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Galahad Update Gatherer Equipment To Albion Online

Last week there was a patch "Galahad" for MMORPG Albion Online, which gave players a new kind of equipment for gatherers. But not all of you have yet managed to evaluate it personally, so today we sest that you study the developer's review devoted to this innovation.

You can learn how to get this equipment, what skills and spells you can get with it, how useful such things are at the time of resource collection, whether the appearance of such equipment will be updated in the future, what items the set consists of, etc.

"Cap, Garb and Workboots also have passive skills, increasing the amount of collection of a certain type of resources. This means that now you have a chance to get additional materials if you are dressed in the Gatherer Equipment, and not in ordinary clothes. With the increase in the level of equipment, there is a growing chance of increased resource collection. "

Read details: "Albion Online Announced New Gatherer Equipments In Galahad"

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UPAlbion Ensure The Cheapest Price Of Albion Online Gold To Customers

Cross-platform MMORPG Albion Online will provide an opportunity to fight players who will play with PC and mobile platforms.

The game world is divided into many zones, each of which has territories that clans can capture. Albion Online features a developed PvP-component and implies a complete loss of the character's things at death, completely classless system of pumping the character and a lot of customization options for your character.

For many players, they focus on how to make Albion Online fast and how to get albion online gold easily in the game, since they are in need of Albion Online gold to strengthen their weapon and armors.

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Albion Online Released The Galahad Update Trailer Recently

These days, the Sandbox MMORPG Albion Online released the trailer for the upcoming "Galahad" update. Galahad will bring massive changes to the final beta and will allow players to explore Albion in a whole new and improved way. In addition, Sandbox Interactive is releasing the starting times when Founders can get their hands on the much anticipated update.

Galahad is literally reshaping the world players can explore. Not only does it give players a vastly improved user interface, but, after the update, also the whole landscape of Albion will have been reshaped, giving players plenty of new space to explore. Including the new biome cities.

Other major changes have been implemented in the PVE system. New content and challenges awaiting the players include Guardian challenges, group attacks on the Home Bases of the Undead or the Disciples of Morgana, and the all-new expeditions for single players or groups.

To prepare for the update, the Albion Online servers are currently down and the previous game data is being wiped. Legendary Founders will be the first to get their hands on Galahad, with instant access on Monday, March 13, at 12:00 UTC. Epic Founders and Veteran Founders will have access on Tuesday, March 14, and Wednesday, March 15, at 12:00 UTC respectively.

More news about the Galahad update that may be released for "Albion Online" should be made available in the near future. Do you need to fast get Albion Online gold? If you want to get enough gold quickly, is a efficient store to provide you with a huge variety of gold trading.

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UPAlbion Is A Trustworthy Store To Provide Albion Online Products

Albion Online is an excellent game where you can get rich fairly quickly, if you know a few tips and tricks. In our Albion Online guide you will learn how to become a rich man in no time, if you follow it to the letter.

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UPAlbion Announces Availability Of Albion Online Gold For Online Gamers

Albion Online is coming soon to enthrall action role-playing game enthusiasts all over the world. Action role-playing game fans across the world are waiting eagerly for the game and a new excitement is brewing up among them. For all fans of Albion Online, UPAlbion.Com has an unlimited stock of Albion Online Gold, allowing them collect gold to help build the dream team and launch an attack to defeat the opponent team. The online Albion Online gold store remains open 24 hours a day and assures of a safe delivery of items within a few minutes of placing an order.

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