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Best Toys Reviews

best toys reviews

Dante's Inferno

Dante's Inferno

What can I say about Dante's Inferno? It's pretty much God of War poured into a different mold. Probably around 99.9% of the game was straight up lifted out of Kratos' hands but in the end I honestly have to say that I enjoyed it more than God of War (God of War III that is). One of the big reasons being that Dante is not a giant prick, unlike Douche of War, Kratos.

Many liberties were taken when it comes to the story (versus the literary work) but the game revolves around Dante fighting to save the soul of his love, Beatrice. The journey takes you through the 9 circles of hell which consists of some truly impressive, yet disturbing landscapes. While the bulk of the game's mechanics may have been borrowed from God of War, the developers certainly didn't slouch on the implementation.

Dante might not have the polish of God of War, but he is no slouch and there is plenty of hack & slack combat to be found along your quest through hell. Additionally there are two routes you can go when it comes to expanding your combat - Holy & Unholy. You can build both skill trees as you progress through the game, but you’ll need souls in order to do so and getting souls means getting your hands dirty.

Like God of War this game is certainly NSFW or anywhere near children. There is a ton of gore, plenty of disturbing imagery as well as nudity right from the getgo. The developers certainly tried to push boundaries in Dante’s Inferno, and they certainly succeeded. I can only imagine what the meeting was like when the they came up with the idea to have you fight a 200ft topless woman in a giant penis tower with enemies coming out of vagina doors. Oh yeah, the 200ft woman also had babies with razor arms crawling out of her nipples. While that part may have been a bit over the top, I was having too much fun with the game to really care.

Dante’s Inferno might be a clone, but it’s a quality clone and well worth your time. Hell, if you’re wanting to play God of War and down own a PS3 this is certainly the next best thing.

1991 GI Joe Brawler

1991 GI Joe Brawler

The following review is my own opinion. I base the review on five key factors: Playability, color scheme, durability, design aesthetics, and the role it plays in my own Joeverse.

The brawler was one of the latter years Joe vehicles, which means it was a single stamp design, and the neon colors were not easy on the eyes. Despite those two large drawbacks, I rather like the Brawler. It was big and durable, and came equipped with a variety of offensive weapons.
The brawler is armed with two dual barreled machine guns that swivel to the side, Two Surface to Air missiles, and a long range artillery cannon.
As an added play feature it had reactive battle armor that could pop off, and the missiles could really fire via spring mechanism. The brawler I picked up a few years back was missing the front armor panel, and I've never liked the idea of spring loaded weapons that "really fire"
The removable grenades are a nice touch, and I like the front cockpit that holds two figures. One figure sits in the cannon turret, but there aren't any fire controls, so he just sits there. There is room for two additional figures to stand just in front of the spoiler...yes, this thing has a spoiler for "balance during high speed assaults" (Quoted from the blueprints).
The biggest drawback of this vehicle to me is the fact that the artillery cannons turret does not swivel. This vehicle would have earned much higher marks if the turret swiveled. That along with the garish colors make this vehicle average at best.

Playability: 8
Color scheme: 3
Durability: 8
Design aesthetics: 5
Role: 6
Average Score: 6

best toys reviews

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