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Vintage camera accessories. Camera raw 2.3.

Vintage Camera Accessories

vintage camera accessories

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vintage camera accessories - Silicone Cassette

Silicone Cassette Tape Case / Skin / Cover for iPhone 4

Silicone Cassette Tape Case / Skin / Cover for iPhone 4

This premium skin case provides your iPhone 4 the maximum protection against scratches and scuffs, enabling you to keep your iPhone 4 in a new condition and preserving its looks and features. Made with grade A silica gel, this case is not only durable and long lasting, but also equips the iPhone 4 with a soft and comfortable surface. Furthermore, all the openings for the dock connector, charger, side buttons, speaker, headphone jack, and camera were precisely cut to allow full access to all of the iPhone 4's functions. It is user-friendly, and super easy to install. A case like this has all the combined beauty with functionality by utilizing high-quality materials and fine craftsmanship. This is truly the perfect case, for your valuable iPhone 4.

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Polaroid 95b Land Camera Accessories

Polaroid 95b Land Camera Accessories

First setup of the shoot, just getting my lighting settled. These are accessories for a Polaroid 95b land camera.

Part of a practice product shoot for some vintage cameras we're selling on ebay.

580 w/ 9" paper lantern to left, 580 w/ diy ring flash on camera - canon mkIIn.

vintage cameras

vintage cameras

mmmm, tasty. a glass case full of vintage cameras and accessories.

vintage camera accessories

vintage camera accessories

Pentax Optio S10 Digital Camera Compact Faux Leather Vintage Camera Bag Style w/Additional Shoulder Strap

This Von Voyage Series comes from times past with love. This camera case beckons you to new and back to old destinations with its chic, vintage style. This bag is perfect for Cosplayers, Steam Punkers, Vintage Style Lovers, Parisian/European style admirers, and everyone else with taste. It is perfect to store your personal belongings when going on trips. The interior is a soft dark olive cloth that won't scratch your belongings and maintaining the vintage theme. The handle is the same faux leather and will slip around your wrist with ease and comfort, making it portable for travel and transport. It comes with an additional strap so you can choose your bag looking more like camera bag or a regular one. The wax seal facade decal is evocative of nostalgia of trips gone by and entices you to go onto new adventures. Please note that this bag has little padding and should not be used strictly as a protective bag. Store your belongings in this Von Voyage case to capture new memories to share those back at home!

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