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Dakota Atomic Watch

dakota atomic watch

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Dakota is one of Gypsy's kittens. Now 3 yrs old, she is strong minded, curious and a bundle of energy. An absolute delight.

Dakota at Palm Springs Air Museum 476423

Dakota at Palm Springs Air Museum 476423

Dakota at Palm Springs Air Museum with some snow on the mountains in the background

dakota atomic watch

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319 watch battery

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American pronghorn antelope

American pronghorn antelope

I saw hundreds of pronghorn antelope on this road trip. Most in Nevada and Wyoming. These "built for purpose" animals have long fascinated me. If you know their basics, you should skip the next paragraphs of narrative:

Pronghorn Antelope [Antilcapra americana] are not true antelope but as we call American bison, by the mistaken name of buffalo, the pronghorn handle is with us.

They can't jump, though they look like they could and should be able to. When they come to a fence they either crawl through it or under it at astonishingly high speeds at time.

I watched four male pronghorn in Wyoming do this, one after the other, and got a few photos of that, which I will post when I get to the Wyoming section of this road trip photo stream.

Pronghorn antelope have horns, not antlers. Males always have them, females sometimes. They do shed the outer layer of their horn, but never the entire horn itsel.

Antlers are shed and regrown every year. Moose, elk, and deer have antlers. Bighorn Sheep, mountain goat, and pronghorn antelope...have horns.

Male pronghorns have a black crescent marking at the back of their lower jaw, while females do not.

They are custom built for speed and endurance and can run over 40 mph for long distances, easily outrunning any natural predator, when healthy.

They are extremely curious and will approach anything that captures their attention. Again, in Wyoming I was photographing a small herd, when two of the females, started walking intently and with purpose, directly to my red pickup truck, which is what I think caught their fancy.

Day two of my 8 day road trip provided some fun driving and extreme contrasts. The first night I had camped in the back of my pickup truck at close to 6,000 feet at Wildhorse Crossing campground, south of Mountain City, Nevada. I woke up with the entire truck encapsulated with a sheet of ice the next morning.

As I drove south from my camp at Wildhorse Crossing I had the heater of my old pickup truck on “high”. I crossed over from Elko to Wells, Nevada to drive one of my favorite routes north/south, through Nevada: Highway 93. Whenever I can I take this route over the interstate route through Salt Lake City.

NOTE: the fact that this route passes through “Jackpot, Nevada” and the penny slot machines at Cactus Pete’s, has special appeal to my wife, and is a must short stop, when traveling with her. Jackpot is on the Idaho/Nevada border so joined highway 93 well south of Jackpot at….Wells, Nevada.

My route down highway 93 from Wells to Panaca, Nevada travels a high desert valley with little traffic. It is easy to pull over along the highway whenever a landscape or pronghorn antelope, demand a photo op.

Once at Panaca, I would turn off highway 93 and take Nevada highway 319 over into Utah and then a seldom driven Utah highway 120 over to Enterprise, Utah. Along the way I would see some of the latest and finest U.S. fighter planes, making low level runs through the sage covered hills of Bull Valley (the fighters were probably from Area 52 in Nevada - HA!).

After a HUGE hamburger, onion rings, and vanilla shake (Yes I know, I tend to be “bad” when eating on a long road trip), at Enterprise, Utah - - I turned south on Utah highway 18 to make my way to Veyo and ultimately Snow Canyon State Park near St. George, Utah.

When you travel down highway 18 south from Enterprise to Veyo, you pass the location one of U.S. history’s sad chapters and to my way of thinking sad commentary on contemporary “Utah”. It is the site of the Mountain Meadow Massacre. I won’t get into the story but if you want a balanced description of what happened here read the bestseller by Jon Krakauer titled “Under the Banner of Heaven”.

I have visited the site twice and grimaced at the defaced plaques marking the site. Seems some folks want to deny what happened in the past. Utah maps will not show “Mountain Meadows Massacre”. If you find a sign at all it has the gentler “Mountain Meadows” label. If you read the big metal plaque at Navajo Bridge on the Utah side of the Colorado River, you will think that John D. Lee was a “great guy and pioneer”, who developed and ran “Lee’s Ferry” across the Colorado. You won’t see anything on the plaque about his involvement in the Mountain Meadow Massacre.

So with all of that in mind, I glanced over at the Mountain Meadow massacre site, as I drive south on highway 18, but didn’t bother to stop. There were better things to see and think about.

I had never visited Snow Canyon State Park. In fact, I didn’t even know it existed though I have visited nearby Zion National Park, many times over the years. It is a gem. There is no other way to describe it and a wonderful place to camp and hike, which I did. I also didn’t know that some of my favorite movies had filmed segments within the park: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and Jeremiah Johnson, to name two.

