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Large round rugs. Cheap stair carpet runners

Large Round Rugs

large round rugs

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large round rugs - Learning Carpets

Learning Carpets Noah's Ark Rug - Circle Large

Learning Carpets Noah's Ark Rug - Circle Large

Learning Carpets is proud to combine learning and playing in a superb line of award-winning toys and quality educational play carpets. Our attention to the design, details and durability translates into a lifetime of precious childhood memories. Our play carpets are the highest quality available! Furthermore; Your students will love our NEW extra-thick, plush Cut Pile Rugs. We guarantee that your classroom will never look better. Our educational rugs also make exceptional daycare rugs and classroom rugs. Maintaining the highest standards has resulted in our line receiving several highly regarded awards, as well as the respect of our industry. Key to this level of accomplishment is adhering to the strictest of safety standards, ensuring that our products are completely non-toxic and non-allergenic. As the rainbow indicates, the flood is over and the animals are disembarking two by two from Noahs Ark. Alphabetically speaking, theyre all here, from aardvarks to zebras!

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Large round rug

Large round rug

The last in a series of hand-made rugs by Martin's 97-year-old mother. In this one, the outer braid, and one near the center, are clearly visible, as they are of different colors than most of the rug. For more information on these rugs, see the other photos in the "rugs by Martin's mother" set.

At the larger sizes, you can distinguish the different braids better. They have been woven end-to-end, and adjacent braids have been interwoven, so that the rug doesn't fall apart. There are six cloth strips in each braid.

I confess -- I got rid of some miscellaneous furniture by cloning the carpet over it.

Baby girl crocheted rug from flannel and denim.jpg

Baby girl crocheted rug from flannel and denim.jpg

I made this rug for a new great-niece. It was made from 1 1/2" strips of flannel. The flannel started out to be large blocks of pink, green, baby blue... Once I cut it up into strips the colors became very verigated.

I did a few rounds of lightweight denim around the edges.

This rug is really soft and was pretty quick to make (thanks to the thickness of the flannel and denim).

large round rugs

large round rugs

Harry Potter Gryffindor Robe, Large

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