Bullet Force - A Mesmerizing making of a mobile FPS by a teenager

petak , 06.09.2019.

If one needs to know the development stages of games in the current world during the last span of years or so then Bullet Force is the evidence for that. There was a game which was considered to be the World War II shooter in 2006 which is called Call of Duty, and it was not theatrically changed the FPS landscape towards the latest combat. Due to the strle of net code, the multiplayer option was not an assurance on the previous generation of consoles. Therefore it was possible to play a full-fledged first-person shooter through online fulfilled by the PSP and Nintendo DS but only with restricted titles available to perform that.
Now after passing a few years later, we had the opportunity to get games like Bullet Force. This game is a complete online play towards other players which is based on the first-person shooter especially in the mobile and considered to be recent warfare. One surprising thing about the game is this was developed by an 18-year-old who just passed from high school named Lucas Wilde.

Some may feel old

Bullet force game by itself is considered to be rigid and also very attractive in many parts because it is created in unity by a teenager. This can handle several standards, with circumstances like offices and prisons which comes in between the game and also with maps which occurs in the outside place. Here certain game modes are available like gun game mode, point control conquest, with deathmatch team and also this game itself is based on multiplayer game mode which is the root here. And here it occurs with 20 person matches. This game looks quite basic but filled with fun which is considered to be ok. This game is known for its first-person shooter on the mobile device and this game by itself tries to provide fun for those who need it and also it knows what it is doing. Initially, when it was launched we have enjoyed a lot playing it. During each update, it has made us that the visuals are theatrically improved from the previous version. There was no award for the Developer Lucas Wilde but he was given a chance to attend the Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference in 2016 through a scholarship.

This game has crossed a big way

By seeing all this we all know that how much distance this gamed has reached so far through its development. It would have been difficult for the developers to design these titles without Engines like unity by dragging the titles to engage the big teams for months or even years and with fewer labors and less work. Like Playing Roblox? Try our hack for free robux on ETT. Also, anyone can create the online first-person shooter as per their wishes if they have the will power to do so, in such a way the scale has improved so much. It is free to try out especially like unity and those who don’t know programming can also access it. During the survey, we had a chance to meet developers at Naquatic who described that while he started making games in Unity he was not even aware of programming. But one important thing which should be considered is “you need to know how to code” because whatever the game maybe we need to convey some understanding of coding which is useful during programming. Therefore no matter who you are it is a motivational game that explains that any person can create a fun-filled and encouraging game easily.

The way this game portraits itself in social media and streaming plays an important role in the game’s development which is impressive about this game Bullet Force. A good thing which is unique here is the developer Lucas Wilde himself will often check with the people on how to make changes which improve the executions and also gathering information on particular features habitually and all through the way he used to discuss with players about the beta version of the game through Twitter. Also, there is a committed audience of fans followers on Platforms like Mobcrush for him, we can gain a few of his fans who have shown up and seen people agitated when he cracks into some other stream by running the game. We feel that he is good at marketing games than other developers which are considered to be a good opportunity.

It's Remarkable

So here we know why this game is so mesmerizing. It is not that this game is developed by a teenager which is considered to be very attractive. The truth is that this young teenager makes use of powerful tools together tangible in terms of progress and also fragile in terms of marketing which benefits to bring out words to players and make the game. This game is not only based on the first-person shooter but also motivates everyone those who need to develop a game by admiring on this guy on game making which is a thrilling time of his life.

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