If you stay at the campground at Snow Canyon, be sure to stop in the visitor’s center



Sgt. 1st Class Julian Romo, a platoon sergeant assigned to the 2nd Brigade, 82nd Airborne Division’s A Battery, 2nd Battalion, 319th Airborne Field Artillery Regiment, watches a target through binoculars during an air-ground integration training exercise on a range in Fallujah, Iraq, Sept. 24. During the exercise, forward observers assigned to the 2/82’s C Co., 1st Battalion, 325th Airborne Infantry Regiment, and truck drivers from the battalion’s Forward Support Company, E Co., 407th Brigade Support Battalion, directed Apache helicopters to fire on an objective. This training familiarized the drivers with talking to the aircraft in case they have to call for fire to protect themselves on one of their many logistical convoys in the Anbar Province. Romo is a native of Los Angeles, Calif. (U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Kissta M. Feldner, 2/82 PAO.)

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DAVID KEREKES - Underground Press Publisher

DAVID KEREKES - Underground Press Publisher

David is the co-creator and editor of Headpress (now releasing it's 27th bumper edition), the journal dedicated to sex, religion and death. Headpress boasts an incredible catalogue of film and counterculture book titles and has recently moved its offices to London.

These pictures were taken in Manchester, England on a cold Autumn night.

Here is the original interview from Naked - Magazine of the Weird and Wonderful:

The year is 1991. You are standing in your favourite, dusty comic shop. You know the one. It’s the place the council is trying to close down because of all those “strange characters” which frequent the establishment. They’re odd, morose folk who like nothing more than wading through poorly printed kids comics that deprave the mind. And let’s not mention those magazines they have for sale. Ohmygod, have you ever seen anything like it? Of course, it’s also rumoured that the sweaty bloke that works on the weekends sells certain types of horror movies (and ‘other’ sorts of films too) if you ask him surreptitiously. You just haven’t got the nerve though.

So you are there again, but sadly this Saturday afternoon’s excursion has so far proved fruitless. You are in desperate need of a good read…something different than the usual fare. You’ve already bought all the regulars this month and you’re just bored of the usual fare. But wait! What’s this? Something tucked behind that smutty looking men’s magazine. You give the corner of its blood-red cover a tug…

“Headpress…hmm…curious…” You continue to read the cover. “Bizarre culture, deviant conceptions...” Sounds interesting.

Realising the potential for depravity you hold in your hands, you quickly glance left and right to check you aren’t being watched. That sweaty bloke behind the counter is looking more and more like Jack Elam in Once Upon A Time In The West.

You turn the page. Inside…something strange.

Can this be real? An article discussing Mr. Punch as a “sex-killer puppet.” And here, an interview with Deborah Ryder, a publisher of bondage books. Strange sado-erotic illustrations are dotted around. This thing looks so seedy and odd! You flick through the coarse-toothed paper with photocopied typewriter text and find a piece on some Finnish detective series next to a discussion of cafe culture. Your mind is boggling! If all this eclecticism isn’t enough to start you salivating with delight, you turn to the back page (home of all good things) to find that Headpress are selling VHS copies of Jorg Buttgereit’s Der Todesking on mail order, the director that made the infamous nastie Nekromanitic.

You smile smugly as you walk over to Jack Elam. He looks you up and down like he’s about to spit his tobacco in your face. You place the copy of Headpress issue one on the table, pushing aside the Judge Dread movie standee. You don’t have to shit yourself anymore about asking this guy about his video tape collection. You’ve found your sole source for an underground tap of filth, depravity and weirdness. There’s never been anything like it on the shelves before. Its name is Headpress.

Headpress was the brainchild of three misanthrope individuals with oddly the same first name; David Kerekes, David Flynt and David Slater. The only remainng member of this triumphant at the magazine is Kerekes, shaven-headed and bizarrely mild-mannered . We are sat talking in his Manchester home. He explains the creation of the magazine:

“We were all into films and decided to put Jorg Buttgereit’s Der Todesking through the BBFC, because he was the director of Nekromantic which was pretty infamous at the time. We thought his new film could legitimately come out without being too battered by the BBFC. So we got it through and did a limited edition of about five hundred on VHS, the quantity we could afford to do. It took a long, long time but we sold those and thought, ‘well, what are we going to do now? We’ve got our money back, do we split the profits three ways or do we put it together and do something else?’ The magazine was for all of us, the logical thing to do. That was how Headpress came about.”

With no desire to launch yet another film magazine into the market, the three David’s fell upon the idea of a journal which, “encourages people to write anything they want to write about.” If the editorial team felt the subject matter was interesting enough, they would print it. Of course, if this seems a little vague to you, don’t worry, because the three David’s found the same response too. And so, they came up with the idea of giving the magazine a subtitle that would point people in the right direction. Sort of. First it was ‘Bizarre Culture, Deviant Conception, Cinematic Extremes’ on the early issues just to let people know that it wasn’t just about films, then more successfully ‘The Journal of Sex, Religion and Death’:

“I kind of liked the idea that Headpress should be about something. I kind of stole it from Fortean



This is Liz: PloesiePoesie #042. She was named after Liz Mitchell, who was a member of Boney M.! Cat’s cannot be any sweeter than Liz. She wants to hug and be hed forever. She’s made of brown fleece and has a tiger patch on her belly. Liz is 14” tall.

