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Baby Co Sleeper Bed

baby co sleeper bed

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baby co sleeper bed - Arm's Reach

Arm's Reach Natural Original Co-Sleeper

Arm's Reach Natural Original Co-Sleeper

The Original Bedside Co-Sleeper allows your baby sleeps snugly and safely alongside your adult bed. Fits beds between 24" high and converts to a bassinet and a play yard.

The Original Bedside Co-Sleeper is a unique creation that allows you and your baby to sleep safely and comfortably next to each other from the moment you both come home. Whether you choose to breastfeed or bottle-feed your baby, the Co-Sleeper enables you to reach over and draw your baby close for feeding without disturbing the warmth and security of either of your beds. Attached to your bed under the mattress, the Co-Sleeper is securely strapped in place and it easily connects to any size bed, including the California King adult bed. By folding up and fitting into a nylon carry bag with a sturdy handle, the Co-Sleeper is portable and able to fit into the overhead compartment of most commercial airlines.

The Original Bedside Co-Sleeper can be converted to a bassinet that holds up to 30 lbs or until your baby can roll from side to side. The Co-Sleeper also converts into a handsome and sturdy play yard with a double trampoline floor and industry-approved safety locking arms. Not intended for use by children old enough to climb out.

The Original Bedside Co-Sleeper includes co-sleeper frame (natural frame with the natural, tan gingham and pink gingham liners and blue frame with the blue gingham liner), one short liner in either deluxe natural, tan gingham, blue gingham or pink gingham fabric (click on large picture for fabrics), one cotton fitted sheet, one inch mattress pad and fits beds 24" high. If your bed is higher than 24", you can purchase Leg Extension Kits. The patented Arm?s Reach Co-Sleeper Frame is made of powder coated steel tubing and the liner and fitted sheet are made of a soft, machine washable 35% cotton/65% polyester fabric. Measures 40" long x 28" wide x 31" high

84% (15)

Armsreach Co-sleeper- 50E

Armsreach Co-sleeper- 50E

Armsreach co-sleeper, this one is for taller beds that use box springs (however our bed doesn't and it worked just fine).

Single height but comes with detachable wheels and ton of storage below. Fantastic if you are breastfeeding through the night. No stumbling in the cold and dark! Packs down into a small but dense package (about 4 kilo) with it's own carry handle and mattress. I'm even throwing in an aqua colored knit sheet, the same size as for the hospital berceau. Clean and ready to use!

Your price: 60 euro

Super crib-o-matic. It's a crib, it's a dresser, it's a super dooper toddler bed!

Super crib-o-matic. It's a crib, it's a dresser, it's a super dooper toddler bed!

Here's baby's crib/dresser combo that we painted white. It's pretty much for looks and for the dresser aspect for now, since baby won't be sleeping in it for some time. We've hooked up a co-sleeper to our bed in the other room for the first months. The most kick-bootie aspect of the crib, other than all the drawers, is that it turns into a toddler bed. Also, check out the rocking worm on the floor from Great Grandma Laura! Sweet as...

baby co sleeper bed

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