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Garage floor drainage. Cherokee floor.

Garage Floor Drainage

garage floor drainage

    floor drainage
  • (Floor Drains) A hole or opening located on some restroom floors to allow water to drain from the floor surface into the sanitary sewer.

  • Put or keep (a motor vehicle) in a garage

  • keep or store in a garage; "we don't garage our car"

  • an outbuilding (or part of a building) for housing automobiles

  • a repair shop where cars and trucks are serviced and repaired

garage floor drainage - Set of

Set of 40 Drain Style Tiles (Black) (0.5"H x 12"W x 12"D)

Set of 40 Drain Style Tiles (Black) (0.5

The black Drain Style Tiles by Auto Care Products create safe, cushioned flooring anywhere needed, from the garage to the patio! Use these interlocking tiles in the areas where your vehicles pull in, and in any high traffic areas, like where your kids leave their muddy boots. Each set includes forty 12"x12" tiles, covering a total of 40 sq.ft. Made from durable polypropylene with UV inhibitors; will not crack, fade or become brittle Perfect for garages, work sheds, home gyms, poolside, play rooms and more! Can be easily cut to fit by using a utility knife, circular saw, or table saw Assembly level/degree of difficulty: Easy.

86% (8)

PS 48 Muster

PS 48 Muster

I was a skinny, adventurous child on Faile Street. It was where I learned to play on the street. It was not a typical urban tenement area. It was the mid-point of Hunts Point – a real Tom Sawyer paradise.

PS48, a six-story public school, stood on a hill and I could wander for 50 streets and never get lost because I could always see my school and the street on which I lived. At the time, landlords competed for your tenancy, giving free months rent up to six months, as well as free electric, water, etc. I remember us visiting the house for the first time and meeting the owners of this two-story house. It was three stories in the rear where the lower story was for the garages and the front was two stories. To the right side of the house was a hill and to the left the alley for the auto driveway to the rear. I have photos of my mother and brother sitting on chairs in front of the garage sunning themselves. The side alley had a door to the stairs up to our landlord with an interior door from the kitchen also leading to the stairs. Before we even moved in, the owners made us a dresser of drawers with red-orange round screw-on knobs, which I cherished for as long as I could remember. He had a son who went to war and never returned.
There were two entrances at the front of the house a top a few steps to both the lower and upper floors. Ours was to the left and opened into the sun parlor. It was in this room that my brother and I would play. It was here I divided the room in half so that he would have his, and, I, my area to play. Mine was the half furthest from the door so that I could build out of boxes and cloth my own little house with rooms and shelves and places to hide. Of course, I’d invite my brother in to visit.

My parent’s master bedroom was just adjacent to this parlor, separated by a wall with a big double window, which they kept closed and curtained. Across from the front door and leading into a long hall way to the living room and the rear of the house was a multi-paned glass door. It was through this door that my brother one day in one of our sliding in the hallway games slide and but his arm though and cut himself so badly we had to rush him to a hospital. As the living room, the kitchen spanned the width of the house, with windows on both sides and next to the window on the left was the community stair connecting from the garage below to the apartment of the owner above. Continuing to the rear of the house was the bathroom on the left and the pantry to the right, and then finally a spare room on the right and the bedroom shared by my brother and I on the left. Both the spare and our bedroom had windows facing the backyard where below was the entrance to the garage where my father parked his car.

Hunts Point Boulevard actually began at the end of Hunts Point at the East River port of Hunts Point and ended at southern boulevard and 163 Street. It had a cobblestone surface embedded with steel trolley tracks. Because I was so little, I remember it being huge and the way it bowed up in the center and was low at the curbs for sewer drainage. We walked this boulevard often to shop at the Simpson market, visit my grandma, or shop at the Hunts Point market on the steel bridge where there were a variety of shops, especially a cheese shop where my mother was served by a very handsome and kind gentleman. Also on Hunts Point Boulevard lived a little handicapped girl named Theresa from my class in public school. Also, my father’s accountant, Jimmy, lived in big apartment building next to the Wonder Bread factory. We would often stop at this factory late at night to buy fresh baked bread. We’d always smell the bread being baked every time we drove, trollied, or walked by.
There were shops under the building along the way. Some were closed with their glass painted black. Faille Street began at a 45-degree angle off of Hunts Point Boulevard, having some shops and especially our corner grocery owned by Mr. Teitlebaum and across the street from him a corner candy store/luncheonette. It was in this store that I’d buy those sugar dots on paper and for a penny you could watch flip card movies by placing your eyes at a steel view finder and cranking the handle fast or slow as you wish to see a train with smoke coming out, Charlie chaplain running around, etc.

When I was four and half Billy, Ralph and his brother, Johnny, took me every Saturday on the trolley to the YMCA. We’d transfer several times. The trolleys were painted red and yellow with wooden seats and brass bars to prevent falling. On other occasions, we’d hitch a ride on the back of the trolley holding on to the electric cable and spool. We’d ride from the swing park down to the end of trolley line, which was only several blocks east. From that point on, hunts Point Boulevard ended because it was not paved. Also, the rest of Hunts Point was industrial, with factories, military storage and auto repair. At the lower corner, there was an empty l

Al Capone Garage Raided by Eliot Ness & The Untouchables

Al Capone Garage Raided by Eliot Ness & The Untouchables

During Prohibition, Al Capone used a garage here to warehouse cases of illegal alcohol. The stash was located in a hidden room under a drainage outlet in the floor.

Eliot Ness and his "Untouchables" raided the premises in 1929, discovering & destroying $15,000 worth of liquor.

Located at 3419 N. Clark St.

garage floor drainage

garage floor drainage

Auto Care Products 13005 Red Drain Tile Style Tile- case of 40- 12 in. x12 in. Interlocking Tiles

Style Tile has created the ultimate combination of form and function. Style Tile interlocking floor tiles are available in a Tire Tread Pattern, a Coin Pattern and a Drain Tile. With Style Tile, the Drain floor tile is vented allowing dirt, water and debris to fall through. The water evaporates and from time to time, you use a shop-vac and clean the dirt right through your garage floor tile! The beauty is, the dirt is hidden and your new garage floor stays clean. With some garage floor systems, the functionality ends there, but not with Style Tile ! The Drain Tile is designed to interlock with the and compliment the Tire Tread and Coin Pattern tile. The concept is so brilliant, yet so simple. Use the Drain Tile in the areas where your vehicles pull in and in any high traffic areas, like where your kids leave their muddy boots. Any water will drain immediately and therefore not track into the rest of your garage. If you have garage that is more of a workshop, you may want to consider Drain Tile over the entire surface. How to Order Your Style Tile Floor. Begin the layout of your new Style Tile floor, at the open end of the garage (where the car enters). If you are installing the Style Tile floor in a room, start at the doorway to the room. Standing inside the garage (or room) one male side (with tabs) must face outward, towards the street (or door opening) and the other male side facing to your right. It may be helpful to draw out a sketch of the area that you plan to tile. Now that you have the proper alignment of the tiles, you will be able to order edge pieces that will lock into place. The Style Tile can be easily cut to fit, by using a utility knife, circular saw or table saw. When designing the layout and ordering your new Style Tile floor, please keep in mind that all 12" x 12" tiles are packaged and sold 40 tiles to a box (40 sq. ft.). Edge pieces are sold individually. Transform yo

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