Each PloesiePoesie is 100% handmade and 100% unique. There are no 2 alike. And... just like real cats each PloesiePoesie has a unique name and a unique character. Every PloesiePoesie is tagged with it’s unique number and comes with a personal behavioral guide. In this guide you will find 10 tips, favorites and character features of your own PloesiePoesie. It’s very important that you check these guidelines carefully to see if you and this PloesiePoesie are a good match.

These are the 10 tips, favorites and character features of Liz:

1. Please don’t wash me. I’m scared of water.

2. Since I was named after Liz, I love listening to songs of Boney M.! My favorite song is ‘Rivers of Babylon’. “By the rivers of Babylon / there we sat down / Ye-eah we wept / when we remembered zion. By the rivers of Babylon / There we sat down / Ye-eah we wept / when we remembered zion!”

3. I like wearing flip-flops. The sound of the flipping and flopping always makes me happy and think of the summer.

4. I’m into yoga. I can stretch and bend my body in very awkward positions.

5. My favorite food are ‘frikadellen’. It’s a typical Dutch meat thing that gets fried. They say it has a lot of different sorts of meat in it, mostly leftovers.

6. I like rubbing my face to yours and lick your eyebrows and forehead.

7. The loveliest flowers in the world must be forget-me-nots.

8. I enjoy reading romantic novels and watching romantic movies.

9. The thing I love most is hing and hing and more hing. I can do that all day. Sometimes I forget to eat while I’m busy hing.

10. My biggest dream is to visit Kenia on day and go on a safari and meet some real tigers. I hope they don’t bite.

For more information about this or other PloesiePoesies, please send me an e-mail.

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Expensive Pocket Watches

expensive pocket watches

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#191: Another Doggie Drama

#191: Another Doggie Drama

Oscar has a fetish. He loves underwear. My underwear. He loves to eat it. After a few scary incidents where I had to pull a half swallowed pair of underwear out of his throat while he choked and gagged, we learned to lock up all underwear.

Staying in Sonoma on Sunday, we put the suitcases in the closet since they had underwear in one of the half zipped pockets on the outside. No problem for Oscar, since the door had a latch instead of a door knob, he just jumped up and tripped the latch. Then he unzipped the pocket and proceeded to devour a full pair of underwear. When I finally caught him, there were only a few inch long scraps left.

We've been anxiously watching him since then to monitor if anything comes out either end. But he seemed to be eating and pooing as usual, so we began to wonder if we were mistaken.

Then Tuesday, it all started to go downhill. He began choking and gagging, but when he almost threw something up, he'd quickly swallow it back down. I spent two hours locked in the bathroom with him, trying to get my fingers down his throat as he retched to grab what looked like a piece of cloth coming up. When I finally realized I just wasn't going to get whatever he wasn't going to let come up, I called the vet who got him booked for emergency surgery. As I was on the phone, Oscar horked up a huge compressed ball of fabric. So I spent the next half hour, on vet's orders, unravelling the ball and trying to reassemble the underwear to make sure we had all of it. Before I nearly fainted from the gagging, I called it done. Then he threw up an elastic waistband just for good measure and I thought we had to have it all. I left for a few hours only to come back and find him looking really distressed. Took him to the vet who X-rayed him, declared there was a dangerous blockage and booked him for surgery at the emergency clinic.

Four hours later, the clinic told me I might as well go home, they were keeping Oscar for emergency rehydration, evaluation and more tests and might do surgery in the morning.

I was told to come back at 6AM at which time the vet would tell me the prognosis and if Oscar needed surgery. Good news: after $700 of expensive Xrays and Ultra-sounds, plus rehydration with an IV, Oscar was declared "absolutely cleared out". Just to double check, I said, "So you are completely sure that there is no cloth left in him?"

"Absolutely", said the vet, "These tests are very sophisticated. They'd pick up anything."

We left the vet's and four paces outside his door, Oscar squatted and produced a foot long piece of cloth. So much for diagnostics and the powers of veterinary technology.

But the good news is he's doing well and milking it for all it's worth. Here he is relaxing on the bed on a decorative sham (he didn't really want to lie on just a cotton pillow case) watching Law & Order.

Next step for me: pet insurance.

Day 25 - The identity of one changes with how one percieves reality.

Day 25 - The identity of one changes with how one percieves reality.

