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Bike Pump Rocket

bike pump rocket

    bike pump
  • A bicycle pump is a type of positive-displacement pump specifically designed for inflating bicycle tires. It has a connection or adapter for use with one or both of the two most common types of valves used on bicycles, Schrader or Presta.

  • Used in names of other fast-growing plants of this family, e.g., sweet rocket

  • any vehicle self-propelled by a rocket engine

  • a jet engine containing its own propellant and driven by reaction propulsion

  • An edible Mediterranean plant of the cabbage family, sometimes eaten in salads

  • shoot up abruptly, like a rocket; "prices skyrocketed"

bike pump rocket - Estes 1292

Estes 1292 Wizard Flying Model Rocket Kit

Estes 1292 Wizard Flying Model Rocket Kit

Estes 1292 Wizard Flying Model Rocket Kit
Great beginner kit
Laser cut balsa fins
Standard engine powered
Streamer recovery
Flies over 1600 feet
No tricks here - just the most magical, high flying rocket in the Kingdom. The Estes Wizard is an easy to build, high performance rocket that’s known for casting spells on all who own it. One minute he’s on the pad, then the next…poof…he’s in the air. Standing 12" (30.5 cm) tall, this trickster can reach magical heights of 1,600' (488 m) or more using powerful Estes engines. The Wizard is a Skill Level 1 kit that includes a one piece body tube, laser cut balsa fins and a bullet-shaped plastic nose cone. The easy to apply, self-stick decals are sure to make this mystic rocket the envy of everyone at your local launch field. The Wizard is a great high altitude rocket for beginners, schools, clubs and rocket demonstrations. Regardless if you’re a beginner or pro, the Wizard promises hours of flying magic. Assembly takes at least an afternoon. Building tools, finishing supplies, Estes engines and launch supplies also required - sold separately. Recommended for ages 10 and up with adult supervision for those under 12.
Product Measures: 13.5 x 6.5 x 1 inch
Recommended Ages: 10 years & up

79% (12)



National Hot Rod Association (NHRA). - PEGGY LLEWELLYN


* Won first career final round appearance, becoming the first black woman to win an NHRA POWERade event (Dallas 2007)

* Earned appearance in first ever Countdown to 4 and Countdown to 1

* Finished in the POWERade top five in standings

* Posted career-best time and speed


My drag racing 'root' is firmly planted. My dad, Eugene Llewellyn, actually planted my need for speed seed. He is the owner of Southeast Cycles in San Antonio, Texas and an avid drag racer himself.

Our family outings consisted of loading my father's Honda nitro funny bike onto the trailer and heading out to Alamo Dragway. I can remember looking forward to racing each weekend with enthusiasm because besides watching my dad race, my brother and I would get to race against each other on our Dandy 'pocket rocket' bikes.

The racing bug bit me (again) while pit crewing for my brother in late 1994. The same feeling I would get when my brother and I would race, the intensity and excitement of racing all came back to me. I asked my father if he would build me a dragbike, mind you he already had an idea of what kind of dragbike he wanted to build me, he just wanted to make sure I was going to be 100% committed to the project. He didn't want me to get fed up and abandon the whole thing.

My father sat me down and went over the cost and time it would take to build a dragbike. Within a week I had bought a GS1150, my dad and brother totally gutted the bike and sent the bare chassis to Robbie at RLM (in San Antonio) to get raked. I had already used all of my savings, but my drive and determination wouldn't let lack of money be a problem for me. I took on a second job, worked some overtime and used my quarterly bonuses to finish my dragbike. In the meantime, my father and brother wanted me to get a feel for a dragbike, although I had rode motorcycles since I was seven years old, piloting a dragbike was a different concept.

My father and brother would have me practice burnouts and dry-hops in front of the shop. He and my brother decided in order to get the full effect decided in order for me to get the full effect of racing down the quarter mile, I would need to go out to the track and actually do some shakedown passes on my brother's dragbike. On the weekends if my brother went out in competition early, I would get to make some passes on the bike. He had a KZ900 1428cc with a 3-speed automatic transmission. My brother gave me some informal training on piloting the bike. My first couple of passes were in the 10's and 11's. I was just getting acquainted with the dragbike, so my brother told me not to worry about the e.t. I had to get used to the launch, as well as using body finesse if the bike should get out of shape or starts to drift and most importantly keeping the bike on the 'power band' by being able to hit all my shift points. The third weekend on the bike I took all my informal training and turned in a 9.18 @ 140mph!

I was already looking past just racing at the local track. Turning my hobby into a 'career' as a professional racer like Dave Schultz and John Myers was highly unlikely, ESPECIALLY for a woman. I decided I would hone my skills, get my license and race the Division 4 circuit. All that changed in July 1996 when Stephanie Reaves (the first women to ever receive an NHRA PSB license and qualify for a national event) along with Angelle Sampey and Karen Stoffer qualified for the Mile-High Nationals in Denver. The prostock motorcycle class was forever changed. These women came into a male-dominated sport and proved they were a force to be reckon with. Without these pioneers, it would be impossible for me to even consider a career in drag racing, at that point I reassessed my priorities. It took 2 1/2 years before my bike was finished, but I had decided to make racing a prostock motorcycle my #1 goal.

In the meantime I raced at my local track, the Texas Shootout and several races in and around Texas. In 2000, I got the opportunity of a lifetime. The chance to compete in NHRA PSB for the 2001 race season for Harry and Joann Lartigue of Lartigue Racing! After getting the job, I was scheduled to go to Houston to do some test passes on the bike. I don't remember being that nervous, but my dad was. We first practiced burnout and dryhops, but I really couldn't wait for was a full pass. We were looking to do some 8.20's mind you the fastest pass I had ever gone was 8.93 @ 147mph. Geez! a prostock bike does 150 mph at half track! Harry wanted me to get familiar with the launch, the shifting (which is a lot quicker), just the whole process of riding a prostock bike. This is funny, but Harry said when he taps me on my back to go ahead and stage. Well, I was so anxious that I did my burnout, pulled up and turned on my first bulb, then second, the lights blinked and



Pressurising the Eco 2 zero cost, completely recycled water rocket using a bike pump pushed through a hole cut in the side of the Ecover bottle launch tower.

bike pump rocket

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