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Dslr Camera For Rent

dslr camera for rent

    dslr camera
  • A digital single-lens reflex camera (digital SLR or DSLR) is a digital camera that uses a mechanical mirror system and pentaprism to direct light from the lens to an optical viewfinder on the back of the camera.

    for rent
  • Renting is an agreement where a payment is made for the temporary use of a good, service or property owned by another.

dslr camera for rent - WFT%2DE4 IIA

WFT%2DE4 IIA Wireless File Transmitter %28WFT%29 for EOS 5D Mark II

WFT%2DE4 IIA Wireless File Transmitter %28WFT%29 for EOS 5D Mark II

anon%27s WFT%2DE4 IIA Wireless File Transmitter %28WFT%29 is designed exclusively for 5D Mark II Digital SLR cameras%2E The WFT%2DE4 IIA provides professional photographers a wide range of digital connectivity options including IEEE802%2E11a%2Fb%2Fg and Ethernet%2C ideal for commercial and studio work%2E With 802%2E11 a%2Fb%2Fg compatibility%2C photographers can remain wirelessly connected with reliable data transfer rates%2C strong resistance to electronic interference%2C and worldwide acceptance in heavy bandwidth environments%2C particularly within sporting arenas%2C entertainment venues and retail establishments%2E%0D%0A%0D%0AThe WFT%2DE4 IIA wireless file transmitter opens the door to new possibilities in remote and geotagged shooting applications%2E Photographers can fire up to 10 cameras simultaneously from across the room or across the country while maintaining control over camera settings and remote live view on a laptop or smart phone%2E%0D%0A%0D%0AThe WFT%2DE4 IIA wireless transmitter can also transfer and display images on DLNA %28Digital Living Network Alliance%29 compatible televisions and photo frames%2E Geotagging is now possible via Bluetooth%2C using compatible GPS devices to append coordinate data to the images%2E

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Day 12: Best day so far [with an asterisk]

Day 12: Best day so far [with an asterisk]

So the picture? That's John's feet. Pure, unadulterated color on that shot. Looks fantastic, doesn't it? The rest of him is just as, if not even more, toasted than his feet.

Anyway, before I go into why today was so awesome, let me explain the asterisk first. No, it's not John's sunburn, although that's related to both the asterisk and the awesome.

So in yesterday's post I wrote about how it was the worst day so far of the trip -- death march bike ride, sea urchin in the foot, and something I neglected to mention -- our hostel owner's son (the owner of the original place we were supposed to stay before he overbooked and bumped us up to his mom's place) came by and told us that he and his mom had had a miscommunication, and she'd overbooked, and we needed to go back to his hostel for our last night. Given that they'd given us a discount for our last night on the original rate we'd paid, I wasn't complaining too much, but it still is a hassle to pack up and move for one night.

Anyway, this turned out to be a blessing in disguise. This morning, as we were packing up, I realized my camera was nowhere to be found. The reason this is a blessing is because if we hadn't had to pack up, I likely wouldn't have realized this until tomorrow morning, right before we left town (because I couldn't take it on today's activity) and I probably would have made us miss our ferry as we were looking for it.

So anyway, as you can probably guess, massive panic (and tears) ensued. I tried to retrace my steps to where I'd last had it. I knew for sure that I'd had it at the cemetery that we stopped at on our bike ride. I couldn't remember after that, but I thought I might have had it when we went on our second ride before returning the rental bikes. But I COULDN'T REMEMBER. Yesterday was kind of a hot, painful, icky day (with the exception of the lovely swim I had shortly before impaling my foot on a sea urchin.)

We spent an hour looking for it. We went back up to the cemetery (got a ride from the hostel owner this time though.) I even went to two different police stations. Nothing. No one had seen it. I finally resigned myself to my fate -- it was gone, and it was my own damn fault. Now that we'd wasted the entire morning looking for it (well, and moving hostels, which took longer than I thought it would when the hostel owner realized I knew something about computers and wanted tech help... sigh) it was almost noon and we still weren't in a kayak, which was our original plan for today -- to rent a double kayak and a couple of snorkels and go snorkeling.