Today was our last day of school for a week and a half for vacation. Yay for sleeping in! :D
So, I gave all my gifts today and I felt good, haha. Most of them I could tell liked what I bought them, but the other's were like, unreadable. Well, oh well. OH! And my ex (Or his brother, I don't know which... The cards were lose in the bag they gave me) gave me this really nice necklace thing, BUT! It's like a pocket watch, only on a necklace :D I'm still wearing it. But I feel bad because it's from a store called "Things Remembered", and it's kind of an expensive store because they engrave on silver and sell silver products. =/ But I still love it. It was so thoughtful. And the other one gave me a cute ornament with a girl roundhouse kicking =] Their cards were nice too.
So I guess it was a good day. Not to tough at school... History was good =] Then again, when isn't it? It's like the only class I really love. Seriously, I love that class. I'm doing really well too =]
Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Wooh hoo! And then, Christmas! Well, and Hannuka. My Dad's side of the family is Jewish, so we're celebrating it on Christmas because my grandparents weren't able to make it the first day of Hannuka because of all the snow we were getting.
.... Day 25 =] Fun stuff.

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Fefe Dobson Watch Me Move Mp3 - Watch Ncis Under Covers - Best Prices For Watches.

Fefe Dobson Watch Me Move Mp3

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  • Felicia "Fefe" Lily Dobson (born February 28, 1985) is a Canadian singer-songwriter and model.

  • Fefe Dobson is the eponymous debut album of Canadian singer-songwriter Fefe Dobson. It was released on December 9, 2003. The album was co-written by Dobson with producers Jay Levine and James Bryan McCollum. The album debuted at number 1 on Billboard's Heatseekers Albums Chart.

    watch me
  • Watch Me is an album by American country music singer Lorrie Morgan. It was released on 9 October 1992.

  • indicates that climber may fall.

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  • MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 Audio Layer 3 (or III), more commonly referred to as MP3, is a patented digital audio encoding format using a form of lossy data compression.

  • MP3 is M. Pokora's third studio album, which was released March 24, 2008 in France and will be available in 27 countries. The album is available in three editions: original, limited, and collector's.

  • MP3 is the third major release by the band Marcy Playground. It was released on March 23, 2004.

Fefe Dobson

Fefe Dobson

Fefe Dobson, born February 28, 1985 in Scarborough, Ontario, is a Canadian singer-songwriter and model. Her 2003 self-titled debut album earned her two Juno Award nominations.

Photo taken on July 11, 2011 during a live performance at the Calgary Stampede on the Coca-Cola Stage in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Fefe Dobson

Fefe Dobson

Canadian singer/songwriter Fefe Dobson performing on the Virgin Mobile stage during the Grand Prix weekend in Montreal.


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Navy Seals

Navy Seals

A member of the U.S. Navy Seals parachute team, the Leap Frogs, descends into the stadium at the start of Saturday's session of the Drake Relays. The very next night the Navy Seals were in news reports around the world for their role in taking out Osama bin Laden.

Navy SEAL training

Navy SEAL training

Navy SEALS running in the sand, sitting, and collapsed.

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Watch, standing on coffee table while I was holding a camera.

527SGXG 3,800,000

527SGXG 3,800,000

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"Alea iacta est" ................(THE DIE HAS BEEN CAST)

The War in Wisconsin
By Ross Kaminsky on 2.18.11 @ 9:23AM

Wisconsin's State Senate Democrats fled the state on Thursday rather than going to work where their presence would have allowed a vote on state budget cuts and controversial rollbacks of public sector union collective bargaining rights in the state that has had them longer than any other. It's not the budget vote precisely that they're avoiding but rather a provision that would essentially strip teachers unions of collective bargaining rights, something no public sector employee should have anyway.

The police were sent, without results, to find even one Democrat to bring back to the Wisconsin State Senate. The leftist Washington Post columnist Greg Sargent spoke to one of the brave Democrats who said they would all stay away until the collective bargaining provision was taken out of the budget.

The War in Wisconsin is, due to its relative simplicity, perhaps the clearest yet demonstration to the American people of three key facts, most of which everyone knows deep down but only a small subset (often called "conservatives" or those evil "libertarians") actually believe:

• Democrats care more about protecting union wealth and power than any other political goal.

• Democrats care only for outcome, not for rules, process, or even democracy itself if the people inconveniently elect Republicans, and

• The media is made up of partisan Democrats in a way that makes them a reliable source of propaganda and an unreliable source of information.

I thought initially that this issue would be a political winner for Republicans -- perhaps even more so outside Wisconsin as we watch the cheesehead spectacle. In fact, if the GOP were smart, they'd make a BIG issue out of teachers taking kids out of school to come protest.

Now I'm nearly sure that it's a winner for Republicans because Barack Obama has jumped into the fray, sesting that the move against public sector collective bargaining "seems like an assault on unions." First, YES! Say it loud and proud! We should (non-physically) assault public sector unions at every turn for the sake of our nation's economic and political health. Second, and more germane to today, eliminating collective bargaining for public employees is a critical step toward restoring budget sanity to any state.

The left is going all-in to stop this vote, realizing it could be the crack in the dam allowing widespread disallowance of public sector collective bargaining rights, which are one of the key reasons that the past couple of decades has seen the pay of government employees -- who have unbelievable job security and benefits -- go from somewhat under the private sector to far over the private sector. Obama's campaign apparatus is busing in people to protest -- the old rent-a-mob trick aka "astroturf," always done by the left and always charged as a ploy of the right. As Quin Hillyer points out, however, the left "want their targets… to feel fear of the mob."

