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How To Pump Up Road Bike Tires. Best Titanium Bikes. Khs Road Bikes.

How To Pump Up Road Bike Tires

how to pump up road bike tires

    bike tires
  • A bicycle wheel is a wheel, most commonly a wire wheel, designed for bicycle. A pair is often called a wheelset, especially in the context of ready built "off the shelf" performance-oriented wheels.

    pump up
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  • do body-building [dict]

    how to
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  • (How To’s) Multi-Speed Animations

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how to pump up road bike tires - Pump up

Pump up the Volume

Pump up the Volume

A shy teen turns on the high school crowd when he broadcasts outrageous nightly monologues on a pirate radio station. Starring Christian Slater and Samantha Mathis.

In the suburban hinterlands of Arizona, pirate-radio DJ Hard Harry wages a one-man war against boredom from his bedroom transmitter by night. In between great Lenny Bruce-style stream-of-consciousness rants, Harry attacks the airwaves with the likes of the Descendents, Bad Brains, and Concrete Blonde, as well as occasionally kickin' it old school with some early hip-hop. By day, though, Hard Harry is Mark Hunter, a painfully shy new kid who's anonymous to the point of being invisible at Hubert Humphrey High School. Completely misunderstood by his '60s-era parents, Mark is desperate to keep his radio alter ego separate from his day-to-day persona, especially as his radio shows draw more attention from the authorities. Fellow misfit Nora (Samantha Mathis, in her first feature role) eventually discovers Hard Harry's true identity, much to Mark's chagrin, and the two of them become torchbearers against the stifling status quo of the town as they dodge the police, the school administration, and the FCC. There are familiar high school authority archetypes (the assistant principal with clip-on tie, lemon-yellow K-Mart short-sleeved dress shirt, military flattop, and bulky key ring) and a rather strained subplot of a corrupt school administration. Mainly, though, this is a rousing teen call-to-arms that showcases Slater's talents as he developed the cynical, sarcastic neo-Jack Nicholson delivery that would become his trademark. He's at his best during his radio monologues (making them truly seem ad-libbed), and his influences become clear as he checks out a copy of How to Talk Dirty and Influence People from the library. --Jerry Renshaw

88% (18)



If you are going to go on a bike ride to downtown St. Paul and back with your friend, do it on a night where there are no thunderstorms forecast. Seriously. You can't tell much from the photo, but I am SOAKED. When I squeezed my gloves on my hands water came out. I rung my clothes out before I put them in the dryer.

It all started like fun and games, my bike has been a little sketchy, the chain has a tendency to fall off but it pops back on in no time and was nothing I couldn't endure for the ride.

The first half of the trip. Total success, therefore there is nothing interesting to say about it.

The second half, went about as smoothly as anything you'd label as a "disaster."

In the beginning: Alex's bike was getting noticeably bumpy. When we stopped at the halfway point, I noticed my tire was low. We decide to trek back home and I decided my tire was too low to ride, so we'd walk the bikes to a nearby gas station and refill the tire. We walked close to 20 blocks with no sign of a gas station. Part of the way there, we attempted to order mcdonald's on our tall bikes. Technically, we had a vehicle, but they wouldn't respond to our requests for a beverage. We sallied forth and walked past an auto body shop that had a vending machine and I bought us both sodas with the change I had. Three blocks later, we find a closed Super America station with an air pump, finally. 75 cents for air, the pump stated. That would have been fine if I HADN'T SPENT THE CHANGE THREE BLOCKS PRIOR. Just now, it starts to rain. Not a big deal, I expected a bit of rain, and it wasn't too bad.

Thankfully, only two blocks later, we find a holiday station that's open twenty four hours. I get some change and use their air pump. Bike ride continues.

My chain decided it didn't want to stay on for more than a block for about the next six blocks. My friend has pulled far ahead of me by now and I can't even see him on the road. I hop back on my bike and pass a bar at closing time. Some drunk idiot saw me on my tall bike and yelled "whoa, nice unicycle!" Single greatest statement of the night.

I catch up to my friend and he's sitting on a bench messing with his back wheel. Turns out his chain started falling off as well. By now it is downpouring and as luck would have it, my tube was in fact popped so every gas station we rode by I refilled my tire.

We made it back into minneapolis around 2:45 am and my friend went to Hard Times cafe where he works. I journeyed back to my apartment where this photo was taken. It felt like I had been swimming in my clothes.

The best part? My night was fantastic. It was probably the single best bike ride I've ever been on, I've never laughed that many times at what could possibly go wrong.

TM's Rivendell Photo#1

TM's Rivendell Photo#1

This bike is the first Rivendell I ever saw, probably found in an internet search in 2002 while looking up info on my C'dale cross bike. It still strikes me as the most beautiful bike I've ever seen, oddly, since there is nothing inherently special about it, especially after all the custom and vintage track and road bikes that have passed my eyes.

When Riv came out with the new site, I scoured the internet to find this image before it was gone forever, eventually finding it in the waybackmachine internet archive.

Original text:
"TM has this to say about his early Waterford-build Cyclocross bike:

I'm finally sending a picture of my Riv cyclocross bike. I purchased the frameset from Gary Boulanger about two years ago, after promising to take good care of it. It's a Waterford-built Riv, with All-Rounder lugs and fork crown. I do quite a bit of racing on this bike, so the parts lean toward the boring-but-predictable side: Ultegra shifters, rear derailleur, and hubs. It has a Sugino AT crank with a Suntour greaseguard 125mm bottom bracket. I run this crank as a double, and it has a Q of about 151 (quite low!). The rims are FIR tubulars, with Tufo 34mm tires, which are fat and light. Other parts include a Nitto stem and post, Dirtdrop bars, and Mafac cantis with Kool-Stop salmon pads. I think the pump peg on the left seatstay is a great idea.

I love how this bike rides; it's smooth and predictable, but nimble enough to negotiate twisty singletrack. It draws compliments at every race. Last week at the top of a nasty run-up, a woman yelled "Go pretty bike!" - made me smile."

how to pump up road bike tires

how to pump up road bike tires

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