So on our way to the kayak rental place, we decided to try one last place -- the ice cream shop we'd stopped at at the end of our death ride yesterday, which is right on the main wharf in town. I didn't look here before because I was POSITIVE I had my camera after this... yaay for heat-addled brain creating false memories! I also figured that since the only seating is outside on benches and it's on a main drag, that if I'd left it there, it would be gone anyway.

So we walk into the ice cream place and I go up to the girl behind the counter and tell her in English that I think I might have left a camera there yesterday. She looked at John, and it was like a light went on in her face. She started talking really fast in Croatian, and rushed around the counter to the back corner of the shop. When I caught "kamara" in her monologue, I literally ran after her, and saw it sitting on the shelf in the back. I'm not embarrassed to say that I totally burst into tears, and then she picked it up, and when she turned around, I hed her. I tried to give her money as a thank-you, but she wouldn't take it, darn it!!! I really wish she would have... I sooooooo owe her, and whoever turned it into her!!! When I took a breath from thanking her, she explained in broken English that the reason she knew I was there for my camera was that she recognized John, because she'd looked through the pictures to see if she could get an idea of who it belonged to... WOW. I am SO SO SO SO SO SO SO LUCKY.

So I'm not counting losing my camera as part of today's "best day so far". Neither is having to switch hostels. As far as I'm concerned, both of those events *happened* yesterday, but their resolutions were today. That's fine with me.

Anyway, so now that I had my camera, we went off to the kayak rental place to rent ourselves a kayak. Thankfully they have a storage area for people's purses and other valuables that they didn't want to take with them on kayaks, so I was able to leave my camera there (because it's a 15-minute walk from town to our new hostel and we were already running behind and I didn't want to walk all the way back.) I do have to admit that I was a bit nervous handing over my camera, though... Understandably so!

By the time we got on the water, it was almost noon. I SWEAR we both slathered ourselves with 30SPF sunblock. SLATHERED, I tell you. Oh, and that stuff was suppo

Tagged - Welcome to my egotrip

Tagged - Welcome to my egotrip

Paree tagged me, so here you go!

1. I'm 25 Years old (mental age varies).

2. 192 cm (6ft 3.5ins).

3. I live on a island with the ocean 20 meters from my living room window.

4. Certified scuba diver (advanced and nitrox).

5. Prefer snowboard and down hill over cross country skiing.

6. Love Photoshop, and are getting more and more keen on photography. Bought my first
DSLR camera just before Christmas 2008. The Nikon D90, and have now over 8000 exposures.

7. I work for a offshore technology company that is located only 2 km (1.24 us miles) from the
garden apartment I rent with my little brother.

8. Love to travel and have visited 25 countries, including US, Dominican Republic, France, Italy, Egypt,
Tunisia, Thailand, Burma, Poland, Czech Republic and Turkey.

9. I know how to change the brakes (drum and disc), shocks and supercharger on a car.

10. Uncle for a 11 week old golden retriever puppy.

dslr camera for rent

dslr camera for rent

Sigma 200-500mm f/2.8 APO EX DG Ultra-Telephoto Zoom Lens for Nikon DSLR Cameras

This ultra telephoto zoom lens offers a fast aperture of F2.8 at the 500mm focal length and F5.6 at the 1000mm. It covers widely-used focal lengths from 200mm to 500mm and has a large aperture of F2.8 throughout the entire zoom range. This lens can be used to create amazing image expression with various types of photography such as astrophotography, portraits, wildlife, sports. SLD (Special Low Dispersion) glass and three ELD (Extraordinary Low Dispersion) glass elements provide excellent correction for all type of aberrations. The super multi-layer coating reduces flare and ghosting and provides high image quality from the extremely large aperture. The lens hood, designed exclusively for this lens, blocks out extraneous light. A 72mm filter can be inserted at the rear of the lens, and a circular polarizing filter can be used in situ thanks to the ingenious internal rotation mechanism. The dedicated Li-ion battery BP-21 is used to power the zooming and AF operation. This battery is built in the lens barrel. For the convenience of the photographer, focusing distances and focal lengths can be viewed on the lens' built-in LCD panel.

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