While many or even most public sector jobs are useful and some are even necessary, public sector unions are neither. They are leeches sucking the blood of the body politic. Actually, that's unfair to leeches because they know to get off before they kill the host, leaving the host to recover for a later blood-letting. Democrat leaders and unions (sorry for the redundancy) believe that they're sucking the blood from a host with unlimited supply, or at least one who can be forced to be such as long as unions spend a big percentage of their dues helping Democrats get elected. They must have been shocked to learn that even a host as accustomed to being bled as Wisconsin cried "no more parasites!" in the last election.

Trying to reattach their teeth to the vital pulse of the state, teachers across the state called in sick Thursday and Friday, with some of them encouraging their students to do the same or to walk out of classes. A high school student interviewed on television yesterday marching in front of the state capitol was asked why he was there and he said "to stop whatever it is they're doing here today." If that's the quality of the public education they're receiving, perhaps there's a silver lining to the teacher sick-out, but causing kids to hate, and I do mean hate, one political party without giving them any real understanding of an issue is not just bad teaching. It's immoral, un-American, and unacceptable.

Similar intentional twisting of words and reality was made by Wisconsin Senate Minority Leader Mark Miller, who said that the Democrats had left the State Senate because they were "trying to allow opportunity for democracy to work." In other words, democracy means "We won the election, we wrote the bill," as Nancy Pelosi famously said, only when Democrats are in charge. If Republicans have a ma

Airplane sketches - 71906

Airplane sketches - 71906

As I returned from Illinois to California I took out my little pocket Moleskine sketchbook and decided to pass some time and try to draw what I saw around me. One woman was multi-tasking (trying to write a note, talk to her three kids and complete a Sudoku puzzle), another woman read part of a book and dozed a bit, some watched the in-flight movie and the guy next to me was working his iPod. Having an aisle seat can be fun!

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Hadley – Be The DIY Sex Change You Want To See In The World

Hadley – Be The DIY Sex Change You Want To See In The World

Hadley IS Jacinta, one of Canberra’s most tolerated motivational speakers and conceptual transvestite. In Be The Do-It-Yourself Sex Change You Want To See In The World, Jacinta will be your guide through techniques and lessons to help you be the you that you want to be! Through autobiographical anecdotes, reflecting on her great grandma’s battle with the Nazis in an effort to derail Operation Hello Ladies, the Fuhrer’s dastardly plan to unleash a nuclear powered transvestite bomb on the world, Jacinta will help you be the you that you may not even know you can be!

It’s time to stop being the you you don’t want to be, and start being the you you’ve always known you are! It’s time to dance like no one is watching (nude, at your great grandmother’s funeral), sing like you don’t know the words, and be! be! be! the do-it-yourself sex change you want to see in the world!

Jacinta is the poetry-howling, motivational speaking, conceptual transvestite alter-ego of Canberra based writer/performer Adam Hadley.

Impeccably attired, vaguely confused and excited to see you, Jacinta straddles the divide between poet and performer, man and woman, dog and bicycle. With flailing arms he mashes together drunken laments, campy melodrama, theatrical fairy tales and high-speed slapstick.

Hadley is one of the conspirators behind popular Canberra Poetry Smash BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT!, and has performed poetry and spoken word at The National Folk Festival, Kangaroo Valley Folk Festival, Melbourne’s Babble Slam, Crack Theatre Festival, National Young Writers Festival and Woodford Folk Festival, where he won the WordFood slam in 2008. He has represented Canberra twice in the National Poetry Slam at the Sydney Opera House.

As always, she is here to help.


Theatre 1: HOW TO SEX
The opening double-bill of the festival’s theatre-stream. This is all about you not being scared of anything, ever, don’t get hung up, just get to Smiths and experience Hadley’s Be The DIY-Sex Change You Want To See In The World and blind’s This Is Patient Zero: A Christian Guide To Intimate Sexuality.
6.30-7.30pm Thursday 10 March, Smiths Alternative Bookshop

Theatre 2: Mashing-Up Plays
A triple-bill, godammit! The float-like-a-butterfly-sting-like-a-bee miracle of Jess Bellamy’s Celebrity Healing, the better-than-the-best-medicine-you-ever-had-before rejuvenation of Hadley’s DIY-Sex Change, and the straight-up-headlights-through-the-fog finality of Ira Gamerman’s Dated – finely spliced together by the eagle-on-the-turntables mixing skill of the You Are Here festival, then upturned in a bookshop, for christ’s sake. A bookshop, yeah? And not just any bookshop – Smiths Alternative Bookshop.
6.30-8pm Friday 11 March, Smiths Alternative Bookshop

Theatre 3: Pub Crawl
A theatre triple-bill featuring Jess Bellamy’s Celebrity Healing, Hadley’s Be The DIY-Sex Change You Want To See In The World, and blind’s This Is Patient Zero: A Christian Guide To Intimate Sexuality.
3.30-5pm Saturday 12 March, PJ O’Reillys Pub, Melbourne Building

Theatre 4: Roasters After-Hours Barrage
This once-in-a-lifetime live event showcases the entire back-catalogue of Walt Disney. From Mickey Mouse and Steamboat Willie to Camp Rock and the Jonas Brothers, the trio of blind, Hadley and Ira Gamerman take the audience on a high-speed race around the Circle of Life in just 90 minutes.
5-6.30pm Tuesday 15 March, Roasters Cafe, Braddon



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Project 365 #96: 060409 Spreading The Good News...

