bike to fixed gear

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Bike Top Tube Protector - 2011 Trek Mountain Bike - Bicycle Frame Protectors.

Bike Top Tube Protector

bike top tube protector

  • A thing that protects someone or something from injury

  • Protector (Protektor) is a 2009 Czech film directed by Marek Najbrt.

  • A person who protects or defends someone or something

  • A person in charge of a kingdom during the minority, absence, or incapacity of the sovereign

  • A remote weapon system or station, (RWS) is a remotely controlled weapon station for light and medium caliber weapons which can be installed on any type of vehicle or other platforms (land and sea-based).

  • defender: a person who cares for persons or property

    top tube
  • A bicycle frame is the main component of a bicycle, on to which wheels and other components are fitted. The modern and most common frame design for an upright bicycle is based on the safety bicycle, and consists of two triangles, a main triangle and a paired rear triangle.

  • The topmost bicycle frame tube.

  • Horizontal frame tube running from the seat tube to the head tube.

  • bicycle: ride a bicycle

  • A bicycle or motorcycle

  • motorcycle: a motor vehicle with two wheels and a strong frame

  • bicycle: a wheeled vehicle that has two wheels and is moved by foot pedals



This is what we call an "Hip Hop Slave Bike".

Basically it tend to have extensive focus on colour coordination, either have an Arrospok (Areospoke, the blue front wheel) that has no advantage other than for appearance sanity and/or a colourful Deep V wheel (the pink rear) that came in all sort of colour that again have no advantage other than it?s appearance, a chopped mountain bike handlebars, and sometime a BMX-style top tube protectors (obviously not pictured).

Oh and it tend not to have brakes.

multi purpose velcro saves the day again

multi purpose velcro saves the day again

I needed to lock up outside the pet food store, but the trash can was going to scuff up my purdy paint job if someone jiggled my bike and trailer combo. This loop of velcro is normally used on the train to attach my handlebars to the vertical pipe, preventing my bike from flopping around and damaging the wheels. I discovered this day that it also works great for an impromptu top tube protector. Sweet!

bike top tube protector

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Giant 12 bike - Bicycle tire for sale - Old huffy bicycles

Giant 12 Bike

giant 12 bike

  • An imaginary or mythical being of human form but superhuman size

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  • motorcycle: a motor vehicle with two wheels and a strong frame

  • bicycle: a wheeled vehicle that has two wheels and is moved by foot pedals

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  • bicycle: ride a bicycle

  • twelve: the cardinal number that is the sum of eleven and one

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  • A video game content rating system is a system used for the classification of video games into suitability-related groups. Most of these systems are associated with and/or sponsored by a government, and are sometimes part of the local motion picture rating system.

Bike Posse on my b-day bike ride

Bike Posse on my b-day bike ride

I led a bike ride for my birthday. We were supposed to do 30 things. It was really awesome to have so many pals come out and ride with us and try to accomplish this. Also, even though it was pouring rain when I left my house, and the forecast called for about an inch of rain, the only time it rained we were inside drinking coffee or beer.

Lemme see if we accomplished 30 things:

