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History Of Kawasaki Dirt Bikes - Giant Bike Helmets - Bicycle Padded Shorts.

History Of Kawasaki Dirt Bikes

history of kawasaki dirt bikes

RSS Discovery

RSS Discovery

History Of The Discovery

At the beginning of the 20th Century Antarctica was still an uncharted wilderness. Exploration was a daunting task, involving a long voyage through remote and tempestuous seas just to reach the continent. The 1901 British National Antarctic Expedition was the vision of Sir Clements Markham, President of the Royal Geographical Society. Naturally cautious, Markham saw the aims of the expedition as purely scienti?c. Being the ?rst to reach the South Pole was never one of the objectives. By 1900 Markham had raised the necessary funds, now all he needed was a ship, and a man to lead the expedition.

The Ship

As a major whaling centre Dundee’s shipyards had long experience of constructing ships robust enough to travel through the Arctic pack ice. It was this expertise that Markham harnessed to build RRS Discovery, the ?rst vessel to be constructed speci?cally for scienti?c research. While the design was based on the great Dundee whalers, there were some modi?cations to be made. Magnetic surveys were to be an important part of the scienti?c work of the expedition. To be sure of complete accuracy an exclusion zone round the magnetic observatory was created, with no iron or steel allowed within 30 feet of the area.

Captain Robert Falcon Scott RN

As leader of the expedition Markham wanted “a naval of?cer in the regular line... young and a good sailor with experience of ships under sail. He must have imagination and enthusiasm... be calm, yet quick and decisive in action.” His search ended with a young naval of?cer he had ?rst encountered twelve years earlier, Lieutenant Robert Falcon Scott. Devon born, Scott had joined the navy at thirteen. Following a chance reunion with Markham, Scott applied for the post of expedition leader. He was appointed in June 1900 and promoted to Commander RN at the age of just 33. Though a rather shy man he was also steady, strong and, as later events were to prove, immensely courageous.

I captured this photograph September 2011 "Riverside" Dundee, Scotland as it is affectionally known, the final resting place of this wonderful structure. This capture reminds me of a ghost ship frozen in time I hope you enjoy x.

NJ - Jersey City - Hamilton Park: Golden Door - Stairs of Separation

NJ - Jersey City - Hamilton Park: Golden Door - Stairs of Separation

Stairs of Separation, Hole #6 at The Golden Door, was designed by Victoria Colabro. Immigrants who entered the U.S. through Ellis Island during the late 19th and early 20th centuries were required to pass hasty medical and legal exams. After this registration process, they descended different aisles of the Stairs of Separation, and were directed to one of three options, depending on their exam result: a railroad ticket office, the Ellis Island hospital, or back to their country of origin. Calabro references this exhausting and emotional journey through models of the Stairs of Separation and an immigrant boat, as well as the footprint of the golf green, which evokes the structure of Ellis Island.

The Golden Door, a mini-golf exhibition at Hamilton Square presented by Jersey City Museum and Liberty National, was open to the public from June 24 through September 6, 2010. In honor of the rich history of Jersey City, ten artists and collaborative artist teams were invited to create golf holes for an outdoor miniature golf course that represented their interpretation of "The Golden Door." Jersey City is known as America's Golden Door because of its proximity to Ellis Island. Curated by Christina Vassallo, each hole combines recreational functionality with a unique participatory art project that focuses on ingenuity, resourcefulness, and play.

history of kawasaki dirt bikes

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