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Winnie the pooh bath toys - Buy avatar toys - Desktop toys windows 7

Winnie The Pooh Bath Toys

winnie the pooh bath toys

Saber's First Birthday

Saber's First Birthday

Saber turned one today. He is tearing into the gift Goth Girl and I got him. A bag full of goodies. He went right for the "learning puppy" first. That thing annoyed us on the way back from the store after purchasing it. It's a bit scary. We'd think it was off and wouldn't be touching it and yet it would yell out things like "Peekaboo I see you" and I'd scream "Ack Satan".

I have a photo of him climbing into this very bag once he'd emptied it of all the toys. I also have the mandatory birthday cake face shot... along with the bath that earned him. A bath in which he got to play with all his new bath toys. Saber loves baths and his bath toys. He often takes them out of the bath and plays with them throughout the day.

A little piece of childhood

A little piece of childhood

Day 11, January 11th

I loved Winnie the Pooh as a child, and when I was 6 we went to Disney World. With my own money, I bought this - A Winnie the Pooh figurine.

But I wanted a stuffed animal, and I was upset that I didn't have enough money for one. So I made the best of it, and for several months afterward, would take this figurine with me whenever I could. I'm not sure where the chip on the ear came from, but he chipped his nose falling into the tub after I was done in my bath - I would sit him on the edge to wait for me.

I've gotten rid of a lot of my childhood stuff, but somehow, I just need to keep this little guy around.

winnie the pooh bath toys

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