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Push toy for baby : Consumer reports best baby products 2011.

Push Toy For Baby

push toy for baby

    for baby
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A lion for Leon ....

A lion for Leon ....

This is the topper to go on Leon's two tier Christening cake which I am making for next weekend.

I was asked for a lion to go on the top and as Leon has a toy lion we decided to go down the toy route for the cake decorations.
His mother liked my Noah's Ark Christening cake so I will add a few other animals but again they will be toy versions ....... or at least that's the grand plan!

Although all's OK now (fingers crossed! ) I had a major disaster with this last night ...... I had made the basic lion on Saturday and was thrilled that for once it had turned out just as I visualised it ! I then let it dry overnight before I added the mane yesterday afternoon.

Problem number one was with my very basic plunger type clay gun ..... I physically couldn't push the modelling paste through, so DH was called in to help. Mane on and looking good I retired to have a spell on flickr !

I then returned to the kitchen before I went to bed at 11pm to find that, in spite of a cocktail stick support, my lion's head had slid halfway down his right shoulder obviously due to the weight of his mane! Panic stations! I then had to remove his head ..... trying not to damage it and the mane that had taken so much effort .... add a second cocktail stick and reposition it, this time using royal icing instead of sugar glue!

I hardly dared look this morning ..... but it appears fine .... so far ! With hindsight I should really have gone down the Rice Crispie route for this but having never done that before I was reluctant to experiment !

Anyway I am very pleased with the end result ...... you don't often hear me say that, do you? ....... and I hope the other animals will be less problematical !

The colour scheme for the cake is sandy yellow, baby blue and white. All made of modelling paste ...... sitting on a 6" drum to give you an idea of scale.
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Plush Singing Scooting Alligator $3

Plush Singing Scooting Alligator $3

Cute alligator soft plush toy for babies and toddlers. When you push on his back, he is scooting slowly forward and singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" song! Excellent condition, smoke free/pet free home.

push toy for baby

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