1. dutch baby brunch with my best friends at Helser's and a bellini, cuz that's how I roll
2. Leisurely coffee at Ristretto, with Timo, Waffles, Mykle and Phina
3. Visit Pygmy goats and
4. domesticated mallard ducks living in a kiddie pool in a backyard
5. Swing on the tire swing on Mississippi overlooking downtown
6. Pose like a Statue of Liberty replica
7. Find a Halloween Snow (Leaf) globe
8. See amazing fall colors
9. Find the new Hydropark on N. Concord
10. Eat giant, delicious autumn apples scavenged from the hydropark
11. Sit in the beautiful benches at the Hydropark & see the art
12. Play Ring Around the Timo (we all fall down!)
13. Ride along Gay street
14. Visit the largest Oregon White Oak in Portland, a native Heritage tree (HUGE! N. Humboldt street if you're looking for it)
15. Find a public park a bunch of us had never been to before - Madrona Park, a tiny secret park behind Adidas
16. find the native heritage Madrona tree that Madrona Hill neighborhood is named after (at said park)
17. Ride along a Parkway not on a Sunday (Omaha street parkway - beautiful right now!)
18. Ride in circles on the Tricycle Race Track at Gammans Park (10-15 adults on full size bikes)
19. Go down the slide in a choo-choo train (me, Jess and Phina)
20. Two grownups on one swing (me & Trina)
21. Wander a cemetery at creepy twilight (Columbian Cemetary in North Portland)
22. See the creepy topiary in the baby grave section!
23. Ride along the Columbia Slough into the sunset
23. Plan how to ward off Zombie Attack in the wastewater treatment plant nature trail
24. High-five 30 strangers in a bar (Mock Crest tavern)
25. NIGHT TIME BIKE POSSE! (Waffles' favorite)
26. eat Mug O' Pickles (Mock Crest)
27. 30 birthday spanks -from a 1 year old
28. Go someplace new I'd never been (Madrona Park, Columbian cemetary, and the Denver street connection to the slough)
29. Learn about important world events that influenced my astrological horoscope at the time I was born
30. Have mellow time with more of my favorite friends late at night! including Jammy Time with some ladies.

Awesome people who came on the ride with me, which is what made it so fun:
Waffles Trina Timo Emily April Zack Lou Nim Mykle Phina Meghan Brian Theo Ted Sang Carl Jess James Rhienna James

Iron Giant

Iron Giant

We are going on vacation tomorrow. It's back to Seabrook, as my parents entered a drawing when we were there last and won a free stay. I'm super excited to get some time on the beach, and to shoot there.

In other news, school wraps up in about two weeks. On my list of things to do: six illustrations for Animal Farm, a 12 page brochure about bicycling, a series of 3 packages for H&G - an artisan bread company of my invention - and a complete identity system for a local gallery (luckily, this is a group project). It is going to be insane here for a while.

Disclaimer: my selfs may start sucking.

giant 12 bike

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Easton Bike Rims. Schwinn Women's Cruiser Bikes.

Easton Bike Rims

easton bike rims

  • Easton is a town in Fairfield County, Connecticut, United States. The population was 7,272 at the 2000 census. Easton contains the historic district of Aspetuck.

  • Easton Sports, Inc. is a privately owned manufacturer, marketer and distributor of sporting equipment, headquartered in Van Nuys, California. It currently employs more than 1,000 people worldwide in various distribution, manufacturing, sales and marketing capacities.

  • (Eastons) Easton's Bible Dictionary generally refers to the Illustrated Bible Dictionary, Third Edition, by Matthew George Easton, M.A., D.D. (1823-1894), published in 1897 (three years after Easton's death) by Thomas Nelson. Because of its age, it is now a public domain resource.

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easton bike rims - Spider-Man Bike

Spider-Man Bike (12-Inch Wheels)

Spider-Man Bike (12-Inch Wheels)

Spiderman 12 " Bike

Give your child's spidey senses a workout with this 12-inch Spider-Man- themed BMX bike. Built for stability and comfort, the bike boasts such features as a heavy-duty steel frame, rear coaster bikes for sure stopping, pneumatic 12-inch knobby tires, a reinforced seat, and a fully enclosed chain guard for maximum safety. More significantly, the bike is ideal for bicyclists-in-training thanks to its set of secure training wheels. And your child will love the variety of Spider-Man decals and graphics, which are dispersed throughout the bike. Measuring 34 by 34 by 18 inches (W x H x D), the Spider-Man bike is a must-have for the budding superhero in your family.