Project 365 #96: 060409 Spreading The Good News...

Today was a flat day in so many ways. Things weren't working well in work and we're behind schedule. No problem, we'll catch up. But at ten to eleven my watch stopped. Bah.

I stopped into a place on my way home to get a new battery. He split the case and checked the battery, only to find that it was ok. He thought that the problem might be the hand alignment, but during the process one of the numeral battens had come off! The watchmaker was off until the following week, and I left the shop feeling pretty despondent. My watch and I have been through a lot together.

When I got home my bro sested that I take it to the Phoenix Watch Company in town, and that's what I wanted to do in the first place, but I knew that they'd closed long ago. Well, he thought otherwise and searched the net. Following a quick phone call, sure enough the place was still open and had never been closed. This closure clearly happened in my head.

I trotted straight down there to drop the watch off, and they confirmed that the hand alignment was 'all over the place'.

They stripped the watch, whilst I was there, realigned the hands, refitted the batten and put it all back together. I've been told to try it for 24 hours. If it's still working then it will almost certainly stay working, but as a worst case they'll just fit a whole new movement and that would be less than fifty quid - result!

The best was yet to come - they wouldn't charge me, and refused to take money. Despite explaining the flaw in this business model they were resolute, and instead said I should tell a thousand of my friends that they're still there and still working.

Well that process begins here! The Phoenix Watch Company, on the first floor at 13a/15a Richmond Street just off Whitechapel is very much alive and well.

The work is first rate, and they can handle everything from a simple battery replacement on your Sekonda to a complete tear down, service and rebuild of your Rolex. And they're nice people.

Thanks Phoenix! Call them on 0151 708 6437 and get something mended. Then I'll only have 999 friends to go. :)

april 15, 2008

april 15, 2008

...this watch means so much to me because it has been my dependable time keeper for years and served me well while in iraq...it has survived more abuse than any other watch i have ever had...

...one problem that bugs the heck out of me...you can't get the rear cover off with any tools available...even my local battery store that stands by it's "we have a battery for anything" motto couldn't remove the cover, which means i have to send it off for battery & seal replacement ($$$aargh)...

...oh well, i have it back now and the old timex goes back into the drawer...

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Public Enemy No1.

Public Enemy No1.

Another moaning write up I am afraid, normally I am a happy person... honestly!

As frequently reported in Amateur photographer and other photographic magazines, it seems photographers are being viewed more and more with suspicion. You can't take photos of your children in the nativity play anymore, just in case you are a closet dodgy person, then of course there are all the reports of the over zealous security guards, not letting you take pictures in shopping centres, fish and chip shops, public buildings, town centres!
It starts to feel more and more like photography is equivalent in crime status to murder!

My frustration was possibly initially raised from the fact that I haven't shot anything properly since October. Today, the weather was perfect, and someone had set me the task of shooting this location and I was champing at the bit to get it in the bag. I got to the location in plenty of time, walked it out, decided the best place to stand, set up in good time, so then I settled down to wait for the conditions to become right.

Alas, just as the light started to become nothing short of perfect, a family walked up to the chapel and stood in a row along the wall staring at me with their arms folded. And there they all stood for 40 minutes, while their kids played on the rocks in front of the church over the water. It became a stand off. I wasn't going anywhere until the light was gone, they weren't going anywhere until I was gone.

I checked behind me to make sure there wasn't something else they were watching: or that I was in some way ruining something for them, but the sun was too high in the sky still for them to be sunset watching, there were no dramatic or rare birds flitting around only a few ducks. I could only come to the conclusion that they were watching me, and I could only assume they were watching me because they had children, I had a camera and they perceived me to be a threat! They weren't talking to one another, just staring at me, but I carried on shooting, I was doing 30 second exposures with the ten stop filter, so the fact the kids were moving around meant they didn't even appear, but the fact the adults were standing still meant I had to delete the majority of the shots I took as they appeared in each.

I was watching, quite amazed, as the kids were clambering over these rocks, completely unobserved by the adults, one came very close to falling in, at the end of the jetty, where I can only presume it was deep, not to mention the fact that there was ice on the edge of the water that it would have been cold, sad they were trying to protect children from a photograph, but not from drowning.
They would have seen I was there before they arrived, so I truly don't understand it.

