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Accommodation in palm cove - Disneyland family hotels

Accommodation In Palm Cove

accommodation in palm cove

Map of Bitung and Tangkoko National park area

Map of Bitung and Tangkoko National park area

Do you want to get the feeling of being united with nature? Tangkoko National Park will give you that feeling. Located near Batu Putih village, it is the home of the smallest monkey in the world: Tangkasi (Tarsius Spectrum). It is also the home of approximately 328 bird species, of which 47 are endemic, as well as typical Sulawesi protected animals such as the Black Macaca Monkey (Macaca nigra), the Hornbill, the Cuscus and the Maleo Bird (Macrocephalon maleo). For more details about these animals, go to the main menu under Flora and Fauna. Also found in this park is the Bitung tree (Barringtonia asiatica) whence the name of the city is taken, and a full range of floral communities, including mangrove, beach, lowland, submontane and elfin cloud forests. Due in part to its history of geographic isolation, Sulawesi has evolved a number of birds and mammals unique to the island. The Tangkoko National Park provides one of the last refuges in North Sulawesi for several of these unique species and is therefore an extremely important conservation region. It comprises an area of 8,718 Ha.

The park boundary runs from the sea to an altitude of 1351m, providing trails from beach forest through gently sloping lowland forest and on up to cloud forests that cling to the edges of volcanic calderas. The reserve contains three volcanoes; the mountain Tangkoko (1149 m), the ash cone of Batuangus which results from an eruption in 1839, and the twin peaks of Dua Saudara (1351 m). The ash cone of Batuangus is almost bare of vegetation and has a lava flow that extends to the sea. Where the lava flow meets the sea, a collapsed tunnel has formed a 400 m long cove that contains coral formations and the only mangrove habitat in the reserve.
The 5 km loop trail on the lower north face of Mt. Tangkoko is a perfect trail for early morning exploration for macaques, hornbills and other birds. The trail passes through beach and lowland rainforest and territories of at least three macaque groups. During hornbill breeding season your guide can show you several nest sites along the trail. One particularly dramatic fig tree known as the 'Beringin Lobang' (hole of tree Ficus benyamina) is located on this trail. The host tree of this strangler died and rotted long ago. The fig remains as a free-standing tree with its hollow interior mirroring the form of the original host.
Mountain trail: This 6 km trail leads to the peak of Mt. Tangkoko and allows the hiker to appreciate all habitat types. The climb is fairly strenuous and generally takes about 4-5 hours to reach the top. It is best to depart in the early morning so as to arrive when the weather is best on top. The views of the 1 km wide caldera, neighboring Lembeh island and the city of Bitung can be spectacular. Ask your guide to point out some of the numerous pitcher plants that grow on the caldera's rim.

Snorkeling & bird-watching Batuangus: Batuangus cove provides excellent opportunities for snorkeling and bird-watching. Mangroves line the coral formations at the mouth of the cove and provide habitat for kingfishers, herons and egrets. Birding along the coast to and from the cove is also rewarding. Here, white-bellied sea-eagles and caves with nesting glossy swiftlets may be seen.
Maleo watching: Less than 500m uphill from the Rumasung beach one may visit the only remaining maleo nesting grounds. Although the chances of glimpsing this rare and endangered bird are not 100%, those that arrive before 5 AM with a skilled guide have a good chance.
Tarsier viewing: Tarsier may be viewed in the early dawn or at dusk around their sleeping trees. The most rewarding experience will be for those in small groups who quietly move around the tree spotting tarsiers as they leap in and out. Be considerate of their extremely sensitive eyes when using your flashlight.

Tangkoko National Park can be reached by public transportation from the Girian terminal. The most popular form of transportation in this area is the "Rambo" (roofless Jeep willis). Accommodations are available for overnight stays. One of them is the Benteng Beach and Jungle Resort and Divecenter, located in Batu Putih village.
Go to the Fauna and Flora menu to see pictures of some animals in Tangkoko National Park.

Mount Batu Angus (1,100 m) is located at the eastern part of Makawidey village. It is an active volcano. Its name means burnt rock which reflects the fact that it is surrounded by burnt rocks that emerge from the congealed lava.

Mount Duasudara (1,351m) is a twin peak located near Duasudara village. There is a legend that the two peaks represent a brother and sister, who transgressed and were cursed.

Located a few kilometers from the City of Bitung, this bay resort enjoys mild breezes which flow through thousands of coconut palms, seen in every direction. As you relax in this paradise, you will enjoy spectacular offshor

Candidasa sunset

Candidasa sunset

Nikon D90
Tokina 11-16 @13mm
Exposure 1/4 sec
Aperture F/16
Iso 100
Single Raw shot, no filters used


Candidasa is a coastal town in East Bali.
This is a laid back and very relaxing area of Bali with a wide range of accommodation options. Many visitors, especially Europeans, combine a stay in the hotspots of south Bali with a more relaxed break here. The black sand beaches are very narrow and often disappear altogether at high tide.
In Candidasa there is not much beach, especially at high tide. Concrete breakwaters run parallel to the shore for the length of the town.
There is a quiet and little visited black sand beach west of Candidasa proper called Pantai Labuan Amok. Although it has an unsightly Pertamina oil terminal at one end, this is a clean beach in a pretty bay, and the offshore waters offer good snorkeling with live coral in shallow waters. There are many other small coves and bays to explore in this area and all visitors are encouraged to do so.
Five kilometres north east of Candidasa is Pasir Putih (White Sand Beach), one of East Bali's well-kept secrets. It's a five hundred metre long, isolated, beautiful, white sand beach fringed with coconut palms. There are a few warungs (small shops) who rent sunbeds and umbrellas. Massage ladies make it into a tourist place.

accommodation in palm cove

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