78% (13)

[Bike Check] Peloton Fixie

[Bike Check] Peloton Fixie

¦Bike Spec
Frame : Peloton
Handle : Easton EA30
Stem : Tioga X-CUBE
Head : Shimano DURA-ACE
Gear : Sugino ZEN 47T
Crank : Sugino 75 167.5mm
B.B : Sugino 75
Pedal : grunge
F/R Rim : Velocity Deep-V 700c 32H
F/R Hub : Gran Compe Messenger Hub 32H
F.Tire : Vittoria [Zaffiro White 700x23c]
R.Tire : Vittoria [Randnner 700x28c]
Track Kog : EAI 19T
Seat : San Marco [ERGO Rolls]
Seat Post : Thomson
Other : Power Grips , Z.E.N distribution Original Chain , OURY Glip , Burton Pad , etc...

[Bike Check] Peloton Fixie

[Bike Check] Peloton Fixie

¦Bike Spec
Frame : Peloton
Handle : Easton EA30
Stem : Tioga X-CUBE 27.5mm
Head : Hatta
Gear : Sugino RD Messenger 44T
Crank : Sugino RD Messenger 165mm
Pedal : grunge
F. Wheel : Aerospoke 700c
R Rim : Velocity Deep-V 700c 32H
R Hub : Gran Compe Messenger Hub 32H
F.Tire : Vittoria [Rubino 700x23c]
R.Tire : Vittoria [Zaffiro 700x28c]
Track Kog : EAI 19T
Seat : San Marco [Rolls]
Seat Post : Thomson
Other : Power Grips , YBN Chain , OURY Glip , Futura Pad , etc...

easton bike rims

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Dirt Bike Suspension Adjustment

dirt bike suspension adjustment

  • abeyance: temporary cessation or suspension

  • a mixture in which fine particles are suspended in a fluid where they are supported by buoyancy

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  • The process of adapting or becoming used to a new situation

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    dirt bike
  • trail bike: a lightweight motorcycle equipped with red tires and suspension; an off-road motorcycle designed for riding cross country or over unpaved ground

  • A motorcycle designed for use on rough terrain, such as unsurfaced roads or tracks, and used esp. in scrambling

  • There are many systems for classifying types of motorcycles, describing how the motorcycles are put to use, or the designer's intent, or some combination of the two. Six main categories are widely recognized: cruiser, sport, touring, standard, dual-purpose, and dirt bike.

  • n. an off-road motorcycle. Usually louder than MTBs.

Sophie's Medium Swift SS

Sophie's Medium Swift SS

Sophie in Norway and I went through a rather involved process of putting this build together for her. It's a pretty unique setup with double chainrings and double cogs. She gets around a 65 inch gear for road use, and a 50 inch gear for the dirt - only needing an adjustment of the EBB to switch between the two. Here are her first impressions on riding it:

So I took the bike for a good spin this afternoon in the pouring rain and was totally blown away by how well balanced it was. Wow! A very nice feeling. Everything felt so smooth and do-able.. Being able to take on some of the tracks I'd previously done on the cyclocross at the same speed as the suspension bikes was such fun! I just love it! And in fact I could keep going for some time, extolling all the amazing things that you already know about but which to me are a complete novelty...but I guess you get the message: very very happy!!



Premiere session-photos avec Sylvain

Pourquoi donc ce tatouage?
Je vous invite a taper suspension corporelle sur votre moteur de recherche. Ames sensibles s'abstenir.

Sylvain m'a fait part de plusieurs elements de sa vie. La suspension est quelque chose qu'il apprecie vivre. Il me dit meme que ca lui manque en ce moment.

Question que je lui ai pose: "Comment ca se fait que la peau ne se dechire pas?"

Reponse: Le poids et la grandeur de la personne sont mesures. Tout est calcule pour bien repartir le poids afin justement que la peau ne se dechire pas. Semblerait aussi que la peau humaine est aussi solide que du cuir de vache.

Les suspensions corporelles ne sont pas de nouvelles pratiques. Mais plutot un rituel ancien qui existait il y a deja tres longtemps. Les gens pouvaient demeurer en suspension pendant plusieurs jours.

dirt bike suspension adjustment

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Mountain Bike Handlebar Ends

mountain bike handlebar ends

    bike handlebar
  • Bicycle handlebar or often bicycle handlebars refers to the steering mechanism for bicycles; the equivalent of a steering wheel.

