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Best Camera World

best camera world

    camera world
  • Ritz Camera & Image is a photographic retail and photofinishing specialty store, headquartered in Beltsville, Maryland. The company currently owns and operates a chain of approximately 300 locations throughout the United States.

It returned from the land of the Dead (The best camera in the world)

It returned from the land of the Dead (The best camera in the world)

It returned from the land of the Dead (The best camera in the world)

I am ultra happy.
It Survived
It returned from the land of the dead.
It must be the most resistant camera in the world.

I learned one thing, it takes more than 3 days, and less than 6 for it to dry and come back to live after a full water drop.

Now, I need a new excuse for a new camera. Or maybe she sensed that I was to buy a replacement and decided it was not its time yet.

Y regreso de la tierra de los muertos. (La mejor camara sobre la faz de la tierra)

Toy super feliz
pues sobrevivio
Regreso de el pais de las camara muertitas
Ha de ser la camara mas resistente en este mundo

Aprendi algo, que toma mas de 3 dias pero menos de 6, pa que se seque por completo y vuelva a funcionar tras una sumergida en agua.

Ahora necesito una nueva excusa para una camara nueva. Capaz que sitio que la iba a desechar y decidio que aun no era tiempo

World War II Appeal

World War II Appeal

Just goes to show how good the old german stuff was. Why didn't they appeal for everything this way? " The British Army needs your Messerschmitt and Tiger Tank Now,,,,,,,,,,,Oh and throw in your BMW R75 motorcycle and Kubelwagen too, if you've got one,,,,,'cos all the stuff like Sherman tanks etc that we're getting off the Americans, and that's going to take us until 2007 to pay off, is complete and utter shit."

best camera world

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