If that wasn't their problem, and I tried to look for all possible explainations so that I wasn't just being paranoid, then I can only conclude that they purely just did it to intentionally annoy me and ruin the shot which is possibly even worse, but either way, what is it about a camera and tripod which instantly makes people view us with contempt?

Thankfully, one of the kids started screaming and they all eventually cleared off, and I was able to get 3 shots in before the light died. Very frustrating though. They would have enjoyed the location so much more from any other point around the immediate coastline, but leaning up against a church, looking at the view over a mud bank, seemed strange but never mind, each to their own, and I am sure they enjoyed their time there.

Thankfully, so did I: some lovely fresh air, sunlight, a bit of exersize, and some soothing and relaxing water sounds and I felt quite envigorated. And I got a picture I was happy with. Even if I now shall wait to see if I appear on the next episode of Crimewatch.

My next photo write up - I resolve not to moan in!! ;)

(Incidentally, this was once a full size church, but when they built the reservoir and flooded it, it was actually under the water level, so this is half submerged)

365x2.124 - OUCH.

365x2.124 - OUCH.

may 4, 2010 - the headache that i woke up with on sunday was still lingering a little bit yesterday. sometime between last night and this morning, the pain got nice and comfy in one of my teeth. when i described my symptoms to others, they told me it was most likely my sinuses, but it just kept getting more and more intense and felt like NERVE pain. (and believe me when i tell you that i KNOW nerve pain, people - i've had SINGLES.)

i got in bed at 9:30 and and spent the next three hours tossing and turning and rocking back & forth and pacing around the house and pretty much full out bawling. around 12:30, i gave up on sleep and went out to the living room to watch my DVR'd episode of lost from earlier in the evening. needless to say, WORST MISTAKE EVER. i think i finally passed out sometime after 2:00.

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Bye-drangea ~ the Season Finale

Bye-drangea ~ the Season Finale

It's that time again. The leaves are falling ... the frosts have settled in ... the colorful palette and abundance of the growing season have taken their final bows ... giving way to a more neutral color scheme and soft blankets of snow.

In the garden, it's a time of rest ... for the plants ... and the gardener. Maybe that's what makes the final flush of bloom so memorable and so valuable.

As autumn played her closing scene, this potted hydrangea graced the stage with one last reminder of the beauty of the exiting season ... a single panicle of blossoms ... welcoming winter ... and warming our hearts.

What a wonderful season finale.

May your Christmas be merry, your New Year filled with peace.


Season finale week

Season finale week

OMG - OK so it is getting to season finale week/time

I just watched the finale to Fringe (AWESOME!!) The Mentalist (Yeah, OK) and Grey's Anatomy (OMG WTF NFW YHTBFKM!!!)

I feel drained - and I'm about to hit a night shift :P

Give me strength

(SOOC image above)

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Peoples Choice Awards - 25

Peoples Choice Awards - 25

The People's Choice Awards and After Party.

Guys Choice Awards 5-30-09

Guys Choice Awards 5-30-09

Guys Choice Awards 5-30-09

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Watching the Masters live on the iPhone #yam #fb

Watching the Masters live on the iPhone #yam #fb

Intersting that CBS isn't behind this iPhone app. Seems like the
tournament itself is. No commercials durring the live feed.


golf live

golf live

ben wasnt too pleased but i was over the moon! monty, poulter, casey and goosen were in show :)

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As most of my regular viewers know, I have been battling depression for the past several years, although mine is of the situational variety rather than the clinical. And as I have also frequently mentioned both here and elsewhere, ballroom dancing, considered strictly in terms of its value as therapy, is easily the best thing I have ever done. Simply put, it makes me happy; and if I can't be out on the floor dancing, being able to photograph it is the next-best thing. To the surprise of some, I did not follow the most recent season of "So You Think You Can Dance," which concluded just a few days ago; but perhaps my best explanation for this is that I prefer to participate actively in dancing, and at a competition or other dance-related event with camera in hand, I am at least doing so in some sense. But I can't do that merely by looking at a TV screen, although after thinking it over for a few days, perhaps I should have watched the program anyway.

A couple of years ago, I had a valuable moment of insight which, like so many good things that have happened to me in the comparitively recent past, came about as a direct result of my involvement with dancing. During a time of acute personal crisis, I attended one of the practice parties at the Fred Astaire studio, but since I was feeling pretty low that evening, I sat out all but three of the dances. (For those three, I was grabbed by some of the female instructors.) As usual, the party ended after 45 minutes, and my insights both came to me in quick succession as I walked out to my car. The first was that coming to the party and not dancing more than I did that evening was a numbskull thing to do. The second was that even though I had sat out all but three of the dances, I STILL felt better than I did before arriving at the studio. Or to express the idea in another way, the dumbest thing I had done that day was to sit on the sidelines throughout most of the practice party, although the smartest was that I had chosen to attend it in the first place.

The moral of the story, I realized, was that I needed to dance, period. Whenever I attend one of the events nowadays, shyness still inhibits me sometimes from approaching someone I don't know and asking to dance, but even that barrier is gradually coming down; in any event, whenever I make it to one of the parties now, I rarely sit out a dance.