  • a land mass that projects well above its surroundings; higher than a hill

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The end is near

The end is near

Three hours later, I'm finally in sight of the Colorado River and the end of this ride. I've had my camera tucked away for most of the ride because of the rain. But this trail is just so indescribably beautiful, and so insanely perched on the edge of this cliff, that I had to stop for a picture.

The rain has let up enough over the last hour that I've been able to dry out. But the temperature has dropped so much that I'm truly in trouble if it begins to rain again. Over the last 20 miles, my gears have become so gummed up with red mud that my bike barely shifts. My disc brakes are squealing with mud and grit.

Even worse, about 10 miles back, one of my handlebar grips became completely saturated and broke free. It swivels and slips on the end of my handlebar as easily as if someone had injected it with oil. This is bad, and it's already caused me to crash once. But I'm tired, and sore, and I don't want to get caught in the rain again, and I'm really, really craving the avocado and salsa back at camp that I can't stop thinking about...

So, it's onward to the end. Just across the river, over Arches National Park, a huge storm is dumping massive columns of rain, and rumbling with a nearly constant barrage of thunder.



Ross is a large part of how I ended up living in Germany. He lived here long before me and invited me out for a visit. On this visit I fell in love with the city and I met my girlfriend Meghan.

He has been in Australia since last September and just got back a few days ago. He is already hard at work doing what he loves.

It's nice to have another Scotsman around. He is a good man and if nothing else, we can share and appreciate an Irn-Bru together.

mountain bike handlebar ends

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How To Adjust Road Bike Brakes

how to adjust road bike brakes

    bike brakes
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  • (roads) a partly sheltered anchorage

DC to Beaveton, Pa: mandatory pit-stop #5

DC to Beaveton, Pa: mandatory pit-stop #5


#3 and #4 were at a Yamaha dealer just outside of Pittsburgh and at a gas-station just up the road, that also had free Wi-Fi, some real "diner" seats and the cute girl behind the counter gave me free refills at the soda fountain...

This was at a chiropractors' office just inside of Pittsburgh proper on US51 (which I found is a really cool road, goes north & south all the way from Uniontown to New Beaver, through Pittsburgh) just across the street from this kick-ass golf course near a school called "Baldwin High".

Obviously a country-club: lots of khaki shorts, white golf shoes, white socks and popped-collars on Izods there. We play in pants whenever possible in DC. I might give them a style-break if I can play that course.

Anyway due to the inability to adjust exposure on this BB9550 you can't see what's in the sky but trust me it was gray and wet. It shortly stopped actually pouring and turned into an intermittent light drizzle. I somewhat-reluctantly got back on and rode from here to a McDs just west of Petco Park (on Hwy51)...into "the hood" something to eat, found a decent place to stay online, got back on the bike. By now it's after dark, it's closing on 10pm, I still have two hours of riding to get to my hotel. I got off Hwy51 by mistake, bumbled around the "hood" trying to find my way north, it started to sprinkle, I started to mumble and got a little frantic, I stumbled on a decent-looking road leading north out of the 'hood, and began to accelerate...and then it started to pour again. Once again I had driven into a thunderstorm heading southeast. 300 yards down the road I found a gas station with a big awning out over its fuel pumps, and a diesel pump far away from the main office. Sat there and watched it rain for a good 45 minutes. Timewise if I had taken US279 north away from Three Rivers or not stopped to eat and get a hotel online, I would have been maybe 5 miles north of where I was when it started to rain, which means out on US79N. As it was that's where I was when it stopped drizzling, after slipping and sliding around "Yellow Path" roads near US79 (probably the scariest thing I've done since trying to roller-blade down a wet hill just after it stopped raining, in other words the scariest thing I've done for the past 17 years. Seriously I got onto US79 heading north in drizzling rain in relief, I've never ridden on roads that were that slick and steep and hope never to do so again), and I had to turn onto US76 west, still about an hour away from Beaverun and my hotel.

