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Samsung Wb550 Digital Camera Review. Second Hand Camera Lens. Hidden Camera Usb.

Samsung Wb550 Digital Camera Review

samsung wb550 digital camera review

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  • A digital camera (also digicam or camera for short) is a camera that takes video or still photographs, or both, digitally by recording images via an electronic image sensor.

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Akan Datang: WB550 - Review by Segadget

Akan Datang: WB550 - Review by Segadget

"PENTAX Corporation | PENTAX K10D | Manual | Spot | 1/20sec | F/2.8 | 0.00 EV | 36.0mm | ISO-200 | Off Compulsory | 2009:04:19 11:51:14

It s not yet released, but I ve got the WB550 anyway. After taking pre-shots for 2 days, I think I will like this much. Most of all, it has 24mm wide angle like the LX3, and it also has 240mm tele photo zoom not 60mm which the LX3 had. I might use the LX more, if it supported better tele photo lens. I had the FX180 also, so I thought the FX180 fit me more. (The price was double.)

I like the HD video recording. It can zoom and record voice while recording. When are you Olympus supporting the zoom for video recording.. I will handle them in the review, but I like the detailed setting and accuracy when taking shots. I like the intuitive UI much, and the best thing is the price, I think. It has only 60% of Panasonic cameras which are compared to Samsung cameras. Looking at new products, they make great pictures and have wonderful performance, so I expect the Samsung to be a global brand.

I don t like this is an upgraded model of the WB500 which was released at the end of the last year, but I like the Samsung understand and reflecting customers needs. As a matter of fact, 80% of digital cameras are made by Japanese brands, so I m not the only one who hopes the Samsung is doing a good job in this market. Anyway, I think I need a kind of studio. Recently, it s getting more to review, but I have neither a strobe nor studio, so sometimes I needed better quality. I don t want to blame it for my instruments. It s because I don t have good skills to take pictures, but it s worse due to poor environments."

Originally posted by Segadget



It is still a bit cold, but cherry blossom is proving that spring has come. People are dressing lightly and look livelier than in freezing winter.(The good season has come for taking pictures. In winter, people used to stay inside due to cold weather and gloomy environment, but now it s time to go outside. I used to put my digital camera home in winter season, but I m planning to go out more now.)

Samsung Digital Imaging s WB550 is the most recent one of the high-class WB series. Compared to the former WB550, many things are upgraded. And it s good to carry and take high quality pictures in such a good weather like these days.(Some important features are upgraded such as Smart Auto, HDMI, image resolution, etc.)

It will be definitely different from popularized products. From this review, we ll take a look at its various functions and quality of photos and videos.

samsung wb550 digital camera review

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