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Stay My Baby Miranda - Step Back Baby Step Back.

Stay My Baby Miranda

stay my baby miranda

    my baby
  • "My Baby" was a 1980 single from Australian rock band Cold Chisel, the third released from the album East and the first of the band's singles not to be written by organist Don Walker.

  • Circus is the sixth studio album by American pop singer Britney Spears. It was released on December 2nd, 2008 by Jive Records.

  • My Baby is the second single of Bow Wow's third studio album Unleashed. The song is about how he meets a girl that has a lot of drama in her relationship. Bow Wow then starts to like her. In the video Bow wow shows two parts of the story.

  • Denoting or relating to the duty of the police to inform a person taken into custody of their right to legal counsel and the right to remain silent under questioning

  • Miranda! is an Argentine electro pop band, formed in 2001. Band members include Alejandro Sergi (vocals), Juliana Gattas (vocals), Lolo Fuentes (guitar), Bruno de Vincenti (programming) and since 2003 Nicolas Grimaldi (bass).

  • Miranda is a 1948 British comedy film, directed by Ken Annakin and written by Peter Blackmore, who also wrote the play of the same name the film is based on. Denis Waldock provided additional dialogue.

  • Giovanni Brass (born 26 March 1933), better known as Tinto Brass, is an Italian filmmaker. He is noted especially for his work in the erotic genre, with films such as Cosi fan tutte (released under the English title All Ladies Do It), Paprika, Monella (Frivolous Lola) and Trasgredire.

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stay my baby miranda - Miranda's Big

Miranda's Big Mistake

Miranda's Big Mistake

Now a New York Times and USA Today Bestseller
Miranda's track record with men is horrible.
Her most recent catastrophe is Greg. He seems perfect—gorgeous, witty, exciting. And he and Miranda are in love… until Miranda discovers he left his wife when he found out she was pregnant.
With the help of her friends, Miranda plans the sweetest and most public revenge a heartbroken girl can get. But will Miranda learn from her mistake, or move on to the next "perfect" man and ignore the love of her life waiting in the wings…
Even the worst mistake of your life can lead to true love in the end…
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New Woman
"Watch and learn as Miranda wreaks her sweet revenge—and memorize her sharp one-liners."
Cosmopolitan (UK)
"A jaunty summer read."
Daily Mail
"Fast, furious, and fabulous fun. To read it is to devour it."
"Pick this up at your peril: you won't get a thing done till it's finished."
Heat Magazine

77% (17)

117/365 - April 27th, 2011.

117/365 - April 27th, 2011.

This morning, I anxiously made my way down to the hen house, hoping for the best... I expected at least 2 babies under their mama when I got down there. To my surprise, I opened the door to the "baby room" to see not 2 or 3... But 4 little ones running around! Not sitting under their mama, oh no. They were running all about, frazzling poor Rune's nerves, I think. She was quacking at them, pushing them under her but they were quite rambunctious, doing as they pleased.

I just stood in amazement. After a little squealing over their cuteness. It truly was amazing. Rune had tried to hatch ducklings twice last year and failed both times so to see her finally succeed and see such unique little ones, it was awesome. Out of the 4, none of them look like the other... #1 and #3 are similar in markings but very different in coloring. #1 is more grey while #3 is much darker, almost black. Then, we have #2. The typical solid yellow duckling that melts my heart. Ahh, she is so precious. #4 looks just like Rune when she was a duckling. A light greyish blue with a touch of yellow on her belly. She's the quietest of the bunch thus far.

Later in the afternoon, I took Mimi down to meet the littles and get individual pictures of each of them. Then, Miranda and my mom got to see them and I promised Rune no more intrusions after that! Except, well, me.

I stayed down in the hen house for about 30 minutes tonight, just watching them climb all over her, run around and play. Amazing that just 24 hours ago, they were all in eggs underneath their mama. And today, they are all active, rambunctious, little bugs. Life is amazing like that.

As for names, right now, #1 is named Ollie (long story!), #2 is Jubilee (subject to change), #3 is Zorro (or Zora if it's a girl) and #4 is Walter if it is a male... If not, it will be Trudy. I think. Kind of difficult to name them when you don't know gender but that's the general idea as of now. Ollie is for sure. The hatched on my uncle's birthday so Ollie and Walter are kind of in his honor. Mimi named Zorro/Zora so that will probably stick as well.

I have my fingers crossed for all females... or maybe one male. We shall wait and see! I can't wait to see what their coloring is as they get older.

The fathers are a Rouen (Ludwig), a Blue Swedish (Tobbe), a Blue Swedish/Rouen cross (Anders) and a Magpie (Ricky). I don't think the Magpie fathered any of them by their looks as of now... And I'm 90% sure all of the eggs were Rune's but #2 makes me wonder if Maxine snuck in an egg... A solid yellow chick from a Blue Runner? Kind of odd.

More goodness was crammed into the day... But the highlight was the littles. I continue to be married to amazement. And I dig it.

277/365 - Going for a Ride.

277/365 - Going for a Ride.

October 4th, 2009 - I went to Clarkesville today to visit my dad and his family. My grandparents and Miranda also came along to visit for a bit. It was very nice... a very good visit.

They only stayed for a bit but Matthew was quite taken with Miranda. He's such a little flirt. He did crack me up with his "I am a ro-bot!" trick. When he'd wind down, he'd reach behind himself and wind himself back up. Reallly cute! Otherwise, he was a wild man as usual. I spent the first 5 minutes of the visit flinching every time he ran into the walls or fell down.

I checked out my dad's goats and loved on his cats. Then, Mr. Noah showed up with his mama, Bridget. He has grown SO much since I saw him last! He's now a very mobile and chunky baby.

I munched on his chunk and smooched his cheeks tons. He didn't mind it one bit, luckily :P

The girlies don't get much mention because they're at a not so fun age (pre-teens) and aren't that friendly these days. Just seem to be very dramatic know-it-alls ;)

Bridget and I got along as usual. She's a cool chick and quite sweet.

It was really one of the best visits I've had with my dad... Things have definitely calmed down and smoothed out which I am incredibly thankful for. Also, there is an element of acceptance on my behalf as well. I've accepted Reeda and the kids. Noah is my step-nephew. Matthew is my step-brother and so on. It's fact. And I'm okay with that.

My daddy sent me home with REALLY good news and a bag full of scuppernongs... I was really content when I left for the first time ever.

I just kind of wish he wasn't so far away along with the robot and chunky monkey.

stay my baby miranda

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