Shortly after that is when things got fun. US76 dried out about 3 miles before I got to US376, and I was practically to myself. On a dry road, with a cool light fog, just a slight bit. At 10pm. 30 miles from my hotel, 7 hrs until I had to get up to go back 20 miles down this same highway to Beaverton. And just like that I went from probably the nadir of my entire motorcycling experience to one of the high points of riding a bike: bombing down some empty backroad at ridiculous speeds. I even saw a pair of yellow eyeballs on the hill to the side of the highway watching me speed by. And that was kind of cool too.

One thing that I can definitely say about this ride, there were a lot of neat roads and the view was very nice. I'd almost hop back on my bike and go up there again tomorrow, even in 100deg weather. It definitely wasn't a case where the road was perfectly flat for miles and you couldn't see anything but trees right next to the road and you knew that somewhere a cop was just waiting. I saw one cop just west of Hagerstown and not a single cop outside of Pittsburgh. For record heat that just wasn't a bad ride. In good weather it would have been awesome.

So, two quick lessons from this whole adventure.
First, never ride any place you wouldn't want to get caught if it suddenly starts to rain. Second, don't believe anyone who tells you that you don't need to worry about your back brake. I rarely if ever use it, but when I *do* use it, I really need it to work. Guess how well the back brake worked on the R1, on my demo-rides, and how sickly-powerful and sensitive was the front? And I'm riding on these "Yellow Path" roads in a light drizzle pushing down about as hard as I can on the backbrake and seriously squeezing the front, knowing that if this bike gets up any real speed I'm dead. Period. [on a bike yes you do often have times where you think "if X then I'm dead. Period". There is much less "middle-ground" on a bike than in a car. This is one reason that I rarely drink anymore.] The roads were like wet shale, 30-45deg incline...just insane to ride a bike on in the rain. And there I am. I am sure that people were looking at me like I was crazy getting on US79 but man I was like "I can't *wait* to get on this highway". On a highway the roads may be slick when wet, but you've got plenty of space to slide

Day 231/365

Day 231/365

I finally got my parcel, which is this Lowepro CompuTrekker AW. It's bigger than I expected really. Which is good! There's a bit of a story as I went to collect the parcel from the Post Office. I went on my bike to get a new front brake as my one had snapped and also to buy a new bike lock, on the way back I decided to collect my parcel from the Post Office. 2 Problems arose, the 1st, this parcel was huge and heavily wrapped in cardboard and tape. The 2nd, I was on my bike. Ah.

I bought a Tango, sat down and thought about how I would get this massive lump home.

I took the bike lock I had recently bought and threaded it through part of the packaging and then the lock around my shoulder and chest. It was quite painful but no other way to get it back!

The story continues, as I was riding home, an old man in a mobility scooter drove past and said "I bet that's a bit heavy!". further on up the road I saw him adjusting his mirror, and then he started to swerve towards the edge of the pavement. I sped up and caught him before he actually fell in the road and into oncoming traffic. Whilst strling to get off my bike with this parcel, and holding onto the armrest of the scooter, a few cars just drove past. Finally, one stopped just as I managed to lift him onto the path. All he did was just drive off and didn't even say thank you!


how to adjust road bike brakes

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recumbent exercise bike

how to inflate bike tires

thule roof bike rack

stunt bike online games

rear car bike rack

chicago bike rentals

montana mountain biking

kent girls bike

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Pedal Bike Generator

pedal bike generator

    pedal bike
  • A bicycle, also known as a bike, pushbike or cycle, is a pedal-driven, human-powered, single-track vehicle, having two wheels attached to a frame, one behind the other. A person who rides a bicycle is called a cyclist or a bicyclist.