I thought of all that once again as I watched this couple perform and snapped away with my camera. The woman shown here with instructor Sean Emad is a longtime Fred Astaire student named Cheryl, who, even in the cozy and family-like studio culture, is regarded by everyone there with an unusual degree of affection. If I had no other clues as to the reason, I would have picked up a few as I reviewed her pictures on my computer; her personality came through in all of them, as did the sheer joy she experiences from dancing. Cheryl is a far better dancer than I am, but this is something I can understand very well.

I promised Cheryl a few good pictures of her performance, and I hope she likes this one. I sat on the very front row and used my 85mm lens throughout the shoot, and because I was so close to the action and restricted by the narrow angle of view that is always one of the drawbacks of a prime lens, part of her foot is, unfortunately, outside the frame. In retrospect, I should have used my 50mm f/1.8 instead, but as it was, I just wasn't quite far enough away to enable me to include that little detail. But my instinct tells me that she won't care, and that she and the other members of the studio crowd will probably love this photo. Doing this for Cheryl was a joy all by itself.

There is an amusing afterword to this story. After the showcase had ended, I spotted Cheryl holding court with a group of people who surrounded her in a semicircle, listening intently to her as she went through her post-performance debriefing. I approached her from behind, intending to let her know that I had taken some good pictures of her performance, and that these would soon appear on Flickr. Absorbed in her discussion and facing away from me, she was unaware of my approach. Just as I came up to her and was about at her 8:00 position, she made an expansive gesture with her arms -- and smacked me right in the face, to her own horror and the amusement of everyone else, including me. I couldn't resist the chance to get in a little teasing, and I told Cheryl that I had just wanted to tell her about my pictures, but if she was going to beat up on me that way, to heck with it. If I am ever at a party attended by Cheryl and am expected to give her some kind of white-elephant gift, I think it will be a pair of boxing gloves!

"Legend" [1985] Fantasy/Horror film.

I was flipping through the TV at an inappropriately late hour, and I went past one of those retro movie channels, and something caught my eye. There was a fantasy movie on that looked really dark and mysterious, very similar to a Guillermo del Toro film ("Pan's Labyrinth", "Hell Boy"), he is one of my all time favorite directors, who specializes in over the top costuming and elegant horror, if that makes any sense.

As I was watching this curious movie, The hero (A young Tom Cruise) was trying to rescue a Princess from the Devil (or something?). I checked the channel listings and discovered it was called "Legend", after a little more investigation, it turns out it is a 1985 fantasy film, directed by Ridley Scott. I immediately investigated this man, curious to find out what other films he may have directed, and sure enough, he has a very extensive resume. He directed the horror movies "Alien" and "Hannibal", which are both massively popular.

Once scene, the Princess was alone in, what I assumed to be Hell, and the cheesy narrator (with a goofy computer enhanced voice to make him sound otherworldly), said the devil was going to try and seduce her. Then suddenly, a dark, ominous creature appears out of the shadows, and begins to dance. This caught my eye, because the (woman's?) proportions were really odd, elongated and frail. Yet, it danced around in a very eerie way. The horror of it was the unexpected, you didn't know what it was going to do, and that's what I loved about this scene, so much so, I spent over an hour tracking down the clip, so I could screen-cap it, so I could share in this journal.

The costume was genius, it was similar to the "dementors" from the Harry Potter films, but the difference was, this, unlike Harry Potter, was not computer enhanced, it was all costume and direction. The dancer whom they hired did an excellent job maintaining that creepy posture and indifference to the Princess. The elongated arms, and wispy dress worked really well in creating the atmosphere of the scene. The best part, for me, was the head. It was totally black, this for me sold it. It was minimalist while maintaining the wonder of extravagance. The director resisted the urge to put a crazy wig on the dancer, which would have ruined the effect. Less is more when it came to this particular scene, a job well done.

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March 24th 2011
Song of the Day: Army of Me - Bjork

went to the farmer's market & then to the gym with magnus.
took a ton of photos of him none of which I'm entirely pleased with.
It frustrated me to no end, hence this.

took two rolls of film into the camera store, one of which I found while looking for a canister so I have absolutely no idea what's on it or when I filled it. So exciting!

I skipped aikido and watched Megamind instead, not sure how I feel about it. Funny movie, I mean about missing aikido.

I'm just in a weird mood I guess, not a bad one per say... just weird.

Watching Glee in Madison--Daily Image 2011--May 3

Watching Glee in Madison--Daily Image 2011--May 3

In Madison for an all-day ebook summit tomorrow. Waiting for pizza and watching Glee. And wondering why there's a Canadian flag in front of the hotel. Did I take a wrong turn?

Update: the pizza was incredibly disappointing, but Glee was awesome. So, win! that I didn't have to leave my room to forage for food. Except now I am wondering if they have ice cream bars in the lobby. But that would mean getting dressed. And it seems ridick calling room service for a dish of ice cream.

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