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3 wheel sports bike, bike hub gears, 27 bike tire, bike exhaust


21.10.2011., petak


Bicycle storage ceiling - Bike parts specialized - Fuji espree road bike.

Bicycle Storage Ceiling

bicycle storage ceiling

  • A vehicle composed of two wheels held in a frame one behind the other, propelled by pedals and steered with handlebars attached to the front wheel

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bicycle storage ceiling - Saris Cycle

Saris Cycle Glide

Saris Cycle Glide

Free up floor space in your garage or basement. The Cycle-Glide gives individual access to each bike without having to remove adjacent bikes while offering compact nesting. Wheel hooks automatically adjust to the bicycle wheel base to accommodate a wide range of bicycle designs. Allows access and compact storage of 4 bikes. Finally - A Company That Loves Bikes as Much as You Do...Chances are, your bikes are just like ours - your most valued possessions. And whether it has the Saris or CycleOps name on it, nothing we build goes out the door unless it's worth putting those possessions on. Call it obsessive. Call it eccentric. We just chalk it up to caring a hell of a lot about creating the last rack or training system you'll ever need. Pedal to the People - At Saris, building energy for positive change starts in the bike world. But it doesn't stop there. We're passionate about creating more space for cyclists in our communities. More bikes mean less congestion, less pollution, and healthier, more active people. In addition to our own local and national efforts, we support the work of the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin, Bikes Belong, People for Bikes, and other key advocacy groups. We realize, though, that it takes more than increasing bike ridership to build a healthy community. That's why you'll find us devoting our time and resources — as a company and as individuals — to worthy causes like Boys and Girls Clubs and Prevent Child Abuse Wisconsin. Is a better, healthier community good for business? Sure. But it's not just about profits. Being more successful allows us, in return, to give more back to the community. It's a virtuous cycle that benefits us all.

Get your bikes up and off the floor and store them neatly and efficiently with the Cycle Glide ceiling mounted rack from Saris. The Cycle Glide can hold up to four bikes weighing up to 50-pounds each--of virtually any frame size--thanks to automatically adjustable wheel hooks. Meanwhile, the rack's patented Glider design allows you to access each bike individually, without having to remove the other bikes from the rack. With the addition of a two-bike add-on (sold separately), you can expand the Cycle Glide to store of up to six bikes.

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3 bicicletas num canto da varanda

3 bicicletas num canto da varanda

A minha solucao para ter varias bikes na varanda e ainda ter espaco.

A minha "real bike" e usada intensamente mas de vez em quando, por isso pode descansar num ponto menos acessivel. Passou a estar elevado num espaco nao-util: junto ao tecto (a luz solar nao e bloqueada pois do outra lado esta uma parede)

as bikes "de combate" ficam por baixo para serem mais faceis de aceder no dia-a-dia.

"bikes de combate" = bikes<40€ que servem para usar em pequenos percursos e passiveis de serem deixadas na rua sem peso de consciencia. Mesmo assim as 2 anteriores foram esventradas (para q?) lentamente a porta de casa, e por isso agora pernoitam na varanda...

2 bikes de baixo

2 bikes de baixo

as bikes "de combate" ficam por baixo para serem mais faceis de aceder no dia-a-dia.

"bikes de combate" = bikes<40€ que servem para usar em pequenos percursos e passiveis de serem deixadas na rua sem peso na consciencia. Mesmo assim as 2 anteriores foram esventradas (para q!?) lentamente a porta de casa, e por isso agora as novas pernoitam na varanda...

bicycle storage ceiling

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