  • an apparatus that produces a vapor or gas

  • engine that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy by electromagnetic induction

  • A thing that generates something, in particular

  • someone who originates or causes or initiates something; "he was the generator of several complaints"

  • An apparatus for producing gas, steam, or another product

  • A dynamo or similar machine for converting mechanical energy into electricity

Bicycle Pedaled Powered Apple Peeler?

Bicycle Pedaled Powered Apple Peeler?

An apple peeler tied to the rack...I couldn't quite figure exactly why but it was interesting looking...and I had to snap a pix...wooden fenders to boot...but they don't look like apple wood...I guess instead of power bars you can have peeled apples...nice...oh and a generator light to see to peel apples

Tandem Schwinn Exerciser Generator...Foot AND Hand powered!

Tandem Schwinn Exerciser Generator...Foot  AND Hand powered!

Schwinn Excerciser tandem hand & foot pedalled cycle, with simple tire-rub generator power set up. rear free-wheeling crankset is for assist by seated able-bodied or disabled power plant. Made for Explorit Science Center in Davis, Ca.
But they gave it back..8(

pedal bike generator

See also:

250cc pit bikes

mountain bike with engine

24 single speed bike

chrome bicycle headlight

road bicycle seat

downhill biking helmets

10 best mountain bikes

cheap racing bikes for sale

bike saddle tilt

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Rent Dirt Bike

rent dirt bike

    dirt bike
  • A motorcycle designed for use on rough terrain, such as unsurfaced roads or tracks, and used esp. in scrambling

  • trail bike: a lightweight motorcycle equipped with red tires and suspension; an off-road motorcycle designed for riding cross country or over unpaved ground

  • There are many systems for classifying types of motorcycles, describing how the motorcycles are put to use, or the designer's intent, or some combination of the two. Six main categories are widely recognized: cruiser, sport, touring, standard, dual-purpose, and dirt bike.

  • n. an off-road motorcycle. Usually louder than MTBs.

  • a payment or series of payments made by the lessee to an owner for use of some property, facility, equipment, or service

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Rural life - Cambodia

Rural life - Cambodia

Took a ride out to one of the remote temples and got a look at a bit of rural Cambodia. Word of advise, pay a little extra and rent the dirt bikes for a jaunts in the Cambodian country side. The Honda wave was not built for the Cambodian roads.

Endless Dunes

Endless Dunes

They actually most defintely had an end, they were probably on 15km wide at best. That however does not mean that I don't want to rent a dirt bike the next time I go.

rent dirt bike

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felt womens bikes

wooden bicycle stand

bike crank size

cranks for bmx bikes

yellow bicycle seat

pbu pocket bikes

road bike decals

giant comfort bikes

bicycle car accidents

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Schwin spinning bike : Bianchi boardwalk bicycle.

Schwin Spinning Bike

schwin spinning bike

  • The action or process of converting fibers into thread or yarn

  • creating thread

  • (spin) revolve quickly and repeatedly around one's own axis; "The dervishes whirl around and around without getting dizzy"

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  • bicycle: a wheeled vehicle that has two wheels and is moved by foot pedals

  • motorcycle: a motor vehicle with two wheels and a strong frame

  • A bicycle or motorcycle

  • bicycle: ride a bicycle

Spinning like a Viking

Spinning like a Viking

"thigh spinning"; Icelandic fleece on the Cherry Lap Spindle -- 9/1/07

Notice that the cop is wound at the bottom of the shaft, rather than flush against the whorl.



spinning lights
whirling lollipops
sky at dusk

schwin spinning bike

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bell slant bicycle helmet

bicycle racing tire

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bike gears not shifting

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bike clothing men

wide mountain bike shoe

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Saris Bones 805 2 Bike Trunk Mount Rack

saris bones 805 2 bike trunk mount rack

  • A garment consisting of a length of cotton or silk elaborately draped around the body, traditionally worn by women from the Indian subcontinent

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after they got me all dressed up in a sari, the women wanted me to do a series of these poses girls do in pictures of them in their first saris.



