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Fastest electric bike. Race bike tire. Recumbent electric bicycle

Fastest Electric Bike

fastest electric bike

fastest electric bike - MiPower Electric

MiPower Electric Bike - 500 Watt, 14ah Powerful Electric Bicycle

MiPower Electric Bike - 500 Watt, 14ah Powerful Electric Bicycle

Our new MiPower electric bicycle has all of the features that our customers have requested in a high-end electric bike. The hybrid mountain bike styling of the MiPower incorporates a sleek design with smooth operation and our top-tier electric power system. What makes the MiPower the best value high-end electric bike? We combine a specially designed high-torque 500 watt electric motor with a top-quality 14ah 36v lithium battery pack. This combination provides high performance AND incredible range. And this power is included on a quality, smooth running bicycle platform that is comfortable and easy to ride with or without power. You get quality disk brakes front and rear. We also include a Shimano Altus 7-speed derailleur, Omega RST TnL adjustable shock absorbing fork, a wireless computer, Body Ergonomics saddle and thorn resistant Kenda tires. The 36v 14ah high quality lithium battery pack provides the longest range of any battery pack we have ever tested. The MiPower has power on demand with the variable speed thumb throttle and five levels of pedal assist so you can pedal as much or as little as you like. This is a excellent bike for recreation and commuting. The MiPower has been designed to help you easily conquer the toughest hills. The 500 watt motor can peak at just over 1000 watts when needed on that steep climb. The combination of the 14ah lithium battery pack and high torque motor provide excellent performance for both cruising and hill climbing. The fast charger can fully recharge your battery pack in only 2-3 hrs and you are ready to go again. With the fast charger, you can greatly extend your daily range even if you only charge for 30 minutes to an hour during the day. And, as with all of our electric bikes, you get the best warranty and support in the business. The MiPower includes our 1-year warranty. Lifetime phone support is included with your purchase.

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With a range of 20 miles in an hour the electric bike is a great alternative to the car. They don't need to be registered or ensured because technically they are bikes. But they can go a little faster than most bikes and with little or no effort, plus they get the equivalent or 700 mi/gallon though no gas is actually put into them. This picture here is me changing a flat, a little more envolved than my 10-speed, but manage-able

Converted electric (e-bike) kit (we used a $99 Schwinn cruiser and Crystalyte Phoenix Racer Motor)

Converted electric (e-bike) kit (we used a $99 Schwinn cruiser and Crystalyte Phoenix Racer Motor)

Here's a photo of our finished conversion. This one is a 48V (Phoenix Racer 4840) system - can go about 37 MPH. VERY FAST.

fastest electric bike

fastest electric bike

Super Turbo 1000-Lithium Electric Scooter

The Super Turbo 1000-Lithium Electric Scooters is an exclusive product of Super Cycles and Scooters LLC and we are proud to introduce the world's fastest production compact electric scooter!: The Super Turbo 1000-Lithium. We kept the same successful design of our 800 watt scooter and simply replaced the motor, electronics, sprockets, chain, and most importantly the battery. With a maximum speed of 32mph and a maximum range of 23 miles per charge, it is easily the highest performance electric scooter on the market. We developed this scooter due to customer requests and the demand for a true high performance electric scooter that uses the latest in lithium battery technology. Similar scooters on the market today sell for over $3,000 and still do not achieve the distance or speed of the Super Turbo 1000-Lithium. This scooter comes with a six month bumper to bumper parts defect warranty. If you have any questions please call us at 843-997-7902. Attention Amazon customers! Do not purchase any electric scooter branding their product with the word "Super" only trust this brand from Super Cycles and Scooters. Please investigate any company attempting to use our business name with the better business bureau to be sure you are receiving our quality product.

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