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subota, 25.03.2017.

Galahad Update Gatherer Equipment To Albion Online

Last week there was a patch "Galahad" for MMORPG Albion Online, which gave players a new kind of equipment for gatherers. But not all of you have yet managed to evaluate it personally, so today we sest that you study the developer's review devoted to this innovation.

You can learn how to get this equipment, what skills and spells you can get with it, how useful such things are at the time of resource collection, whether the appearance of such equipment will be updated in the future, what items the set consists of, etc.

"Cap, Garb and Workboots also have passive skills, increasing the amount of collection of a certain type of resources. This means that now you have a chance to get additional materials if you are dressed in the Gatherer Equipment, and not in ordinary clothes. With the increase in the level of equipment, there is a growing chance of increased resource collection. "

Read details: "Albion Online Announced New Gatherer Equipments In Galahad"

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