Sari von den Wise Guys bei ihrem Konzert am 13.04.2008 in der Stadthalle in Olpe

saris bones 805 2 bike trunk mount rack

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Sports Bikes Parts : Electric Bicycle Video.

Sports Bikes Parts

sports bikes parts

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Brett McCormick, Team Suzuki—GSX-R600

Brett McCormick, Team Suzuki—GSX-R600

Race Winner:#6-Brett McCormick
Team Suzuki—GSX-R600
Best Lap Time 01:25.3664

Yoshimura Pro Sport Bike
Parts Canada SuperBikes Round 2
Circuit ICAR - Mirabel, QC

High Contrast B&W

Jordan Szoke's—Kawasaki ZX-6R

Jordan Szoke's—Kawasaki ZX-6R

Jordan Szoke's—Kawasaki ZX-6R
Yoshimura Pro Sport Bike

2009 Parts Canada SuperBikes—Rd.2

Three Exposure—Handheld HDR
Mirabel, Quebec

sports bikes parts

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Titanium folding bike - Baby bikes - 100cc dirt bike parts.

Titanium Folding Bike

titanium folding bike

    folding bike
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Ready to race with (slightly) pimped Bromptie

Ready to race with (slightly) pimped Bromptie

I came 12th in the final - which I think is not too bad at all.

The modification that makes the most difference is the tyres - they are awesome. However, they are very weak indeed - I have many cuts and holes in them already and have had a puncture (which is something I never have with Brompton green tyres).

I am sure losing the mudguards and the titanium seatpost make some differences - certainly do when carrying it!

The 54 tooth chaninring is really good with the Stelvio tyres - I am just not sure those tyres will last too long, so we'll have to see what happens when I go back to the greens. Will I be strong enough to keep the 54 or do I drop back to my 50 tooth?

Ah well - the World Championships are next!

Blue tube

Blue tube

I love that it's wrapped in Russian newspaper - I always knew that Russia was the place for titanium - but this proved it!

titanium folding bike

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davis bike auction

bicycle world inc

make my bike stationary

used hybrid bikes

mountain bike parts discount

custom road bikes

spare tire mount bike racks

road bike riding

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Stationary Bike Pedal Straps

stationary bike pedal straps

    stationary bike
  • An exercise bicycle or bike, or stationary bicycle, or Exercycle is a device with saddle, pedals, and some form of handlebars arranged as on a bicycle, but used as exercise equipment rather than transportation.

  • "Stationary Bike" is a novella written by Stephen King, which was originally published in the fifth edition of From the Borderlands in 2003. It was recently released as part of King's 2008 short story anthology, Just After Sunset.

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BlackRapid RS-4 Camera Strap

BlackRapid RS-4 Camera Strap

Taking a break from uploading my Washington, D.C. photos.

I recently picked up a BlackRapid RS-4 camera strap. It's a sling type camera strap worn across the chest like a messenger bag. Mine came with the old BlackRapid ConnectR and FastenR. The strap connects to the camera or lens through the tripod mount therefore the camera will hang upside down at your side or at your back depending on preference.

From the little experience I have had so far, I like the camera strap. With it, you look less like a tourist with a standard Nikon or Canon camera strap wrapped around your neck putting awkward weight and pressure on your neck, especially with heavy lenses (not like I ever usually wear my camera around my neck anyway, usually the Nikon camera strap is wrapped around my wrist). The BlackRapid R strap distributes the weight on your body rather than pulling down on your neck which makes carrying heavy loads more comfortable. The strap makes it simpler to shoot portrait shots without the old camera straps getting in the way when you turn the camera. No complaints so far... although I am aware of some that people have with the new strap.

Strobist: SB-800 (TTL; FEC: -1.7) shot through a folded sheet of white paper to left of product. Second folded sheet of white paper on right used as a reflector. Triggered with CLS.

© 2009 Ashley D. Cristal, All Rights Reserved. Use of this photograph in ANY form is NOT permitted without permission from the author.

How to tie a camera strap

How to tie a camera strap

I use this way to attach a camera neckstrap, and I prefer this way over the one pictured in most instruction manuals. The primary difference is that this way the loose tail of the strap ends up "inside" the folded part, instead of sticking out as it normally would. Perhaps just a silly little detail, but... =)

(It's all too easy to spend half an hour tying the straps on one's cameras and adjusting them for perfect balance.)

There's some discussion about the method in the comments below.

stationary bike pedal straps

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Womens Mongoose Mountain Bike

womens mongoose mountain bike

    mountain bike
  • (Mountain biking) Mountain biking is a sport which consists of riding bicycles off-road, often over rough terrain, using specially adapted mountain bikes. Mountain bikes share similarities with other bikes, but incorporate features designed to enhance durability and performance in rough terrain.

  • a bicycle with a sturdy frame and fat tires; originally designed for riding in mountainous country

  • A bicycle with a light sturdy frame, broad deep-treaded tires, and multiple gears, originally designed for riding on mountainous terrain

  • (Mountain Biking) A designated, red, natural surfaced, single track trail that offers a range of riding opportunities.

  • A small carnivorous mammal with a long body and tail and a grizzled or banded coat, native to Africa and Asia

  • agile grizzled Old World viverrine; preys on snakes and rodents

  • Mongoose is a brand name of performance bicycles originally designed, manufactured, and sold by BMX Products, Inc. Mongoose merged in 2001 with Pacific Cycle, a subsidiary of Dorel Industries.

  • Mongooses (Herpestidae) are a family of 33 species of small carnivorans from southern Eurasia and mainland Africa. Four additional species from Madagascar in the subfamily Galidiinae, which were previously classified in this family, are also frequently referred to as "mongooses".

Mongoose open wide IMG 7438 edited-1

Mongoose open wide IMG 7438 edited-1

Small Indian Mongoose (Herpestes javanicus). Waialua, Oahu, Hawaii.

Marsh mongoose

Marsh mongoose

Marsh mongoose - taken at Folly Farm on 2nd May 2010

womens mongoose mountain bike

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Trek Bike Website

trek bike website

    trek bike
  • (Trek bikes) Trek Bicycle Corporation is a major bicyle and cycling product manufacturer and distributor under brand names Trek, Gary Fisher, Bontrager, Klein and until recently, LeMond Racing Cycles.

  • web site: a computer connected to the internet that maintains a series of web pages on the World Wide Web; "the Israeli web site was damaged by hostile hackers"

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  • Alternative spelling of web site

  • A location connected to the Internet that maintains one or more pages on the World Wide Web

xango trek bike 002Comp.jpg

xango trek bike 002Comp.jpg

Custom Built Trek XanGo Bike: $9,000.00

Been really busy lately with a lot of product/commercial photography assignments for the company I work for... this week downtown SLC will be painted orange with the XanGo Invasion (XanGo's 5th anniversary convention) at the Salt Palace Convention Center.

we did a 20 minute shoot at the company's parking lot set up in about 5 mins... parked my car next to the lights and blasted some tunes (music helps a lot).

Canon EOS-1D Mark III
Sigma 12-24mm f4.5-5.6 EX DG

Strobist Info:
Vivitar 283/Quantum QB1/Varipower/Pocketwizard Plus II subject left set at 1/2 power

Vivitar 283/Quantum QB1/Varipower/Pocketwizard Plus II subject right 1/4 power

Lastolite Triflector (gold side) reflecting the sunlight back onto the bike... camera left about 45? behind subject supported by a pelican 1564 hard case.



Trek bicycle painted with light.

Please don't use this image on websites, blogs or other media without
my explicit permission. © All rights reserved.

trek bike website

See also:

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stunt bike online games

boys 16 bike

elliptical trainer bike

girls mountain bikes

moto x bike

bike pit

bike battery pack

fixed gear bike manufacturers

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